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Board of supervisors District C

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    Charlie Hargis

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    Allison Mays

Biographical Information

What do you see as the most pressing issues facing Washington County? How do you propose to address each of these? What in your personal experience has prepared you to help solve these issues?

Training workshops for elected officials are available through various agencies. Would you take advantage of formal training opportunities for county supervisors? If you have held office, have you already had any formal training?

Should Washington County and the Washington County Schools have a Capital Improvement Program to plan for needed renovations and new buildings? We are facing renovating/building a new courthouse, and many county schools are now over 50 years old.

If elected, would you make relevant decisions based on the county’s Comprehensive Plan? If you have reservations, please explain. Would you hire a county planner? (This position has been vacant for several years.)

What kind of economic incentives and other accommodations are you willing to provide commercial developers in support of county economic development? What factors or information would you consider important in making such a decision? Please explain in reference to the Board of Supervisors’ recent decision to give an admission tax to the developer of the expansion of the Pinnacle.

There will probably be a referendum on the November ballot regarding the Washington County Courthouse. Supervisors had to choose which option would be on that referendum by the end of July. (More information is on the website Which of the alternatives would be the best solution? If a new courthouse is built, what should be done with the old structure?

In 2018 the debt per capita in Washington County was $229 compared to the town of Abingdon’s $1,565. Do you feel that bonds can be created for a new courthouse or new schools?

Campaign Phone (276) 628-5597
Education Lebanon High School graduate Virginia Tech Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Experience Small business owner/manager for 31 years. Manager/trainer for the US Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business for 17 yrs.
Family Married. One daughter who lives in Austin TX
Getting jobs into Washington County is one of the most pressing issues. In order to keep our young people here, we need to emphasize vocational training and college. We need to get better business relationships, emphasize small and medium size manufacturing and related industries and services. We need fair taxes for small businesses and less restrictive zoning in some cases. We should work closely with the Chamber of Commerce and local business associations. I have owned and managed a business or worked with small business owners all my working life.
I think training should be required for all elected county officials. I would take advantage of all available training programs. I have had formal training for the Planning Commission and have taken many leadership training programs.
Washington County Schools should have a Capital Improvement Program. We need more cooperation between the Washington County School Board and the Board of Supervisors. I do not think the county needs a Capital Improvement Program.
I believe in the Comprehensive Plan. I was on the committee that wrote it and on the Planning Commission that recommended it to the Board of Supervisors. I would base decisions on the plan, but not totally. The Comprehensive Plan is based on where growth is expected. It is reactive and not proactive. The Board should hire a county planner.
Tax breaks can be given to businesses over several years. In order to compete with other localities for new business, we will have to offer incentives. Each should be considered on an individual basis and priorities should be given to small and medium size businesses with higher paying jobs. The factors to be considered are-- does it fit, number of jobs provided, average wage, economic impact, and revenue generation for the county. The admission tax is a fair way to finance the expansion, but I question whether we should have given all of it to the developer.
I have found that the cheapest way is not always the best solution. Many citizens are concerned about property values and the impact on downtown Abingdon if the courthouse is moved. Recently the town of Abingdon stated they would be open to relaxing their Preservation Zone restrictions in order to allow a parking garage to be built. I haven't seen an estimate on the cost of a parking garage. I feel we should explore this possibility and do everything we can to keep our courthouse where it is.
Comparing the town of Abingdon debt to the Washington County debt is not the best way to go about this. Bonds can be created for new schools or for updating and renovating our courthouse.
Campaign Phone (276) 608-3263
Education B.A. Sociology - Emory & Henry College
Experience Served four years and currently serving as Vice-Chair of the Board of Supervisors
Our most immediate pressing issue is the decision about the courthouse. We have been holding town hall meetings around the decision of whether to move the courthouse, do an adaptive reuse of a current vacant property or build a brand new building. While we have voted to place an option on the November referendum, it is ultimately up to the voters in Washington County to make the final decision.
Yes - I have completed the Supervisors’ Certification Training through Virginia Association of Counties.
Yes and we have been working with the school system to develop a capital improvement plan and prioritize projects that are most urgent and pressing. We have addressed some of these issues (roofs, chillers, etc.) with excess carryover funds in our last budget and are making formal plans to address current and future needs.
Yes, I would make decisions, and have made decisions, based on the Comprehensive Plan. We will need to update the plan over the next few years and I am in favor of hiring a County Planner to oversee that project.
Incentives would depend on the overall benefit to the county, such as the number of high quality jobs, tax revenue, etc. The admissions tax at the Pinnacle is to help the developer finance the project. The developer has promised that he will not seek any incentives from the county.
We voted recently to place the adaptive reuse of an existing vacant building on the November referendum. We are currently working on the best use of the potential vacant building, depending on the outcome of the referendum.
The county is in excellent financial shape and we have worked hard over the past several years to increase our reserve funds and keep a strong bond rating. We have been in discussions with our financial advisors and are in excellent shape to do a bond offering.