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Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Leesburg District

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are elected to a four year term. Loudoun County, Virginia is divided into eight magisterial districts: Algonkian, Ashburn, Blue Ridge, Broad Run, Catoctin, Dulles, Leesburg, and Sterling. The magisterial districts each elect one supervisor to the Board of Supervisors which governs Loudoun County. There is also a Chair elected by the county at-large, bringing total Board membership to 9. A Vice-Chair is selected by the Board from amongst its membership. The Board of Supervisors sets county policies, adopts ordinances, appropriates funds, approves land rezonings and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance, and carries out other responsibilities set forth by the State Code. The Board appoints a County Administrator, who manages county operations; the Planning Commission, which serves in an advisory capacity on land use issues; and various other boards and commissions. The Board also appoints the County Attorney. The Board of Supervisors acts within the limits set forth by the Virginia General Assembly.

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    Kristen C. Umstattd

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

How do YOU describe the job of a Supervisor?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

Experience Board of Supervisors, Leesburg District 2016-2020; Mayor Town of Leesburg 2002-2016; Leesburg Town Council 1992-2016; Attorney in private practice; C.I.A. Soviet naval analyst; Lieutenant, U.S. Naval Reserve
Education JD Yale Law School; BA Yale University; Certificate in Chinese Studies, Cheng-chi University, Taiwan
Age 65
Transportation and Reducing Congestion. I have worked with my colleagues to get regional funds to widen Route 15 North to move the afternoon backlogs out of Leesburg. As Mayor and Supervisor, I helped get funding for the completion of the Route 7/Battlefield Parkway interchange as well as funding for other transportation projects inside the Town and throughout the County that will make for an easier commute for all our residents.

Fully funding our schools. I believe our students and teachers need our full support every year, so that our children can thrive. As the mom of a Loudoun County public school graduate, I have been a strong advocate for preparing our students for the jobs of the future.

Protecting our neighborhoods. I have consistently opposed development that would raise our taxes, overcrowd our schools, overwhelm our roads, or diminish our ability to enjoy our homes and neighborhoods.
Listening carefully to what my constituents say is most important to them and trying to work across party lines with my colleagues at all levels - federal, state, regional, county, and town - to protect the interests of Leesburg's residents and businesses.
I really love the people of Leesburg and I try hard to listen carefully to what they want and provide that for them.
My voting record is public and easily accessible, as are the positions I have taken on a multitude of issues. You can find all of my votes and almost every one of my positions on the Loudoun County Government website by going to the Board meeting action reports (minutes), the meeting webcasts, and by reviewing my electronic newsletters on my individual webpage under the Board of Supervisors. (Active links can be found under Position Papers #1 and#2)
Transportation and road congestion, school overcrowding, and rapid growth, and the impact of all of these on taxes, are the issues most of my constituents have told me matter most to them. While these are the major issues of concern to almost all of my constituents, there are others, including homelessness, hunger relief, mental health services, teen depression and suicide, school-based bullying, including racial and gender- or gender identity-based bullying, and problems facing law enforcement, like the persistent reckless discharge of firearms, that I expect this Board and the next Board will have to address.