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Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Dulles District

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are elected to a four year term. Loudoun County, Virginia is divided into eight magisterial districts: Algonkian, Ashburn, Blue Ridge, Broad Run, Catoctin, Dulles, Leesburg, and Sterling. The magisterial districts each elect one supervisor to the Board of Supervisors which governs Loudoun County. There is also a Chair elected by the county at-large, bringing total Board membership to 9. A Vice-Chair is selected by the Board from amongst its membership. The Board of Supervisors sets county policies, adopts ordinances, appropriates funds, approves land rezonings and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance, and carries out other responsibilities set forth by the State Code. The Board appoints a County Administrator, who manages county operations; the Planning Commission, which serves in an advisory capacity on land use issues; and various other boards and commissions. The Board also appoints the County Attorney. The Board of Supervisors acts within the limits set forth by the Virginia General Assembly.

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  • Matthew F. Letourneau

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    Sreedhar Nagireddi

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What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

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Twitter @SreeForDulles
Experience Education and background in civil and environmental engineering; IT professional of 20+ years; local small business owner and Loudoun real estate investor; non-profit director; governor's appointee to 2020 Census Commission and Loudoun appointee At-Large to the Transit Advisory Board.
Education Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from SV University India; Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Mysore
The number one issue facing Loudoun County is growth pressure, and our infrastructure's inability to keep up. A comprehensive approach to transportation—linking communities together and creating a safe and efficient multimodal network—is crucial for the future of our economy. Adequate transportation infrastructure ties into almost every other issue before the Board, and therefore should be our top priority. By providing alternatives to the old, congested roads our residents are often forced to use and incentivizing multi-person commuter travel, we will be able to build a more dynamic workforce and encourage a wider range of Northern Virginia workers to bring their families and business to Loudoun County. We have already begun this process with the promising, albeit slow, arrival of the Silver Line, but investing in further alternative transportation options will create jobs, promote tourism, and alleviate many of the frustrations that cause our residents to consider looking elsewhere.
The Supervisor is the voice of the district. Although often overlooked, the decisions that are made at the county level are those which most directly influence the lives of the county's residents. Loudoun County boasts one of the highest qualities of life in the nation; in order to maintain this, it falls on the Board of Supervisors to understand and act on all of the new issues that come with our unprecedented growth and development. The Supervisor's job is to take the time to fully understand the needs of the county, to work tirelessly to achieve them, and to help their district members to navigate the ways in which each new decision may affect them. The Supervisor is the liaison between the community and the myriad influences that move them.
First and foremost, I will bring my background in civil engineering to the table and recommend that we take a moment to look to the future before we build and consider the community implications of each new project, ensuring higher sustainability. The rapid growth in Dulles shows that our district is an incredible opportunity for businesses and families alike, so it is imperative that there is someone who truly understands the civil planning process in place to successfully coordinate it. Additionally, Loudoun County needs an advocate at all levels. I have strong relationships with many public officials, both at the local and state level; as a result, I will be able to reach out and make sure that ALL decision makers are acting in our best interest. My connections will serve to make me a liaison not only to the Board of Supervisors, but to governing figures across the state.
Be on the lookout for a lengthy Q&A with the Loudoun Times-Mirror, coming soon!
The biggest chronic issue our county faces is stagnancy. Specifically, there has been a noticeable failure to complete promised projects in a timely manner. The proposed timeframes for public works projects are no longer taken seriously - residents speak openly of a lack of confidence that has been accruing for nearly a decade. Transportation projects miss deadlines by years, while large plots land sit vacant and unable to be developed as governing officials promise that change is coming. I am running because it's time for that change to actually come. I will sit down with my colleagues on the Board to bring a fresh perspective and an invigorated commitment to getting us back on track. I plan to address the exorbitant Greenway tolls, improve route 50, and invest in alternative transportation options for our residents. I am making public service my full-time job, because the only way we are going to fix these long-term issues is by buckling down and working until we succeed.