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Spokane County City of SPOKANE VALLEY Council Position NO. 6

The city council sets the general policies of the city, which are implemented by the city manager and staff. One of council's main duties is the adoption of policies and the enactment of the city's annual budget. City council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending , whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for city employees.

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    Tim Hattenburg

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    Bo Tucker

Biographical Information

What experiences have you had that qualify you for this position?

How would you describe your vision for your city?

What are the obstacles in the path of achieving your vision?

What do you think is your city/town’s role in dealing with issues surrounding the environment?

What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastructure?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How would you propose the council communicate with the citizens of your city or town?

Phone (509) 998-0863
Town where you live Spokane Valley
I have 20 years of experience with the Central Valley School district as a teacher, coach, athletic director, acting administrator and department head. I also sever 10 years on the Spokane County Library District Board of Trustees, representing an area of over one half million people. I was chair for 4 years and vice chair for 3 years. Have a total of over 30 years of experience between the 2 districts, working with multi million dollar budgets and resolving various issues that arose.
I would like to maintain the quality of life that we enjoy here, increase and add to our park system, maintain and improve our infrastructure and continue to provide public safety.
Unmanaged growth and the loss of neighborhood identity.
Our role should be sustaining a healthy environment and taking into consideration the impact of our rapid growth on our air, water, and natural resources.
We need long range planning that will ensure the quality and efficiency of our transportation network, (public and private)
We need to work with our surrounding communities in a partnership in dealing with this situation. We also need to have a firm plan in action to address the shortage of low income housing and how to provide it. We need to acknowledge the needs besides a home, such as drug treatment and intervention program, and helping to find employment whenever possible.
I support all forms of legal immigration, I would address any illegal immigrants that are already here that are working, paying taxes and re law abiding individuals in supporting them in their pursuit of a path of legal status and/or citizenship.
I believe in total transparency in government and in public input. I would double the public comment time at our city council meetings, also I would like to see town hall meeting in various neighborhoods on a monthly basis.
Phone (509) 714-0849
Town where you live Spokane Valley
Experience (300 characters max) Chiropractor Spokane Valley- 21 years. Co-Owner of MFRT LLC. Boy Scouts volunteer/leader/supporter 10+ years. Member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Prevention and Early Detection Board Member. Camp STIX Board Member, Nutrition Director, Auction Director, Volunteer.
I am a Spokane Valley conservative business owner. I have successfully run a business day in and day out for over 20 years. I have worked tirelessly to serve the community of Spokane Valley and improve the health of its residents. As part of that endeavor, 12 years ago I began a project to heal patient's pain quicker and effectively to improve my patient's quality of life. I have created the MYO-XR, a cutting edge tool to provide pain relief for those suffering from pain. I was granted a patent and have filed a second patent for muscle pain relief. This invention as well as being a health care provider has helped me develop compassion for others to fuel a desire to innovate and solve problems for those I serve. I want to continue using creativity and a strong work ethic to solve the problems Spokane Valley faces as a city.
In 2002, my wife, Dena, and I specifically chose to move to Spokane Valley. We were drawn to Spokane Valley because we felt that the Valley had a strong sense of community and would be a great place to raise our family. We have not been disappointed! We have raised 6 wonderful children and love and serve the community in which we live. My vision for Spokane Valley is maintain the strong sense of community that drew us by continuing to keep it family safe, continue to improve infrastructure with fiscally soundness, work to maintain a strong economy by having a business friendly environment, and have compassion and respect for all residents in Spokane Valley.
There is opposition and adversity in all good things we seek to accomplish in life. Obstacles are the things we see when we take our sight off our vision. I will first listen and seek to understand the problems we face and how it affects our residents and then work, work, work until we find the solutions to the problems we seek. I will work to include the concerns of others as opposed to seeking to satisfy a personal political agenda. I am one who is willing to stand up to what is right with passion and not accept what is easy when necessary.
We as a community need to take care of the environment in which we live. The payback is better health and prosperity. I think that safety and public health are important topics in our community. This issue specifically has to be balanced with fiscal restraints. The community and its needs has to balance with the resources available to maintain the health and well being of its residents.
Our city infrastructure is an important topic facing Spokane Valley at this time. Some of the topics include: Snow removal, building new and maintaining roads and bridges, and housing expansion. I will work to maintain Spokane's infrastructure in a fiscally conservative manner. Resources are finite and prioritizing is critical. Also, exploring and allowing the free market to be fiscally sound is imperative. Governmental bias in contracts is not prudent for the community or its residents.

Available housing in Spokane Valley is an issue. Single home dwelling inventory is low, houses sell very quickly in a seller's market, driving rents up, making it difficult to afford housing. Housing planning and development is critical to the Valley. Working closely with agencies involved to find solutions that meet the needs of the community and not over regulating the housing industries are paramount.
The most important response to homelessness is compassion for all. I believe residents of a community need to seek to contribute to their community. I know that there is a percentage of the population that is not able to contribute to their community for many reasons, hard times, mental illness and among others. While social issues can be very difficult to solve, it is our duty to lend a hand and love our fellow men. Those in need, need to have access to temporary resources to get back on their feet. Residents, their family, and church all need to be utilized to provide physical needs. All members of a community need to the opportunity to contribute to the community in which they reside.
I think that immigration and homelessness are similar issues. Most all Americans have ancestors that were immigrants at some point. I have seen so many immigrants come and make a better life for themselves and their families. I wish this for anyone who is living in an unsafe or unstable circumstance to better their circumstances including immigration. Immigrants have a God given right for the "pursuit of happiness" and need to seek to contribute to their community. Temporary relief may be required to improve their condition, however, finite resources available can not be over utilized or the community may be overburdened. Strong families on the giving and receiving end of immigration are a key element.
Transparency is the best rule of thumb. We serve the people in our community and our decisions affect the quality of their lives day to day. I fully encourage communication because that is the only way we can understand the challenges that face our community. I invite members of my community to contact me directly when they are concerned about issues they face. I believe there are established channels of communication already established, but I support inadequate channels being improved.