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Spokane County City of SPOKANE Mayor

The mayor shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the city, in charge of all departments and employees, with authority to designate assistants and department heads. He or she shall see that all laws and ordinances are faithfully enforced and that law and order is maintained in the city, and shall have general supervision of the administration of city government and all city interests. The mayor essentially serves as both the leader in name of the city, and the day-to-day active city manager.

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Why did you decide to run for this position?

What are three major management issues facing your city or town?

Of the three, which one is the most urgent?

What methods will you use to work successfully with the council?

What do you think is your city/town’s role in dealing with issues surrounding the environment?

What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastructure?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

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Town where you live Spokane
Experience (300 characters max) TicketsWest - Regional Manager 2001-2007 50 employees Communities In Schools - Executive Director 2007-2011 10 employees City Council President 2012-Present Boards: Airport, University District, West Plains PDA, Police and Fire Pension, Community Housing and Human Services, Artist Trust
I was born and raised in Spokane. Went to Spokane Public Schools and graduated from Gonzaga University. I have managed multi-million dollars businesses and successfully started ran a non-profit.

For the last 7 ½ years I served as the president of Spokane city council. What we have seen in the last 7 years is record number of miles paved, unprecedented private investment in our community, decreasing crime and a downtown that is more vibrant than ever.

I am running to continue the success of the last 7 years, confront serious problems like the housing crisis and homelessness but also move towards a vision of a walkable community with revitalized small business centers all over town.

I have intimate knowledge of how city government operates and have shown the ability to lead projects within the city of Spokane. I have built relationships with community members, staff and our legislature that will allow me to hit the ground running on day one.
Low Median Household Incomes - We have high poverty rates and after losing 40% of our manufacturing jobs have never fully rebuilt the middle class in Spokane. Housing Crisis - We have historically low apartment vacancy rates and very little inventory for homes. Low City Employee morale - Employees with the city longer than 10 years report very low moral.

Low income and housing contribute significantly to the problems you see. Homelessness, crime and lack of mental health services.
The Housing crisis is our most urgent problem, people are being priced out of their apartments when rents rise and ending up on the streets. There were 800 people with housing vouchers in 2018 that could not find housing. We need a two-pronged approach. Increase the supply by expanding the Multi Family Tax Exemption and changing zoning around our centers and corridors. We also need to fund more low-income housing to help get people off the street.
Under my leadership the Mayor and Council have:

• Investment in our libraries, new buildings coming soon • Investment in Riverfront Park, have you seen the new carousel or ice ribbon? • Decreasing crime • Revitalized Sprague avenue with new businesses and increased sales for existing one • A revitalized Monroe with a safer pedestrian environment • A downtown that has more people living and more people working and I hope you go out and enjoy one of our many award winning restaurants • A University District with two new medical schools that did not exist 7 years ago • An area North of riverfront park with a new wonderbread building, a funded sportsplexx and new Larry Stone toweres planned • Economic growth on the west plains • A brand new neighborhood in Kendall Yards

This was all done by cooperation between the council and the mayor's office. I suggest we continue to do what is working.
Climate change is real, humans are the primary cause and cities must be the leaders in confronting this challenge.

Last week I was at Shaw Middle School with a group of 18 7th graders. When I asked what the most important thing I should work on 14 of them said the environment was the most important thing to them. We must act for future generations.

Over the last 7 years we have invested in our river, put our greenhouse reduction goals into city law and moved towards actually implementing the 2009 sustainability plan. The city is poised to be a nationwide leader on environmental issues.

As mayor we will immediately create the Office of Sustainability on day one and put the citizen committee in place so we can implement. For too long we have only had one branch of government that wants to lead on climate policy.

But the children are demanding we act and we have a responsibility to future generations.

I successfully led the formation and implementation of the Sprague Targeted Investment Program. $18 million smartly invested in one business corridor has led to excellent results. Go visit Sprague between Hamilton and Altamont to see progress. We need to replicate this in other areas of the community.

We have paved record miles of streets but need to do more in our residential areas.

We should treat everyone here as a member of our community. I grew up going to St Ann's Cathoiic Church and we offered sanctuary to a family of El Salvadorean refugees. That was the right thing to do then and is the right thing to do now. Our police should not be doing the job of federal enforcement, they should be enforcing our local laws. People should not be targeted on City property by Homeland Security. They should have a warrant. Anything else is a violation of people's rights and we have a duty to protect our community.
Homelessness is a huge complicated issue and we need to start by using facts. Mandating drug tests will only result in our public camping laws not being able to be enforced. The issue needs to be addressed by looking at what we need to do in the short term and in the long term. Short term: • All shelters need to be open 24 hours and need to have services available inside the shelter to connect people staying there with mental health services, addiction services and transitional and permanent housing. • We need to implement the Public Safety levy. 5 of those new officers need to be downtown • We need to continue and expand the pilot that partners mental health professionals with our police officers. This program is working Long term: • We need more affordable housing and this can be achieved by increasing the supply by creating housing variety and implementing the bills we helped pass which will increase the number of units available. A person must be housed first.
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