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Snohomish County Council District 2

Term: 4 yearsSalary $114,668Snohomish has a five-member partisan council.The Snohomish county council is the legislative authority for the county, with the county executive serving as the chief executive officer. The county council members adopt ordinances, resolutions, and motions, levy taxes, appropriate revenue, and adopt the final budget for the county. The legislative body confirms appointments to county boards and commissions, and has concurrent authority with the county executive to nominate members of the Snohomish county planning commission. The councilmembers also may serve on various regional governance committees.The council's duties include identifying and articulating the needs of the citizens of Snohomish County, and providing a framework for county administration to carry out its work efficiently, ensuring that county government responds effectively to the community's needs. The county council adopts and enacts ordinances, resolutions, and motions; levies taxes; appropriates revenue; and adopts budgets for the county. The council confirms nominations to county boards and commissions and has concurrent authority with the county executive to nominate members to the Snohomish County Planning Commission. The council also appoints the hearing examiner

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    Megan Dunn

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    Anna Rohrbough

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How has your experience prepared you for this position?

What will be your top three priorities, if elected?

What measures do you favor to keep your county economically viable?

How do you view balancing development with protecting our natural resources?

What do you think are the most important environmental issues your county will face due to changing climate?

What are the issues surrounding your county's infrastructure?

How do you think your county should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How do you think your county could best respond to homelessness and the economically disadvantaged?

Phone (425) 238-4089
Party Preference Democrat
Town where you live Everett
Experience (300 characters max) Program Director for Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP). Past Chair for Everett Districts Now!, a community coalition working to improve voting rights in Everett. Served on the Everett Planning Commission, Everett Human Needs Commission and 2014 Streets Initiative.
Our County needs a strong and transparent leader to address our social and public safety issues and enforce meaningful policy change for sustainable development and environmental conservation. With vibrant community leadership and a government that responds to residents, we can build a bright future for Snohomish County. I have a passion for bringing together diverse partnerships and building community and more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and advocacy. My Masters Degree in Policy Studies gave me the skills I needed to lead the effort for the largest progressive policy change in over half a century-creating districts for Everett City Council seats. I offer the strongest background fighting for and winning environmental, labor, and social justice policies. I am the only candidate in this race that successfully led community efforts to advance new policies in our region.
My priorities are: 1) Affordability – I will support policies and smart growth planning so that working families, seniors and other residents feel welcome and can afford to stay in Snohomish County. 2) Sustainability – We cannot deny the impacts of climate change. I will invest in green infrastructure and jobs in renewable resources to ensure Snohomish County is on the forefront of this movement. And 3) Livability – I will work to ensure Snohomish County residents feel safe in their neighborhoods, have efficient transportation choices, and enjoy the abundant natural resources that our County has to offer.
I support measures to represent Snohomish County internationally and nationally to improve economic viability and to diversify our local employers so we are not as reliant on a single large employer. I support efforts to highlight our strong, well-trained workforce and unique natural resources for ecotourism and sustainable agriculture. I would favor measures to make housing more affordable so our families can afford to live and work in our county. As a member of the Everett Planning Commission, I supported efforts to incentivize growth in the downtown core by allowing increased height in exchange for public amenities.

The biggest impact on our local economy would be to put money back in workers’ pockets with a working families tax rebate. Working families are tax burdened and our neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck. The working tax credit is the best way to help working people keep more of what they earn and builds the economy by driving local growth.
Balancing development and protecting open space and agricultural areas is one of the most import roles of county government, and my background in land use and strong commitment to sustainable development is why I am the only candidate with the sole endorsement of Sierra Club and Washington Conservation Voters. I’m also supported by union workers who build our homes and buildings. It’s imperative that we balance development and protecting natural resources, agricultural areas and open space-this is the core of the Growth Management Act which protects our urban growth boundary. New development should be focused in urban areas and around transit and planned transit areas. Cities can also add infill to increase density, such as backyard cottages and townhouses, which can maintain the character of the neighborhood while creating more homes. We must involve our neighborhoods from the very beginning of any planned developments. We need a strong leader to protect our open spaces.
A changing climate threatens our quality of life. Every resident is seeing the impacts of climate change-from increasing forest fires causing unsafe air, to increased flooding and mudslides, to changes in salmon migration patterns impacting fishing. I worked alongside community organizers to pass the Snohomish County 100% Clean Energy resolution, which has specific guidelines and meaningful benchmarks. On the council, I will work hard to make sure this work is funded and benchmarks are met. I would work to update the Sustainable Operations Action Plan (SOAP); Climate Action Plan and work to reduce toxic pollution.

Addressing environmental justice must be grounded in the leadership of women, young people and people of color. It’s imperative to engage impacted communities who have been disenfranchised and disproportionately harmed and advance policy solutions to reduce harm.
My top priority is to invest in a forward-thinking green economy and sustainable infrastructure: by investing in green building, industry, sustainable agriculture, low impact infrastructure and green transportation paired with transit-oriented development. This will bring more green jobs and sustainable tourism while protecting our open space and environmental health.

The biggest issue with infrastructure is to have strong representation on the regional transit board to make sure Snohomish has light rail on time and an effective and efficient community transit system. We need to get what we have paid for; I’ll fight to make sure light rail stays on time!
We should approach legal and illegal immigration issues in ways that align with our nation’s values-as a country of immigrants. Snohomish County is dependent on immigrant labor for our agriculture, which is the second largest industry in our economy. All workers should have safe working conditions and fair wages. Immigration laws are enforced at the federal level and I support the County Sheriff’s decision to be peace officers and to enforce criminal laws of the state and local jurisdictions. Deputies should not check citizenship status when responding to calls so victims can feel secure when contacting law enforcement.
Homelessness and income inequality must be addressed as regional issues; wages have not kept pace with housing costs. The County Executive established a Housing Affordability Task Force, which is set to release its report in December. It will take leadership to bring all sides together (developers, neighborhoods and the environmental community) to implement proven solutions. Some suggestions-such as a land trust- are too risky for Snohomish. Our best experts are collaborating on solutions-we need to take that information and move it forward.

I served as a member of the 2014 Everett Streets Initiative, which identified short and long-term policy solutions to address social level street issues. My work on the Everett Planning Commission (2016-2018) also informs my understanding of land use and housing issues. I will use this experience to address homelessness, increase affordable housing options, ensure prevailing wages and increase wages to reduce income inequality.
Phone (425) 501-5415
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Town where you live Mukilteo
Experience (300 characters max) Mukilteo Councilmember, Council VP 2019, Snohomish County Tomorrow Steering Committee; PRSC Economic Development Board; Board member, Sno-Isle Library Foundation. Business Owner, TEDx Speaker & Coach, Certified John Maxwell Team Leadership Trainer, UW (B.A., Economics & Political Science).
I am a certified leadership trainer and have taught internationally. I am mom of two teenagers and a wife of 21 years and a business owner. Putting my name on the ballot, running a successful campaign and winning is not for the faint hearted. I have done this and I am proud of the experience and respect I have gained serving on Mukilteo City Council. I have proven I have the qualities and resilience to take on tough challenges and stay honest and transparent throughout. I am not just saying I will put people first, I have proven it. I have saved our tax payers substantially amounts of money and cut wasteful spending in our budget. As a result I was unanimously voted in as Vice Chair by my 6 democratic peers on city council. I understand what it means to come into this with grand ideas to change things… but I understand the reality of how to navigate things through to make a difference. This position is too important for on the job training. I am not beholden to anyone but YOU.
I believe we can make Snohomish County the safest and most prosperous county in the state. We must first enforce the laws that we have. When we don’t hold true to the rule of law we make the laws inconsequential. We must leverage the enforcement of our laws to disrupt the behavior of those committing crimes. To help support those committing crimes with addiction and mental illness we must have a dual diagnosis in this county. Together we will make sure to lead the charge to make this a reality. We are a county rich in skilled workforce jobs and opportunities, however we have a growing gap in our labor. We must be proactive and bring in more skilled workforce centers to build on the strength of this county. We have to lead the way to bridge the gap in our skilled workforce through connected pathways to education. Together we will also advocate to reduce traffic congestion by increasing the capacity of our roads and increase access to transit. I believe traffic shouldn’t ruin your day.
I strongly believe that we must build on the strengths of Snohomish County. We are rich in industrial, aerospace and manufacturing industries. We must be proactive about replenishing this aging workforce. We have a skills center that is full and we could immediately fill another one if there was one. We must bridge the gap through connected pathways to education. This will have an affect on many industries. One consequence of shortage of labor is the increase of cost to build affordable homes. It takes 2-3x the time to build because of the shortage of labor. I also believe that we must get rid of the regulations that are in the way of the supply of affordable homes. Regulations can add up to 25% to a cost of a home before the shovel hits the ground. We are preventing the #1 source of equity and wealth, the purchase of a home. We must put forth policy that gives people a safe environment to live, an ability to prosper and a county that brings a sense of pride and belonging.
We live in one of the most beautiful areas in our state and let alone our nation. We need to do what we can to protect the quality of our streams, oceans and forests while also preparing for the impact of the inevitable growth to our area. I believe these two things can live in harmony. We must protect our environment against known polluters. We also must protect the rights of our private property owners by not changing the laws that would have a direct effect on their personal property rights. The #1 role of government is the protect the rights of its citizens. Whether that is our private property owners or our residents who want to live in a cleaner and more green environment there is a harmony that can exist between development of our natural resources and protecting our natural resources. I believe more local controls and jurisdiction is the way to do this.
I believe our cities, county and state are at the forefront of environmental issues. As a city Councilmember I fought to include a wide range of interests which includes business owners, residents, elected officials and youth. I believe holding our polluters responsible to the guidelines in place will continue to have a huge positive impact on our area. The county council has just passed a sound policy that is proactive and has led the way for other areas to do the same. I believe the best thing we can do for our environment is to keep educating, encourage innovation and provide educational resources where we live, work and play.
My long term vision is to increase the capacity of our roads by investing in our highways and local road networks as well. We must fix Hwy 2 and our ease in and out of our cities. The congestion on our highways spills over on our city streets. We also must look at how we can efficiently use bus rapid transit without sacrificing this capacity. With the technology of autonomous and electric cars the demand for our vehicles is not going to decrease. With all the environmental and economical choices we have out there we can’t expect everyone to chose to use mass transit. We must prepare our infrastructure to meet the increased demand for all modes of transportation. With the projected growth it means more cars and more drivers on our roads.

I believe that traffic shouldn’t ruin your day. And I will be the strongest advocate for solutions to our congestion so we can get people to to work and home again as quickly as possible so that you don’t miss another meal with their family.
We should protect all of our legal immigrants and those that have walked through the process of becoming a legal immigrant. This country was built on the foundation of people migrating to this country and going through the process to become a citizen.
I believe there should be a pathway to home ownership. As seen throughout the country, there is a huge gap in supply vs demand for affordable housing. With the past 40 years of increased regulations it has made it almost impossible to build a home affordable to those economically disadvantaged. This is a supply issue. We must first look at the regulations that are in the way, and are doing more harm than good, so that it is more attractive and affordable to build. We must do this first before we look at other programs that can and will force your property taxes to increase therefore pushing more people out of their homes. We must protect those on fixed incomes who have lived and saved their whole life to stay in their home. No one likes to pay more taxes and with good policy you don’t have to. We need to help increase supply by reducing regulations and fees and encourage not discourage more incentives to provide affordable housing of all types homes throughout the county.