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Pierce County PENINSULA METROPOLITAN Park District Commissioner Pos. 1

4-year term; No salary A Parks & Recreation District is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the public parks and recreation facilities within their jurisdiction, as well as the acquisition of other parks space as funds provide and is appropriate. The commission sets the general policies and workplan of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional parks and recreation staff. One of commission's main duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any parks levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget, whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for district employees.

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    Beth Glein

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    Kurt Grimmer

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Why did you decide to run for this position?

What experiences have you had that prepares you for this position?

What are three major issues facing your park and district?

How do you want to address these issues?

What part should your district play in your area’s environmental health?

What type of facilities do your county parks need at this time?

Phone (253) 380-6612
Town where you live Gig Harbor
Experience (300 characters max) Elected Experience: New Candidate Other Professional Experience: I have spent my professional career in financial services. I am a senior leader, specializing in the development of high performing operations personal. Education: MBA from University of Mass; Bachelors from Gonzaga University
My children. I believe in leading by example. It is important to me that my children see myself and my husband giving our time and talent back to the community in one way or another. When the opportunity arose to participate with PenMet, I knew it was one pursue. We have participated in numerous PenMet programs and events over the years and each time it is a positive experience. As a Commissioner, I would have the opportunity to help shape these experiences. I am excited for the opportunity to be part of the impact PenMet makes in our community.
I have worked and volunteered for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. I understand the importance of listening to those around you to help shape vision. I have also been required to make tough unpopular decisions and gain buy-in while doing so. I believe this position requires someone with compassionate leadership experience who can help guide decisions and offer solutions. My career has been built upon these fundamentals. I have led teams through change to achieve exponential sales and customer service goals. I have also lived in this community for over 8 years. I have experienced the parks as an individual and now as a parent. I represent an important demographic for PenMet and know my experiences as a participant have helped to prepare me for this position.
1. Location and Construction of the Indoor Athletic/Soccer Facility 2. Scaling programs to meet the demand of growth in the area 3. Uncertain economic future
1. Regarding the soccer facility, I believe we need to continue to be transparent it the process as well as listen to our customers. I want to see PenMet use resources wisely for the development and maximize program versatility for all ages. 2. Scaling programs: Many programs are full 60+ days in advance. I would like to ensure market trends are monitored regularly and used to help in creation of schedules for programs. It will be important to add programs as the population grows in our area. 3. Economic future: It is widely believed a recession is on the horizon. Economic instability will create budget strain for PenMet. Budget controls needs to continue along with watching overall economic indicators to help shape future spending decisions.
PenMet cares for well over 500 acres of land and plays a significant role in the area’s environmental health. We need to continue practices to care for the land responsibility and sustainably while educating the people who visit our parks and facilities.
The most pressing need is an indoor facility. PenMet had a hugely successful indoor soccer program that has been displaced. This facility was also used for birthday parties and other events. A multi-purpose indoor facility will allow the soccer program to continue. Built to be versatile, it will open the door to many more year round activities for all ages.
Phone (253) 312-3460
Town where you live Gig Harbor
Experience (300 characters max) Commissioner PenMet Parks 2013 - Present. It has been an honor to serve these past six years as one of your Commissioners. Six years ago my goals were to enhance the recreation programs offered in the park district. I am happy to report that active recreational programs increased for all ages,
I am running for re-election to serve the PenMet Park District and our wonderful community.
My 30+ career participating and supervising local recreation has provided me with a passion for the heath & benefits that a community derives from active and passive recreation for all ages. Having spent many years coaching youth sports, serving on the Peninsula Athletic Association Board and supervising various athletic programs, I've developed insight and knowledge on the delivery and management of recreation programming. Additionally, my professional experience in the financial services industry and commercial real estate has provided me with skills in evaluating revenues, expenses, budgets, and real estate development.
1. Providing fun and robust recreation programs for all ages. 2. Funding the demand for more lighted artificial turf fields for year round use, including developing undeveloped properties PenMet Parks has acquired in recent years. 3. Developing and providing waterfront access and recreation through creative partnerships with Pierce County and the City of Gig Harbor.
1. Attracting talented and experienced recreation supervisors and allowing them to utilize their skills and knowledge. Allowing staff to adopt and develop new and interesting programs through training opportunities and interaction with other recreation supervisors. 2. PenMet Parks has been judicious and fiscally conservative in managing the public tax revenues. It is in a position with the reserves accumulated and the anticipated future tax revenues to develop more recreation space including both indoor and outdoor facilities. Most important is to budget funds to allow for efficient growth and optimal maintenance of the Park properties, facilities, and programs. 3. PenMet Parks owns several waterfront properties that do provide some water access, however, permitting and parking can create barriers to successfully providing access for various types of water oriented activities. My goal is the pursue and provide better access.
PenMet Parks is our community's back yard. We need to preserve and maintain the natural aspects of all properties to nurture the wildlife and vegetation. There has to be a balance between the need for play space (fields & courts), open space, trails, and wetlands. This is best vetted through the permitting process required for the development of new recreation space. Sehmel Homestead Park is an excellent example, where wetlands, trails, and open space were accommodated along with play space. In addition, proper maintenance and management of the Parks is vital to the area's environmental health.
Lighted artificial turf fields and indoor recreation facilities. Due to the Northwest climate with wet and shorter daylight hours for six months out of the year it is hard to find field time for games and practices. The high moisture months require durable artificial turf fields to allow for team sports to function throughout the year. And, lighted fields allow for games and practices to be held during evening hours in the winter. Northwest temperatures are relatively mild and allow for year round outdoor recreation, but only if it includes artificial turf lighted fields. Indoor recreation facilities accommodate all sorts of indoor recreation year round. Activities such as basketball, tennis, pickle-ball and indoor soccer are primarily indoor activities in the Northwest, so there is a growing demand for access to indoor facilities as our community continues to grow.