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Kitsap County Port of Bremerton District No. 1 Commissioner District 2

4-year term in counties with over 100,000 population; 4 or 6 year term in smaller counties. Salary varies with district. The Port District is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the port facilities within its jurisdiction. The commission sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional Port Director and the professional staff. One of commission's main duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any port levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget, whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for district employees.

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  • Gary K. Anderson

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    Jack Edwards

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Why did you decide to run for this position?

What are three major issues facing the port?

How do you want to address these issues?

What part should your district play in your area’s environmental health?

How, if at all, will the changing climate affect your port and its environs?

What experiences have you had that prepares you for this position?

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Phone (360) 471-9344
Town where you live Port Orchard
Since a young age, community service was a part of our family. My father was a member of the local Lions club chapter and active member in our Chamber of Commerce. We, as a family, went to all the Lions picnics, breakfasts, events as well as the chamber socials (If kids were allowed) and events like the annual parade and chili cook off. All this showed me the importance of giving back and community support. When I arrived in Kitsap County, I immediately got involved with civic and community organizations. When I became manager for the largest hotel in the area, with a large banquet space, things snowballed. I hosted many of the political kickoffs and legislative forums as well as charity fundraisers and balls. I then became a leader in many non profit organizations. Now I want to use my experience to serve the interests of the Port's taxpayers and businesses. With my love for economic development, this position will allow me seek ways to develop the Ports holdings and create jobs.
1. The Port Orchard Breakwater needs to be replaced. Built in the early 70's its now reached its life expectancy. If not replaces soon, the marina could be in much worse shape A portion of the east breakwater and all of A-dock would be in “serious” condition, putting the structures at risk of failure. Most of the east & north breakwaters would have slipped into “poor” condition, while the west breakwater would be rated as “fair.” 2. Development of East side of runway - With the road being planned around the Port property from Hwy 3 to Lake Flora, this will open up more opportunities for the Port and the adjacent landowners to develop property & attract tenants. Phase 1 is completed and they are securing funding for Phase 2 &3. 3. Generating tenants - there is over 400 acres for lease, much is raw land. There is ample opportunity to attract manufacturing companies that generate living wage jobs ad well as to lease to the proposed racetrack which will generate revenue for the Port.
1. Replacement of breakwater needs to secure more funding. There is 1 million allocated already, but its not enough. The Port needs to seek additional funding through the state capitol fund and federal grants using Derek Kilmer's office and our State and Local elected officials. 2. The Port needs to secure more funding through a federal grant. It can also source funds from the Puget Sound Regional Council and Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council. 3. Generating tenants - I believe we can grow the Port holdings and real estate ventures to develop more site ready property to attract the companies needed for job creation. We can also work with other agencies to secure funding to make the racetrack a public-private partnership.
Due to the fact that some headwaters feed into the hood canal are on Port property, they need to follow the state regulations in developing property to protect the environment and insure harmful storm water is not entering our rivers and polluting the sound. Stormwater runoff gathers pollutants from paved surfaces at the port and deposits them in the water, often bypassing wastewater treatment plants. I’m all for development, but if it interferes with the environment, then we need to find alternate ways to reach our goals, not at the expense of our forests, wetlands, rivers, ozone, etc. Port operations must respect the environment and mitigate operations – less noise and pollution. Luckily the Port has a great staff that is skilled and educated in environmental stewardship.
In an ever changing environment, we need to adapt. Ports rely on a wide range of vehicles with diesel engines, which are a source of greenhouse gas emissions and affect climate change. In addition, due to their coastal locations, ports are increasingly devoting substantial resources to address risks associated with extreme weather events. Heavy rains and flooding associated with extreme weather events stands out as one of the most significant risks to ports. Flooding has the potential to damage electrical substations, as well as electrical motors & ground level electric pumps. Ports are developing plans to mitigate the effects of climate change-related extreme weather events. I think we can adopt a Sustainability Policy that includes a resolution to reduce the risk to its facilities posed by climate change, and further resolved to work with regional stakeholders to mitigate risk at the regional level. We can also form climate change action committees to include more research studies.
My experience as Economic Development Manager for the City of Bremerton directly relates to the Port Commissioner Position, as the Port’s primary mission is Economic Development. My past job experience was beneficial in that I coordinated the duties required and recommended the strategy for improving economic development policies, as well as providing general administrative and policy direction for the office, and being able to design, executes and evaluate the overall economic development programs. I represented the City in government affairs, community outreach, education, and workforce development. I have engaged in community programs and events, as well as building key partnerships. I worked with KEDA, KADA, KRCC, and the Puget Sound Regional Council. I sourced businesses to start up, expand, or relocate to Bremerton to increase the tax base and create jobs. I initiated & maintained contact with developers, real estate agents, potential businesses, and community organizations