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Clark County Council OR, District No. 4

Term: 4 YearsSalary: $55,682Job description: The county council is the legislative branch of government. The county council members enact ordinances, resolutions and motions, appropriate revenue, adopt the budget for the county, and exercise oversight of the county administration. The legislative body confirms appointments to county boards and commissions, and has concurrent authority with the county manager to nominate members of the Clark County planning commission, the Clark County historic preservation commission, and the board of equalization of assessment.

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    Adrian E. Cortes

  • Gary Medvigy

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What will be your top three priorities, if elected?

What measures do you favor to keep your county economically viable?

How do you view balancing development with protecting our natural resources?

What do you think are the most important environmental issues your county will face due to the changing climate?

What are your solutions to the County’s budget problems?

What are the issues surrounding your county's infrastructure, e.g. highway and freight rail issues, the jail?

How do you think your county should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How do you think your county could best respond to homelessness and the economically disadvantaged?

Phone (360) 608-3513
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Town where you live Battle Ground, Washington
Experience (300 characters max) C-Tran (public transit agency) Board of Directors, Chairman. Elected Battle Ground City Councilman (2012- 2015 & 2018-2021). Past Chairman of the Battle Ground Planning Commission (2008-2012) Certificate of Municipal Leadership (2014) and an Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership.
1. Create a citizen led "Visioning Initiative" to ask citizens how they envision their community growing. 2. Responsible growth that aligns with our values; we don't need to become like California. 3. We need a responsible solution to replace the I-5 bridge with a dedicated freight mobility & Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane.
We need a responsible growth plan that is balanced and not one that is addicted to residential development. Secondly, the County works for the community not the other way around. Why does it take weeks or months to get a building permit? The county can contract out in terms of decreasing the wait time for permit turn around. The county needs to be more responsive in terms of its building permit department. There’s no reason we should be making job creators wait or citizens that want to develop their own property wait long times.
Whether we are taking about Rail Development, or massive development along the I-5/179th Corridor, we need to have a citizen first policy; we need a countywide visioning initiative where we look at where we have been, where we are and where citizens want us to go as a county. Then use this to be our compass when it comes to land use planning, zoning, capital facilities planning and overall allocation of county resources. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE CURRENT PLAN AS IT STANDS. Additionally, when talking about development along rail lines, we need to ensure that property owner’s (along the rail lines) voices are heard, and if development occurs, place restrictions on rail usage trips, allowable industries that can develop along the rail lines, and protect the environment; I support economic development however, we must plan wisely and not impact our way of life!
The environmental issues that face the county are much of the same ones that face cities across the state of Washington. We need solutions that balance the need to protect the environment while not allowing a massive economic burden on everyday hardworking Clark County residents.
Keeping taxes low. People are moving here in droves from higher tax states to take advantage of what Washington has to offer. In other words, people that are seeking leadership positions in Clark County and trying to capitalize on what brought them here. I’ve been part of the process that created this environment that attracted individuals and business. Being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars is the paramount mission of my platform. This policy issue probably distinguishes me more than many other things. Let me be very clear; I will NOT SUPPORT INCREASING YOUR POROPERTY TAXES! Clark County needs to get its fiscal house in order. What does this mean? We need to prioritize spending on community wants and needs-Public safety (Sheriff), Courts, Prosecutors office, transportation improvements and maintenance needs to name a few. It means creating a community visioning initiative! We need citizens in the driver’s seat; not politicians.
We need to rebuild Clark County; it starts with rebuilding the I-5 Bridge. True leadership is not about telling people what to do because you can; its about working together towards shared goals and solutions. We need to rebuild the I-5 Bridge and any dedicated lane for transit must be Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along with shared Freight Mobility. We are not Portland and therefore we need solutions for Clark County. I also believe we can walk and chew gum at the same time, this means that we can move forward on rebuilding the I-5 Bridge but we also need to start planning for other bridge crossings including and/or discussions on a possible ferry system.
The County should follow state and federal laws in how immigration is enforced.
We need a strong county policy in place that doesn't make homelessness a crime but strikes a balance of getting those that are homeless the resources to turn their lives around while at the same time protecting and respecting businesses and property owners
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