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Clark County City of VANCOUVER Council - Position NO. 6

The city council sets the general policies of the city, which are implemented by the city manager and staff. One of council's main duties is the adoption of policies and the enactment of the city's annual budget. City council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending , whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for city employees.

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    Sarah Fox

  • Jeanne E. Stewart

Biographical Information

What experiences have you had that qualify you for this position?

How would you describe your vision for your city?

What are the obstacles in the path of achieving your vision?

What do you think is your city/town’s role in dealing with issues surrounding the environment?

What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastructure?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How would you propose the council communicate with the citizens of your city or town?

Phone (206) 395-8543
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Town where you live Vancouver
Experience (300 characters max) I am a military veteran, and earned a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and have strong roots in this community. My small business, military, and local government experience would be unique on council. No other council member has this background.
I’m a Vancouver native; literally born on Main Street. I graduated from Hudson’s Bay High School, left for the military, and returned to raise my children here. As an Army Veteran, combat experience gave me the unique perspective about the ramifications of actions and being accountable to those that depend on you. Returning home, I finished college and worked my way up from welder to Vice President in our family construction business. I earned a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University. For the past fourteen years, I have served the public as an urban planner for the City of Camas.

My diverse business, military, and government service experience would be unique on council. No other council member has this background.

I strive to be a thoughtful leader; someone who solves complex problems, brings fresh ideas, and people together. I will stay focused on the issues, listen, and be dedicated to outcomes and accountability
My top priorities for Vancouver are to be a safe and healthy place to raise a family, and to be a city where small businesses thrive. Vancouver is an amazingly unique city and I will continue to champion our positive growth by developing innovative, collaborative, and fiscally balanced solutions.

[For more on this topic, please visit my website:]
Vancouver needs to create more family wage jobs on this side of the river. Our I-5 bridge is a major obstacle to our economic growth. There should be no doubt that Vancouver citizens will be the most affected by any changes to the I-5 corridor and the increasing traffic congestion of not having a new bridge. For that reason, our city council and other regional partners must continue to assert that Vancouver be given a lead role in these decisions, not just one of many voices at a table. I will continue to ensure that our bridge remains a top priority for our city and our region.

I have proven experience with implementing the vision and goals of a community. I understand that overcoming obstacles requires collaboration with those most affected by the issue. I will be your champion on City Council for the issues that are central to our safety and vitality.
Environmental goals for our city must also include increased access to open spaces and increasing our tree canopy. In addition, our parks and open spaces must be the jewel of your neighborhood, places that are safe and accessible for everyone.

I support the development of parks for people of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy There are studies that link the percentage of tree canopy in neighborhoods to not only adult health, but fetal development. The benefits also include increased property values and safety. There are so many benefits to increasing the "green infrastructure" in our city aside from the few that I have mentioned. For all of these reasons and more, I have led environmental legislation efforts throughout my career and would continue to lead these efforts on Council.

Roads and infrastructure top the list of core services a city must provide. We must continue to focus on preventive maintenance rather than waiting until roadways deteriorate to the point of needing costly public investment to repair.

I support leveraging paving projects such as improving sidewalks, crossings, ramps, and adding bike lanes where it is feasible and well supported by the neighborhood. The Complete Streets policy works well for new developments and for areas of the city that have excess capacity (e.g. extra traffic lanes). I don’t support removing on-street parking in neighborhoods that don’t have driveways and are already low speed roadways for bike lanes. Some designs do not fit in every neighborhood. As we contemplate investments in our city, we need to continually reach out to our citizens where they live, work, and and play in order to make balanced decisions for everyone.
I am encouraged by the progress our city has made with Proposition 1 to create more affordable housing, reduce homelessness, and provide grants to rehabilitate housing. We must continue to adjust these programs and monitor them to ensure that our investment is returned with marked and visible gains on housing our most vulnerable citizens. We need leaders that will remain focused on that goal but we need to go further.

The land area of our city is overwhelming zoned and built for single family housing. I am suggesting that small changes can ensure there is a variety of housing types to accommodate living arrangements that are not currently being met. We need more housing types that reflect the changing lifestyles of our community and I know we can find solutions that will seamlessly fit within our existing neighborhoods. A multifaceted approach is what is needed to make any progress on homelessness and those that are housing insecure and leadership that is focused on the goal
Our city is stronger when we ensure that we are fostering diversity, dignity, tolerance and respect for one another. I believe that our city must continue to advocate for an efficient path to immigrant legalization, including a process that does not mandate the deportation of otherwise law-abiding residents of our community.
I understand the potential impacts of City decisions and will work tirelessly to bring all stakeholders to the table for equitable outcomes. I would bring years of professional and volunteer experience in successful community engagement and long range planning to Council.

I am a strong advocate for meeting one-on-one or in small groups with those that are most affected by any proposed action. I also believe that our council needs to recruit a diverse group of individuals to serve on councils and commissions to ensure that all of our community has contributed to the visions and plans for our city.
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