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Chelan County City of Wenatchee Council Member District At-Large A

The City Council is the legislative body for the City. The Council adopts local laws (ordinances) to secure the safety and assist the well-being of the city residents, the city's physical environment and amenities, and the city economy. The Council is responsible for approving financial expenditures and adopting the city budget as well as establishing policies and regulations in order to guide the city's future. The elected mayor serves as chief administrative officer for the city.

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  • Jorge R. Chacón

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    Linda Herald

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Town where you live Wenatchee
Experience (300 characters max) For the past 8 years, I have served as a Council Member. When I joined the Council, Wenatchee was on the brink of bankruptcy. We are now financially solvent. Many challenges remain such as affordable housing and the homeless population living on our streets. I wish to continue this work.
For the past 8 years, I have served as a Council Member for the city of Wenatchee. During, this time, I have served on various committees such our Finance Committee, Chelan Douglas Homeless Steering Committee, Mayor Pro Temp, Chair of the Transportation Benefit District, Leoff 1 Committee, and Public Safety. As a local business person, I have experience in planning and implementing budgets and business plans.
My vision for the city of Wenatchee is a community where our economy is strong, where it is safe, and our diverse population lives and works together to make our city a better place to live. I envision a community where young families can afford to purchase a home and we have ample housing. I want a community where homeless are not living on our streets.
Our economy is very strong but it is important to continue efforts in economic development to attract businesses that will diversify our business community so that we do not rely on any one industry. Land is very limited in Wenatchee because we have run out of it. So as a result, land has become very expensive and housing is in a huge shortage. Builders cannot keep up with the demand. People from Seattle and California are moving in. Many have sold their homes for twice the price of what they will pay here and the demand has driven prices up here. We must work with builders to build more multi family housing to help with this demand. We have a serious problem with homelessness. Chronic homelessness is up 56% in our community. There is no short term solution for this problem. It is important that we must have a program of outreach and work with our homeless to provide mental health services.
It starts with getting our citizens to buy into recycling. Programs need to be created to iencourage people to recycle. We must work with industry to make sure that they are not polluting our rivers and lakes. Providing convenient public transportation will help to take many of the cars of off the streets and to eliminate pollution from our vehicles. As a city, we are working to create bike routes.
Streets. They are a mess and it is very expensive to pave our streets. This is a serious problem. Funds to take care of our streets are limited but we continue to look for ways to stretch our dollars to maintain our streets.
In our valley, overall homelessness is down 11% but chronic homelessness is up 56%. This is very serious as these are the people who are content to live on the street. There is no short term solution. It will take strong programs in place and out reach to tackle this serious problem. It starts with outreach by our mental health providers to get them into shelter and work with their mental illness to get them off the drugs and alcohol and help them to become contributing citizens.
There is no doubt that they system is broken. Businesses require potential employees to provide documentation that they are eligible to be in our communities and work. However, there are many who are undocumented. Most of these people are hardworking, honest people who have come here for a better life. I feel that they need to come to our country legally but for those who are here now, rather than kicking them out, we need to enable them the opportunity to become legal residents.
Town halls are a great way to communicate with our citizens. I have found that people do not come out for public hearings even though we have publicized them so I have gone out to many local residents and questioned them about the issues that are important to the success of our community.