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Metropolitan Nashville Council District 30

The Metro Council includes 35 district council members elected by voters in their districts to four year terms, with a limit of two consecutive terms. Candidates must be at least 25 years of age, a resident of Davidson County for at least one year, and a district resident for at least six months.

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1. What qualifies you as the best candidate for this office?

2. If elected, what will be your three highest priorities?

3. What are the most pressing issues facing the public that you plan to address?

Education Antioch High School Some college
Campaign Phone (615) 390-7171
Age 72
I am a 32 year veteran holding an elected office. I have served as a Metro Council Member, Metro Planning Commissioner and State Representative. I have been through 32 budgets and know people in politics, how they work and their motives A lot of politics is knowing why people do what they do. I will have no learning cure when I take office. I always try to do what is best for my constituents and what is fair and right. I want to be someone my children and grandchildren can look up to. I have been a champion for women, children, working people and seniors. I have received legislative awards from Vanderbilt Law School, Children and Family Services, Metro Firefighters, State Firefighters, HOPE (A group of former foster children), the Tennessee Department of Children's Service, AFL-CIO, Davidson County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Namesake award), Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic Violence, just to name a few. I get along with and can work with both political sides.
I believe in a strong educational system (MNEA has endorsed me) and would like to see education fully funded, & employees appropriately paid. That is also a problem at the state level! I believe that our infrastructure and environment are suffering and we need to upgrade quickly to prevent further damage. Our current system is not going to support 100 new people coming to Nashville each day. We are currently dumping raw sewerage into our river. I believe that almost all Nashvillians and tourists are at risk due to gun violence and the amount of crime in our community. Although the republicans in the General Assembly have the ability to overturn any law Metro passes, (and they have) we must take some actions to curb this violence, help children being drawn into this violence with guns and work with the juvenile court and police (who endorse me) to address this.
Education Infrastructure, environment Safety Affordable housing Employee pay Lack of fire and police offers Justice reform New construction Historic preservation
Education BA in History & Political Science
Occupation Operations Director for the TN Democratic Party
Campaign Phone (615) 389-2795
Age 26
Twitter @sandrafornash
Almost 30% of District 30 lives at or below the poverty line. Our district is filled with hard-working folks who are are just trying to get by. They deserve representation who has walked in their shoes. My family has had to make hard choices between bills to pay. When I was in college, I had to work two jobs to make ends meet. I think it will take someone with my experience fighting for our district to see the changes we need.
My three highest priorities are improving our infrastructure, expanding our public transit routes and options, and helping to make our MNPS system the best it can be.
Education: As a Metro Council Member, I would fight to make sure we give MNPS the funding it needs to give our students a world-class education. Infrastructure: Our community deserves infrastructure that improves our quality of life. As a Metro Council Member, I will work to expand our sidewalk network throughout the city so we can turn strangers into neighbors, and keep our residents safe from traffic. I will work to improve our drainage and sewer systems, so our flood-prone neighborhoods are kept safe and dry. I will work to include the community in zoning decisions, so our planning reflects our community values. Transportation: The hardworking people of District 30 should be able to spend time with their loved ones. But right now, traffic and inadequate public transit are taking quality time away from Nashville's families. In my district, nearly 30 percent of residents live at or below the poverty line. Many of them rely on public transit. We have to take steps to improve public