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Albany County Legislative District 1

The Albany County Legislature serves as the County’s legislative, appropriating, and policy-determining body. The Legislature, a unicameral body, is composed of 39 County legislators elected to four-year terms from single-member districts. Each district is apportioned by population and each legislator represents approximately 7,550 County residents. The current salary for this position is $23,546/year

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  • Marc E. Johnson
    (Rep, Con)

  • Lucille McKnight
    (Ind, WF)

  • Carolyn McLaughlin

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If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

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Campaign Phone (518) 253-2463
Community Involvement Resident in Albany's So-End for 30 years serving a the Leader in the Community to help to stabilize this are that is listed as a food desert. I have pushed the NYS DEC to clean up the environment due to Clean Air violations. I fought the locating of asphalt plants and a garbage transfer station at the Port of Albany. Pushed for the Domestic Violence initiative and sponsored the Crisis Counselling for violence that plague our Urban neighborhoods and advocate for utilization of work site fairness
Experience and Qualifications Permanent Albany resident, homeowner, taxpayer in Albany County. Philip Schuyler/Albany HS, Grad, completed the Albany Medical College Morguary Science/ Histology Tech Registered ASCP, Post Morgue Exams, NYS University Women Studies/ Cornell Univ.
Biography Bio. see gov website
Occupation and Special Skills Elected Legislator, 1992 serves the South End neighborhoods.
Website, facebook page or other links,
As an experienced government public servant I have been focused on eliminating discrimination and increasing opportunities for the less fortunate. while realizing that voting is the best tool we have to combat prejudice and defend our values. This Primary 2019 we must do that.
I want to continue much of the good governing that I have maintained over the years. My Majority Minority District have suffered enough. the largest hit came with the newly created (2-2014) Land Bank. These abandoned properties over 1000 in the Urban Zones have now been declared unsafe and has created blight. Our County/City plan have joined in partnership to address this and I will pledge to work hard to address this issue . As Chair of the Board of the Youth Detention our mission is focused on the recently developed "NYS Raise the Age Program". My serving on the Albany County Personnel Standing Committee has allowed me full understanding of all the units and departments and could be helpful in many areas of county workforce.
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