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Albany County Legislative District 36

The Albany County Legislature serves as the County’s legislative, appropriating, and policy-determining body. The Legislature, a unicameral body, is composed of 39 County legislators elected to four-year terms from single-member districts. Each district is apportioned by population and each legislator represents approximately 7,550 County residents. The current salary for this position is $23,546/year

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    Matthew J. Miller
    (Dem, Ind)

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Campaign Phone (518) 727-7613
Community Involvement Community Cleanup Volunteer; Former Youth Softball and Baseball Coach/Board Member; Selkirk Fire Dept Building Project Committee Member; Former Cub Scout Leader; Vice-President, RCS Sports Association; Director, Capital Region Science Olympiad
Experience and Qualifications 26 years as a teacher and 20 plus years of Union leadership have given me a wealth of experience in dealing with many types of people and how to manage and govern. It has also taught me how to lead and organize and how to plan and prepare for in order to make effective and informed decisions. I am skilled at budget analysis, energy management and running organizations. These skills will allow me to effectively work with a large body of legislators to find the most efficient use of our dollars, how to save money and how to protect our resources, both fiscal and environmental.
Biography Matt has been a Regents and AP Biology teacher in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Schools for 26 years. Matt has also been the local teachers union president for 18 years and spent 6 years as the district Energy Education Manager, saving over $2.4 million of taxpayer money in that time. Matt intends to use his years as a teacher and labor leader to bring the art of compromise back to governing. Matt would like to work on modernizing our infrastructure and capitalizing on greenway access to the Hudson River, our greatest resource and potential economic driver. There is also much work to be done on energy sustainability and fiscal responsibility through accountability. As a member of the majority, Matt will be able to affect county-wide improvements while also bringing economic development to his district. Matt’s wife, Karen, is an elementary school principal in Coxsackie-Athens. They have two children, Nicole, a college junior and Christopher, a high school senior.
Occupation and Special Skills Biology Teacher / Union President; Contract Negotiations; Budget Analysis; Benefit Analysis; Energy Management
Website, facebook page or other links /FB: @mattmiller4countyleg /Twitter: @mattmiller4leg
My career as a teacher and Union leader have provided me with a plethora of skills that will make me an effective legislator. Teaching requires planning, preparation, organization and educating yourself about any topic you are entertaining. This allows you to produce strong legislation and to be able to make effective and informed arguments for or against any proposal. Union leadership has required the development of negotiating skills, budget analysis, the ability to listen to people in order to best ascertain what they need to resolve their issues and, most importantly, requires the ability to compromise to get to the best solution for all parties. It has also helped me understand many of the social and health services that people need to access that the county also provides. All of this has been to a high level of success showing the ability I possess to be an effective leader, organizer and team player in the legislature and to effectively represent all of my constituents.
It is my desire to accomplish legislative reform measures such as downsizing and term limits. Efficient budgeting and effective, smart use of taxpayer money is vital to a successful county so I will be carefully analyzing budgeting and spending. I also want to save taxpayer money thru energy conservation and green planning in county owned facilities. Infrastructure investment and repairing of roads, bridges and sewer plants will be primary objectives of my agenda. I will also work to ensure that we have a well-trained and properly compensated county work force. I want to improve the commercial tax base in my district while maintaining open spaces. I will also be looking to find ways to ensure that we can provide the best services to those who need health care, addiction treatment, shelter and food management and elder care. Finally, I will try to achieve a fiscally prudent way to help those who need time to care for themselves, newborns and children, elderly or disabled family members