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SC Gville City Council Dist. 3

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    Ken Gibson

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1. If elected, what will be your top three priorities?

2. What is the biggest threat to Greenville’s quality of life and how would you address it?

3. What is the proper role for public transportation and how should it be funded?

4. What is City Council’s role in forming a housing policy for all constituents?

5. Name three actions you would support to increase economic opportunities for your constituents.

I intend to work foremost to protect and preserve the promise of Greenville for our community. I am extremely proud of the success of past and present revitalization efforts, such as Falls Park, but also strongly believe that more is left to be done to revitalize and promote quality of life improvement for all of our community. I believe that this can be done through smart economic development initiatives that attract new and innovative businesses. But I also believe that along with that growth, it is essential that we prioritize efforts to ensure that Greenville remains affordable and viable for the members of our community that took a chance on Greenville before it became the star that it is today. Accordingly, if I am elected, I will fight for housing that is affordable for all income levels, good economic development, and smart initiatives to improve quality of life for our community.
I think the biggest threat to the quality of life in Greenville is the lure of focusing on making Greenville more of a shining star as opposed to really taking care of the citizens that have lived here for generations. We must focus on improving the neighborhoods and providing better services to our citizens. As a member of City Council I would address this by focusing on making/keeping housing affordable, improving maintenance and landscaping of public areas, improving recreational facilities and programs, planning/zoning in a manner that makes sense, and encouraging greater involvement and input from citizens in what they want in their neighborhoods.
The expansion/improvement of our public transportation system is essential to our ability to establish ourselves as a truly world class city and properly service our citizens, particularly those who are unable to afford private transportation of their own. Public transportation allows these citizens, more so than any other group, the opportunity to get to work and be productive and engaged members of our community. Additionally, public transportation eases traffic congestion and parking, minimizes damage to the environment, and promotes economic development. Greater funding must come from governmental entities at the State, County and City level. I believe that it is essential that we explore the possibility of a non regressive tax structure that would create a dedicated fund for expansion. I do not believe that the cost for expansion should be borne by fare hikes that would place the burden upon those that can least afford it.
City Council must take the lead in establishing housing policy that protects all constituents in housing. This especially means forming a housing policy that ensures that housing remains affordable for all levels of income in the City. The City needs to continue to be a welcoming place for everyone.
I support improvement and expansion of our public transportation system to better enable my constituents to reach jobs throughout the City and County, recruitment initiatives that will attract new and innovative businesses that will provide better paying jobs, and initiatives that will encourage our children to return to Greenville after graduating from higher level institutions and that will retain the young talent that we have now.