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    Dorothy Dowe

  • George Fletcher

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1. If elected, what will be your top three priorities?

2. What is the biggest threat to Greenville’s quality of life and how would you address it?

3. What is the proper role for public transportation and how should it be funded?

4. What is City Council’s role in forming a housing policy for all constituents?

5. Name three actions you would support to increase economic opportunities for your constituents.

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Greenville has experienced unprecedented growth and, as a result, faces challenges to its housing availability, infrastructure, and traffic patterns, all issues that directly impact our quality of life. My top three priorities will be to provide affordable housing for all income levels; to invest in the infrastructure that is the foundation of our community and attracts business investment; and to preserve our neighborhoods by focusing on walkability, the tree canopy, and traffic patterns and infrastructure requirements as new development is proposed. These priorities are critical to maintaining the quality of life that Greenville’s citizens value. I will work hard to make sure all stakeholders are heard, and be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. I believe that my service to community, career experience as an engineer and small business owner, and the reputation I have earned for hard work and delivering desired outcomes make me the best candidate to represent all Greenvillians.
Greenville is a city of almost 70,000 residents. Each workday, over 250,000 people commute into the city for work, and each year, over 5 million visitors come to our city. As a result, our traffic congestion has become a major threat to our quality of life on a daily basis. We need to recognize this threat and, one, develop traffic solutions that preserve our neighborhoods; two, continue to support Greenlink to allow efficient access to the city for our workforce; and three, be more intentional in reviewing the traffic impact on our citizens as new development is proposed in our city. Greenvillians are frustrated by the endless road and sidewalk closures, and concerned about the increase in traffic congestion as our workforce enters and exits our city. City Council should direct our planning and engineering staff to consider the impact of new development on our residents as a priority in decision-making.
Public transportation is essential not only as a socio-economic issue and part of the traffic congestion solution, but also because it is a workforce issue. Many service industry workers and low wage earners rely exclusively on public transportation to get where they need to be on a daily basis. In order for Greenlink to provide that service to our workforce, it must be funded in part by local government, including the surrounding cities and the county. This local government support represents a small portion of the Greenlink budget but is essential to secure the state and federal funds we receive, as well as the matching grants that support our public transportation system. If elected, I will advocate for continued support of Greenlink in the budget and will work strategically and productively with members of County Council and surrounding City Councils to help ensure they meet their share of funding for the essential services that Greenlink provides.

Our housing policy must ensure that our citizen’s residences are safe through enforcement of building codes and that we practice non-discrimination in housing and community development. City Council is responsible for appointing dedicated, capable people to serve as members on the Greenville Housing Authority Board to make certain we are wisely spending the federal dollars that are awarded to us for housing vouchers and low income tax credits. Council also has a responsibility to address our affordable housing needs by funding the Greenville Housing Trust and working with private partners to supplement the Trust to meet our affordable housing goals. A well inventoried land bank should also be a priority for the city so we can effectively convey property to community partners who build affordable housing. Lastly, Council must work to develop community-wide solutions for housing that maintain diverse communities and are affordable for a full cross section of incomes.
City Council has a responsibility to create a place where people want to live and employers want to invest. Increased employment provides more economic opportunity for our citizens. Creating employment close to where people live also addresses some of our mobility challenges and, if elected, I will support investing in Greenville’s historic economic corridors, such as Laurens Road, Wade Hampton Boulevard, and Pleasantburg Drive, which have existing office space and provide an opportunity for economic development within walking distance of many of our communities. Secondly, I will collaborate with organizations that foster entrepreneurship and strategic economic growth to ensure we are “growing our own” through programs such as NEXT and the Minority Business Accelerator program. Additionally, I will advocate for our locally owned businesses that meet the qualifications for city contracts to ensure we are using our own talent whenever possible for city sponsored work.

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