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This is the August 2019 primary for Warren Mayor. There is one four-year position available.

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    Kelly Colegio

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    James R. Fouts

Biographical Information

Describe your background, experience, and qualifications for this position and the reasons you are running for it.

What are the top 2 priority issues that this office should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them.

What are your thoughts on the proposed plan to create a downtown area? Are you in agreement with the plan? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Climate Change is a challenge for everyone. Clean, renewable energy is our future and around the world, cities are leading the way. More than 20 U.S. cities have set 100% renewable energy goals, including Grand Rapids and Traverse City. How would you go about developing a Community Action Plan for Warren to respond to climate change?

Since State and County funds for infrastructure/community revitalization are limited, what would you do to improve the roads in Warren and to help fill the empty buildings in the City?

Lake St. Clair still experiences beach closures due to pollution. Do you think there is anything that Warren can do to help the situation?

Campaign Phone (586) 216-7437
Occupation / Current Position Warren Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilwoman
Education Gibraltar High School; Mother of 4, Grandmother of 3; Real-world, community, and public service experience
I am an active member of our community, serving on many boards and commissions. Since my election in 2011, I led several major initiatives to improve neighborhoods and city services. In 2015, I was elected Mayor Pro Tem because I received the most votes for City Council. I will leverage my experience on City Council to make sure our city government works for all Warren taxpayers.

As Warren City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem, I fought for strong and clean neighborhoods, increased public safety, careful spending of our city tax dollars, and partnerships with local church and community organizations. I am proud that I co-founded the Church-Police-City Coalition that encourages cooperation and communication among religious leaders, city officials, and Warren police. It is the first organization like this in our state. After the great flood of 2014, our organization was instrumental in helping the citizens of Warren. I worked with the Southern Baptists and many other church and community groups to organize a recovery effort. I recruited volunteers to assist residents after the flood with disaster relief kits and clean-up buckets.

I fought against "slumlords" with unkept properties by taking away rental licenses for refusing to pay taxes. I fought against the "flow blending" and dumping of partially-treated sewage into the Red Run Drain. I pushed for transparency and a real solution to prevent the flooding of our homes and businesses. I supported purchasing a full fleet of fire trucks and hiring a Fire Department EMS trainer to keep our families safe. I strengthened emergency preparedness for residents and advocated for children with special needs. I promptly respond to Warren resident concerns and neighborhood problems 24/7 during the day, night, and weekends. I communicate with Warren residents in-person, on the telephone, and by computer message screen. I take and return Warren resident calls at home and on weekends.

Some of my Church & Charitable Activities: National Day of Prayer Committee Member; Pushed to Keep Christmas Nativity Scene at City Hall; Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Board Member; Church-Police-City Coalition Co-Founder; Member, Emmanuel Missionary Church; Salvation Army, Advisory Board Member; Homeless and Food Shelters; Toys for Salvation Army Christmas Drive.

Some of my Civic Experience: Helped to Make Warren a More ‘Inclusive’ City, Not ‘Exclusive’; Pushed for Cooperation with County and State Officials to Fix Our Roads; Pushed to Update the City Master Plan; Proposed Revising the City Charter to Stop Dirty Political and Legal Games; Advocated on Behalf of Warren Residents and Pushed for Stronger Penalties on Negligent "Slumlords" with Unkept Properties; Conducted "Blight Sweeps" with One Macomb to Clean Blighted Properties; Proposed Selling Vacant City Lots for $1 to Next-Door Homeowners; Fought against Wasteful Spending of City Tax Dollars; Proposed that the City Purchase Its Own Cameras for Drain Inspections; Fought to Keep and Not Outsource Our City Street Sweepers; Proposed GPS on City Snow Plows and a Snow-Shoveling Program for Senior Residents; Pushed for Police Neighborhood Patrols, Bulletproof Vests for Officers, and Restoring the K-9 Division; Promoted Neighborhood Watch Programs and Support for Community Policing Programs; Supported Hope House Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children; Warren-Center Line Prevention Anti-Drug Coalition Member; Pushed to Keep Fire Department-Run EMS Transport and Hire an EMS Trainer; City of Warren Community Outreach Coordinator; Worked with Macomb Community College on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community Projects; Warren Historical Society Member; Repainted the Historic Bunert One-Room School House; Lincoln Homeowners Association Member; Proposed Anti-Tether Ordinance to Stop the Chaining of Dogs Outside in Freezing Cold Temperatures; Book Drive for Macomb Literacy Partners; Worked with One Macomb to Rehabilitate Homes and Tutor Children;

Some of my Community Leadership: Pushed for Better Relationships with Other Communities, County and State Leaders; Organized and Led City-Wide Flood Recovery Effort in 2014; Certified Michigan Disaster Relief Volunteer and Aid Worker; Initiated Warren Student Advisory Committee; Started the Recognition of Warren's 4.0 GPA Students; Summerfest Committee Member; Organized the "Buy American Products" Rally with the United Auto Workers; Items for Active Duty U.S. Soldiers; Provided Meals to Veterans on Thanksgiving Day; Proposed a City Parade to Honor Our Veterans; Member of Macomb Community Action Advisory Board; Fought to Keep Fitzgerald Senior Recreation Center; Proposed Building a New Activity Center for Senior Citizens; Promoted Compliance for Americans with Disabilities; Advocated on Behalf of Those with Special Needs
Our city is facing a moral crisis of leadership. Our roads look like they’re in the middle of a war zone. In fact, poor city road miles increased 56% since 2008, worse than Utica and Sterling Heights combined! Instead of fighting the state and county, I’ll work with them to fix our roads and stop the gridlock, so we can all enjoy a safe and convenient commute around the city. Our parks are unsafe for our children. We need to hire American workers to maintain our city, instead of outsourcing important city work to unreliable companies and workers from across the border! Finally, unlike the current administration, I won’t let outside companies sell the soul of your neighborhood to the highest bidders and special interests! We can and must do better. I have the strong values and experience to get the job done right.

We all know that Warren has some of the worst roads in the area, but no matter how many excuses are made, the fact remains that our roads are significantly worse than other similar cities in the area. In fact, the State of Michigan rates poor city roads in Warren worse than Utica and Sterling Heights combined! That's why it's so important to VOTE on AUGUST 6th, because we need a hassle-free leader with strong values and trustworthy experience to stop the gridlock and work with the state and county, so all Warren residents can enjoy a safe and convenient commute around the city. I will fight to fix our roads and I'll do it without raising taxes!


#1 No excuses or passing the buck because the buck stops at the top! A lack of leadership and responsibility is standing in the way of real progress for our city. It is a shame that the roads and streets in the third-largest city in our state look like they are in the middle of a war zone. Compared to other similar cities that deal with the same climate, our roads are worse. So, we have to ask: why? Instead of fighting with the county and the state, I will work with them as a strong and stable advocate to negotiate on behalf of our city, because we should never let petty politics stand in the way of protecting Warren residents. Let's build better relationships with other elected officials at the state and county levels to bring in more resources to help.

#2 Spend the taxpayer’s money from the road millage effectively! We need to use better materials and equipment, better design, and better coordination with the state and county. When our roads are not properly graded and sloped, debris and water build-up, thereby increasing the need for road repairs. We simply can’t afford more years of letting petty politics interfere with the safety of Warren residents. These are all simple solutions that can be implemented when there is real leadership in city government. We need a leader that can reach across the table, implement long term solutions, and get the job done right.

#3 Stop the gridlock! We've all experienced the endless bumper-to-bumper gridlock caused by a lack of coordination between levels of government. This can be eased by working closely with the state and county before we plan our jobs. We can have better roads because we’ve had good roads in the past. Bad roads not only affect rising insurance and auto repair costs but also impact public safety. For example, accidents increase and ambulances have a difficult time getting to people in need when there is constant gridlock. That’s why we need better city leadership, planning, and coordination. As Mayor Pro Tem, I have demonstrated strong and stable leadership for the past eight years on City Council. Now, I'm asking for your vote to once again elect me to represent all of Warren's residents!

I support using our millage dollars effectively, instead of outsourcing. Without raising taxes, we can hire more workers for basic road repairs, grass cutting, and the upkeep of city properties. Let's use high-quality materials and design for our roads, making sure they are properly sloped and graded, so water and debris won't build-up in the wintertime. We also need to work with, not against, state and county officials to fix our roads in a way that stops the constant bumper-to-bumper gridlock.

As Mayor Pro Tem, I am actively involved in the community, serving on many city boards and commissions, including the Crime Commission. I helped start the Church-Police-City Coalition. I advocated for more police neighborhood patrols and bulletproof vests. I fought to restore the police K-9 division.

I also believe that properties maintained by the city should be clean and cut all year round, not just during an election. That's why Kelly Colegio will hire more city staff for our parks, instead of outsourcing important city work to unreliable companies and workers from across the border, because our children deserve the best. In fact, I pressured the administration to clean up our parks because we should not be putting children in harm's way to save a buck!
Warren residents are tired of hearing empty promises, only to see empty lots and vacant businesses. Our city doesn't need a one-way bridge or another hotel downtown. We need a walkable downtown area with real economic development for small businesses, restaurants and shops. If we use our tax dollars effectively, Warren can attract the right kind of businesses that our city needs, so we can attract and retain residents instead of losing more residents every year.

When your family visits from another state, is Warren one of the first places that come to mind to show them around? For 12 years, the residents of Warren have been promised an invisible downtown. Now that it is close to an election, we're told of a one-way bridge and another hotel. Anyone who knows our city understands that we don't need a bridge or another hotel. We need to attract the right kind of businesses that will benefit our community for the long term. Let's dispense with the empty campaign promises and attract the community-friendly businesses that will bring young families and better jobs for the future, to support small businesses and sustainable, long-term growth in our city. The residents of Warren deserve a results-focused leader with strong leadership values and experience. Kelly Colegio is the kind of leader we need to bring people together and improve our city!

You know, we are at a very important moment in our city's history. For years and years, the citizens of Warren have been given empty promises by politicians who say and do one thing when it is election time, only to turn around and do exactly the opposite of what they campaigned against once they are in office. We all know what really needs to be done to improve our city. We need better roads. We need safer and cleaner neighborhoods. We need a strong and stable city leader. The current administration has had its chance to improve our city, but we still have a long way to go. To those of you who feel that we can and must do better as a city, I want you to know that I hear you, I understand your frustration, and I will do everything I can to make Warren safer and cleaner, all year every year, not just for the cameras and not just when it is close to an election!
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Campaign Phone (586) 413-7113
Occupation / Current Position Mayor of Warren
Education Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree
I have served the taxpayers of Warren for 12 years after serving as a Warren City Councilman for 26 years. I am a candidate for re-election to build on the following accomplishments: • From 2015-2019 our city’s EMS has earned the highest awards from the American Heart Association for quick and thorough service. • U.S. Conference of Mayors has awarded its City Livability Award to Warren’s anti-blight program. • Since my election as Warren Mayor we have saved $10 million in overtime without any reduction in services. • 100% LED street lighting conversion complete this year. • City crime is down. • Drug task force/NARCAN/K-9 Unit/PAID fighting drug epidemic. • 25-million-gallon detention basin will reduce flooding. • Economic Development: - GM +4500 jobs in Warren. - Fiat Chrysler +4400 jobs in Warren. - New Kroger-13 Mile & Meijer-10 Mile at Schoenherr. - New Downtown Civic Center South with Police Station. - New Cadillac World HQ in Warren.
My priorities are 1) to continue to create a safe, clean and well-run city and; 2) to respond to Warren residents’ questions, concerns, and problems by returning phone calls to residents from my office and my home during evenings and weekends.
Since Warren became a city in 1957, city officials have hoped to build a downtown next to city hall to create Warren as a destination place. We are now very close to this new downtown that will include a high-end hotel, quality shops and lofts across from the GM Global Tech Center. This new downtown will be an attraction for visitors and new city residents. I not only support this idea, but I am actively promoting it without increasing taxes.
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