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Monroe Twp. Mayor

The Monroe Twp. Mayor is elected to a 4 year term and is responsible for the following: Enforce the Charter and ordinances of the municipality.Supervision of all of the departments of municipal government.Appointment of officers and employees, with the advice and consent of the Council.Make recommendations for action by the Council.Report annually to the Council and the public of the work of the previous year and the conditions and requirements of the municipal government for the current year.

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    Gerald Tamburro

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing Monroe Township and how would you address those challenges?

How can Monroe deal with state-mandated affordable housing obligations?

How do you plan to keep property taxes from increasing while still attending to the quality of life of our residents?

What in your personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

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Campaign Address Monroe Township Republican Organization
Campaign Address Monroe Township Republican Organization
I believe the first challenge is property tax that I can stabilize or cut future taxes. I would cut the wasteful spending that our current administration is doing. They currently have no show jobs that I would cut and unnecessary lawsuits that don’t benefit taxpayers. Purchase open space land that is useable land not only wetlands or non buildable. I would hire in house professionals and keep builder escrow fees within township. Fight Trenton for fair funding that our residents/children deserve.
Monroe was the second town to settle with Mount Laurel and I feel this was a bad decision for Monroe residents. As we see our farms disappear and overbuilding with current administration granting variances . Current administration has re zoned Monroe to benefit the developers and negatively impact taxpayers forever. They agreed to a 4-1 ratio which would be 850 affordable and 3400 marketable houses. However current administration granted over 10,000 houses and only 25% are age restricted.
I would cut wasteful spending and no show jobs. I would increase the services being outsourced to our municipal workers. I would work with local unions on having a working relationship with them on getting work done in Monroe. I would have in house professional services and this would reduce costs. I would promote more commercial property to offset the taxes and not impact our schools, first responders & infrastructure. I would fight Trenton for fair funding. Impact fees need to be a priority.
I am a Councilman and Fire Commissioner and see how Monroe is working on a daily basis and this is the best experience anyone can have. I am a lifelong resident of Monroe and have seen a lot over 55 years. When we had 8000 residents with 5 policemen to today’s residents & police I have been an active resident on Economic Development & Industrial Commission as Vice-Chairman. As a Monroe Township 1979 high school graduate and business owner I have knowledge of Monroe & dedication to taxpayers!
Campaign Address 337 Applegarth Rd, Monroe Township NJ 08831 Suite 4A
Campaign Address 337 Applegarth Rd, Monroe Township NJ 08831 Suite 4A
I think our biggest challenge & our greatest success is stable & low property taxes in Monroe. I am pleased we have been able to consistently keep the line on taxes with no increase this year and no increase 3 of the 4 previous years. It follows an ongoing trend, in which Monroe has the second lowest tax rate of any town in Middlesex County. It shows we are running a tight ship, limiting our spending, & investing only in capital expenditures that directly benefit the quality of life in Monroe.
We have fought the state mandates that would force us to build one more affordable housing unit than required by the Courts. We have made sure that there are commercial components, maximized senior affordable units, and successfully fought the court to reduce the number of units by 63%. We have saved thousands of units from being built in Monroe. I will not give the developers even an inch more than the Court allowed. I am not afraid to go to court–where we can win and we are doing just that.
It is all about efficiency. Just like a household budget, we don’t want to spend a nickel more than we have to. And, unlike so much bloated government we see at the state and national level, we don’t want to spend money we don’t have. We limit our borrowing where possible, which is why we have one of the strongest credit ratings of any municipality in the nation. I am pleased to say we have had tax increases of less than 1 percent over four budget years. That is unheard of in most communities.
Before I served as your mayor, I had an extensive career in banking and finance. I have spent my life studying budgets and always identifying ways to do more with less. My experience has been a direct benefit to the Township, as we work with municipal budget experts to maximize every tax dollar. We run Monroe as efficiently as a CEO runs a private business. We are directly accountable to residents, and we have developed a strong story of success that is rare among New Jersey municipalities.