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    Bob Heister

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    Ann R. Meyer

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    Betsy Monroe

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    James M. Royston

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    Mandy J. Steele

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    Jay S. Troutman

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

Last Name Heister
First Name Bob
Age 66
Campaign Phone (412) 953-9576
Campaign Email
Education Graduate of Fox Chapel High School BA - English Writing, University of Pittsburgh JD - Duquesne University School of Law
Qualifications for office As a lifelong public servant and volunteer, I am someone who works well with others to get things done. I’ve served as a commanding officer in the Navy, a criminal prosecutor here in Allegheny County, and an Elder and Deacon at my church, Fox Chapel Presbyterian. I’ve served as a Director in local organizations such as Fox Chapel Crew, Three Rivers Rowing Association, and the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). I’ve been a Borough resident for over 60 years. Fox Chapel is my home and I pledge to work with the community on a vision for our future.
District Fox Chapel Borough
1 To be responsive to residents' suggestions on ways to improve Fox Chapel: Whether it’s getting help fixing a dangerous intersection, improving storm water management, or ensuring that development is in the best interest of the borough and residents. 2 Update Fox Chapel’s Master Plan with community input so that Council can prioritize projects based on what the residents want and need. The last master plan was written in 1987. 3 Budget wisely. When possible, accrue a surplus for a “rainy day” fund to prepare for a downturn or disaster. Utilize foundation grants & state funding when possible.
I would promote inclusiveness. We have to make it easier for residents to engage with the borough leadership. Fox Chapel should provide its residents with 21st century ways to interact and participate. Start by providing a separate borough email account for each member of council to receive residents' comments. Live stream the meetings on our website, or post on YouTube, so residents can stay informed. Set up times outside of formal meetings to engage with residents in person. Fox Chapel Council should serve you.
As a career prosecutor, for nearly 32 years I served alongside thousands of police officers and have a high respect for them. We are fortunate to have a professional police department led by Chief Laux. His officers present themselves as professionals, dedicated to our safety and welfare. I appreciated their integrity, preparation, and diligence when prosecuting their cases. That said, I would like to see vehicle dash cams and body cams that cannot be turned off. These cameras protect everyone.
Last Name Meyer
First Name Ann
Middle Name Ruedemann
Age 73
Campaign Phone (412) 781-3419
Campaign Email
Education math degree from University of Michigan
Qualifications for office 10 previous years on Fox Chapel Borough Council; 11 years on Fox Chapel Zoning Board
District Fox Chapel Borough
1. Maintaining and improving the infrastructure efficiently 2. Preserving the natural beauty and tranquility of Fox Chapel 3. Keeping taxes as low as possible without cutting back on things that are important to the residents, such as back door garbage pickup
Because our community is so small, I would encourage all residents who feel they have been the object of social or racial injustice to come to our monthly council meetings to air their grievances. Everyone is welcome to attend and everyone is welcome to speak.
I think all police should wear body cameras. This would improve police accountability and also protect police against false accusations.
Last Name Monroe
First Name Betsy
Age 49
Campaign Phone (412) 230-6554
Campaign Email
Education Master's of Business Administration and Master's of Health Administration, University of Pittsburgh
Qualifications for office Betsy Monroe has two decades of experience working in the Pittsburgh healthcare industry and as an independent consultant. She has applied responsible fiscal management in her professional work and would bring the same to our Borough. Betsy is a strong critical thinker and an active problem solver, dedicated to serving her community.
District Fox Chapel Borough
1. Ensure taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and to improve residents’ experience living in our Borough. We need to rein in spending on municipal facilities and make sure our services meet residents’ high expectations. 2. Preserve the unique appeal of our Borough – a bucolic environment close to the city. Borough property should showcase best practices for stormwater management. The Council must resist development that doesn’t conform to code, particularly in areas susceptible to landslide. 3. Collaborate and encourage innovation both within our Council and with other municipalities.
The elected and appointed officials in our Borough have very low representation by women, minorities, and the younger generations. We should be reaching out to embrace the diversity of our community and encourage participation in our leadership. We should also be tracking our contracts that go to minority and women-owned businesses, and set targets for improvement.
My experience with the Borough police has been very positive, I believe we have a well-trained and dedicated force that performs a vital service here. To help promote civil interactions, our police should be instructed to introduce themselves by name before questioning an individual or performing a search. We should also include a procedure and a portal to file complaints on the Borough website. Body cameras for all officers may be a good idea if the cost is reasonable.
Last Name Royston
First Name James
Middle Name Maze
Age 68
Education Fox Chapel Area High School - 1969 BSBA University of Denver - 1973
Qualifications for office Owner/President/CEO - Energy Control Systems, Inc., Pgh., PA President - 1987 - Present Fox Chapel Borough Activities Councilman - 2012 - Present Chair, Civil Service Commission - 12 years Planning Committee - 12 years Sanitary Authority - 2 years Board and Volunteer Activities Officer/Director, American Nickeloid Company, Peru, IL Officer/Director, W.H. Maze Company, Peru, IL Board President - Top of the Village Association, Snowmass Village, CO Past Board Member - Shadyside Hospital Foundation Past Officer and Board Member - Oakmont Country Club Past Board Member - Fox Chapel Golf Club
To renew my commitment to protect Fox Chapel's extraordinary quality of life by supporting Borough regulations that are in our residents' best interests. To protect the Borough's exemplary AA+ bond rating by supporting a balanced annual budget and responsible fiscal management. To leverage my 8 years of experience as a Borough Councilman, my 55 years as a Fox Chapel resident and more than 32 years as President and CEO of my business to serve our Borough residents for the next 4 years. I will continue to serve on the Civil Service Commission, Planning Committee and the Sanitary Authority.
In any viable organization, whether social, governmental or business, the admission process must be blind to race and ethnicity. Fox Chapel Borough has a steadfast commitment to make hiring decisions based upon experience, aptitude and attitude, with the best interest of its citizens always being the primary consideration. By way of example, our Civil Service Commission selects police officers for the Borough objectively on a merit basis and without regard to race and/or ethnicity. That is my pledge as Chair. The same principle holds true with my personal, business and other relationships.
Nothing specifically. We are privileged to have a truly exemplary police force led by Chief Laux. While Fox Chapel has different demographics than others in the region, our officers must be prepared for any situation and are required to undergo recurrent training on a regular basis. Our officers perform their duties responsibly, respectfully and courteously, meeting or exceeding our residents' expectations. Their focus is upon the safety, health and welfare of our citizens. Hats off to them.
Last Name Steele
First Name Mandy
Age 42
Campaign Phone (412) 215-2958
Campaign Email
Education University of Pittsburgh - BA, Cultural/Physical Anthropology
Qualifications for office My husband and I are raising 4 children in FC, and I want the best community possible for them. I've spent the last 3 years actively engaged with council and the community, pushing for better planning around environmental issues and leading the charge for more aggressive conservation, which resulted in a new 17 acre park in a flood prone area of FC. It has been my experience that council is reluctant to reposed to climate change. This mindset is expensive for our community, financially and socially. We need a new voice at the table.
District Fox Chapel Borough
It has become abundantly clear that climate change has caused our weather patterns to shift, there is robust scientific data that tells us high volume rain events are here to stay. The damage sustained to our infrastructure and property every time we get a big rain is extremely costly to tax payers. Responsive long term planning is essential. Refusing to act is a very costly proposition. Other communities are aggressively responding, so should FC. There are lots of best practices out there, and lots of grant money. Let's get to work!
Transparency! This country runs on local politics, and many unjust social and environmental policies are maintained at the local level in America. Fox Chapel is notoriously insular. Let's throw open the windows a bit, let the light in. We are fortunate to have a bright and vibrant community, I will actively encourage our community members to participate in the governing process. I value the community's voice.
Body cams have been used successfully in other communities, I believe we should consider them in FC as well. Transparency is a good thing, for everyone! Additionally, as mother of 4 little kids, I'm worried about the speeding that happens on our lovely winding roads. A child was recently hit in a nearby community while boarding the school bus. We can't let that happen in FC. I think motoring speeds at bus stop times and at cross walks needs to be a priority for our police.
Last Name Troutman
First Name Jay
Middle Name Stewart
Education Industrial Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Cornell University CE - Courses, Arbor and invasive plants
Qualifications for office I am a 2nd generation FC resident and serve on Borough Council. Margo and I have raised our 7 children here, with 3 next generation families living in the Borough. Fox Chapel is a forest with a collection of nice homes within. As an engineer and amateur arborist, I have served 15 years on the Parks Commission and 8 years on the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) - to sustain and protect our forest and 425 acres of parks. In addition to 15 hours a week of volunteer Borough work I have served on boards of 6 Companies, 17 non-profits, am a Judge of Elections, and co-head elder of our church.
District Fox Chapel Borough Council
THE LAND - Fox Chapel is a forest with a collection of nice homes within - sustain and protect our forest and 425 acres of parks with responsible engineering, arbor, and environmental practices. TRANSPARENCY & FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - All deliberations and decisions are conducted in open public meetings. The Borough has balanced budgets, low tax rates, and maintains a top bond rating of AA+. DPW – Our Department of Public Works pickup leaves, clean up after storms, pave our roads, maintain our parks, and plow and salt in the winter. Keep our DPW equipment and facilities safe and up to date.
Much of my commitment to social and racial justice "action" takes place at our church on the North Side - Allegheny Center Alliance Church, where I have served as Co-Head Elder. I initiated our Borough policy of asking residents who are demolishing a home in the Borough to allow church volunteers to remove usable appliances, fixtures, and building materials to rehab condemned homes on the North Side. I bring my personal and church experience to all of our Borough governance actions and decisions. Through that 'lens", I give our Borough high marks on social and racial justice issues.
Fox Chapel has responsible police accountability practices in place, including logs of every call, stop, and interaction with the public. The detailed logs are reviewed at each monthly Borough Council meeting, with Chief David Laux answerable to Council and the public for each entry. Borough police activity is visible, transparent, and available to both Council and the public – the best practice for accountability. Our officers have all taken the Academy courses on policing diverse populations.