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Hallettsville City Council

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  • Audrey Barrera

  • Gordon Clark

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I am running because there is a noticeable lack of awareness on the part of the current city council in what it takes for a town to survive. The areas are numerous but the short list includes: jobs, businesses paying a living wage, streets and infrastructure.
The survival and future of Hallettsville. I can do a rant here but most people don't want to read an endless soap box discussion. I will be happy to discuss this further with anyone. It is down to if we don't have a major change soon Hallettsville will not have a future.
Creation of a culture that moves quickly toward development of businesses that pay a living wage. Businesses are key in the development of jobs. The jobs that will be created by these businesses must be designed in conjunction with our schools both high schools and schools of higher learning in nearby communities. By doing this we will offer an opportunity for the young people in our area having careers here rather than having them move away, only to return for the occasional visit. This is how we can assist families in maintaining closer ties.

The development of businesses and jobs will also add to the city tax base that will make it possible to keep taxes low. Right now with shrinking tax revenue from failing businesses the tax rate has to go up to cover the taxes those dead businesses paid.
I have worked in government for 25 years and know how to manage difficult bureaucratic problems. I also have many years of experience operating several multi million dollar businesses. Both of these skills are what Hallettsville needs to create a future. Without a future Hallettsville will just die like so many towns have done, by only looking at the past. The Clark family has been here since 1826 - long before there was a Hallettsville. Our family helped this town grow over the years and would like to see it survive and move to a brighter future. I ask for your vote. Thank You.