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School Directors are elected on behalf of the community to oversee the education of students in their jurisdiction. They serve as agents of the state legislature. They are responsible for curriculum and instruction management; all finances including development of annual budgets and levying of taxes and issuance of debt obligations when necessary; personnel; legal matters; management of facilities; and transportation of students as appropriate. Schools may include pre-K and career and technical schools. The school board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office without pay

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    Matthew Jarrell
    (Dem, Rep)

  • Joy S. Midgley
    (Dem, Rep)

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    Robert J. Shages
    (Dem, Rep)

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    Larry Vasko

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    Trisha Webb

  • Bryant Wesley
    (Dem, Rep)

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What can School Board Members do to encourage Early Learning in youngsters before they begin or enter school?

Last Name Jarrell
First Name Matt
Middle Name A
Age 44
Education West Virginia University B.A. 1997 (Political Science) Washington and Lee University School of Law J.D. 2000
Qualifications for office Practicing attorney for 19 years (engaged primarily in an array of corporate and transactional matters). Member of Board of Directors and Treasurer of Riverview Children's Center (Verona PA) since 2004
District Hampton Township School District
My sole priority will be to use my experience and skills to sustain the stewardship with which the board has helped HTSD become one of the Commonwealth's best districts. Policy-based litmus tests have no place in local politics or education. HTSD’s standing as a top school district stems in part from its members’ collective energy in listening to stakeholders, identifying issues, and seizing opportunities. Districts don’t excel because of the pre-formed policy objectives of board members. The best separate themselves by making decisions based on diligence, thoughtfulness, and an understanding of all stakeholders.
Good decision-making on a public level demands diligent, critical thought in an effort to evaluate the ramifications on all who may be affected. School boards do their best work when their members try to understand how an issue touches all of the district's stakeholders, not just the most vocal among them. I would pursue a policy only after doing my best to understand how that policy would affect everyone in the district and concluding that the policy is the right thing to do.
Serving on the Board of a Pre-K school for 15 years, I’ve seen the barrier-breaking power of early learning – it’s awe-inspiring. The HTSD Board should continue to support across the board access to a high quality kindergarten education, and explore other ways to support children before they enter 1st grade. Also, I believe that the HTSD reflects the commitment of educators, administration, board members, families and the community to have a positive impact all children in the district.
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Last Name Shages
First Name Robert
Middle Name Joseph
Age 69
Campaign Phone (412) 487-5574
Campaign Email
Education BS Electrical Engineering - Union College MS Industrial Administration - Union College
Qualifications for office Hampton Board Member since 2003 Board President - 3 years Board Treasurer - 5 years Allegheny Intermediate Unit Board Member AIU Head Start/Early Head Start Governing Board President PSBA Regional Director
District Hampton Township School District
1 – Encouraging innovative teaching and student support initiatives to best address the changing needs of our students and communities. 2 – Addressing sound financial practices and controls that achieve the most for our students for every tax dollar spent. 3 – Continue to seek out and employ the best possible teachers, administrators and support staff.
Assure sufficient training of the school administrators, academic staff, and support staff in racial and social disparity sensitivity and assure there is a response mechanism to quickly address any transgressions.
As Governing Board President of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s Head Start/Early Head Start programs, I help address how best and where best to provide early learning opportunities for young children as well as support for their families so all can aspire to be life-long learners. We are developing outreach programs to better address the many children we are not currently serving but who can thrive in these programs.
Last Name Vasko
First Name Larry
Age 65
Campaign Phone (412) 487-9463
Education MBA - Duquesne University BS Accounting - Penn State
Qualifications for office Current Board member and Vice President of A. W. Beattie Career Center. With my financial expertise I work with administration on the annual budget and financing of the District. Through bond refinancing guidance I obtained extra $1,000,000 for taxpayers.
District Hampton Township School District
1.The High School renovation project needs to be undertaken for necessary repairs, security upgrades and more collaborative learning spaces in the most cost efficient manner. 2. To ensure student safety in today’s world of mass shootings. 3. To step up efforts to stop bullying through more programs and counseling.
In my opinion the best way to eliminate discrimination is through knowledge and experience of different cultures. We need to enhance our collaborative experiences like we have in the past with the Wilkinsburg School District, foreign exchange students and a Chinese School.
Create a page on the school’s website listing early childhood education resources
Last Name Webb
First Name Trisha
Education I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Dayton and my master's degree at the University of Ireland, Galway.
District Hampton Township
My main priority is to be an additional parent voice on the school board. As a parent of a child with special needs, I believe that we should have a voice on the school board to advocate for the needs of our children as well. And as we move forward with projects such as building renovations and school start times, I hope that parent input becomes an important part of the decision-making process.
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I had the opportunity to work in a pre-K classroom once both of my children entered elementary school, and it definitely changed the way I looked at kindergarten readiness. The program is NAEYC accredited, and therefore places a huge emphasis on play in learning and development. Being part of the conversations in early learning programs and other learning opportunities in our community can help to insure that the skills the children learn align with skills they'll need once they enter school.
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