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Virginia Prince William County Board of Supervisors Coles District

A Prince William County Board Supervisor, except the Chairman-at-Large, represents one of 7 Districts. The 8-member Board is responsible for setting local tax policy, approving land use plans and appointing officials to various countywide positions; including a County Executive who prepares the annual budget, and carries out laws enacted by the Board. District Supervisors serve a 4-year term at a salary of $43,422 per year.

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    Raheel A. Sheikh

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    Yesli T. Vega

Biographical Information

What is the best system for establishing the most satisfactory balance of residential, commercial, and open space development that provides for a high quality of living for all Prince William residents?

What measures would you support to promote health and safety, including overcoming substance abuse harm, in the county?

What changes would you support in the school funding system?

What taxation measures do you propose to provide funding for the county's highest priority needs?

Transportation planning & solutions: What is the most critical change needed?

What would you support to develop and implement a climate change action plan for Prince William County to both reduce carbon emissions and reduce our vulnerability to climate impacts?

education/Degrees Bachelor Degree equivalent - Pakistani University
experience Please refer to my resume
- Conduct proper studies & surveys - Utilize the established land use certification system - Look to include & listen to the residents - Implement best practices for business development to form a foundation that we can begin to build a better Prince William County
- Opening health clinics including a women’s health clinic - Programs to teach weapons safety - Implementing mental health & substance abuse education at all levels - Advocate & promote support groups to provide assistance & mentorship with an emphasis on these underfunded & often stigmatized issues
- Avoid any occurrence of inequitable funding & guarantee all schools are funded equally - Form a school budget scrubbing committee to reallocate funding from ineffective programs - Reconsider funding programs such as 287(g) which cost the county an estimated $11m, increasing teacher pay & eliminate unsafe trailers
- Index an increase on data centers - Reduce the time it takes to start small businesses - Promote small businesses including women and veteran owned - Prepare a more qualified & trained workforce with vocational training programs, to attract new businesses
- Reduce the time spent commuting on our roadways. Spending over 80 hours a year in traffic congestion is completely unacceptable & I’d rather spend that time with my family - Work & partner with state & federal leaders, & neighboring cities & counties, or even borrow ideas nationally & abroad to develop alternative transportation options
- Expanding solar energy to our county and school buildings would be a developmental plan to help lower carbon emissions and reduce our vulnerability to climate impacts. - Partnering with private industry to help bring electric buses to both Omiride and the PWCS will reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.
education/Degrees Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy-December 2011 America Military University- November 2015 (BS Criminal Justice)
experience Public Servant
Facebook @yestoyesli
Listening to the residents, first and foremost. They’re the ones we work for, and most people aren’t going to do something that’s not in their best interests. Then after you listen to them you vote for what’s best for the collective whole. They all want the highest quality of life for themselves and their families including their neighborhoods, work opportunities, and to be able to enjoy the environment around them.
Support our first responders and ensure they have adequate funding. Being in the law enforcement I am wholly committed to this. Many people turn to substance abuse because they feel hopeless. For many, a lack of gainful employment. That’s why I’m committed to promoting economic policies to bring more jobs and businesses to the county. We must also continue to utilize the Department of Health and Development in conjunction with local non-profits that serve those with mental health and addiction.
At our current levels of revenue I am fine with the current 57%/43% funding structure and would not seek to make any changes.
I support diversifying our tax base through pro business economic policies that will attract more jobs and revenue for the county. In 2017, the county laid forth a goal to collect 35% of our tax revenue from commercial taxes. We have not only hit that mark, but have actually gone the other direction to the point that only 12% of our tax revenue currently comes from commercial taxes. By growing business in the county we can expand our tax revenue, enabling us to fund our highest priority needs
First, do no harm. The first solution is to stop the reckless, out of control development we’ve seen in the county, without the necessary infrastructure to keep the flow of traffic moving. After that, we need to make sure the transportation dollars we send to Richmond are coming back into the county to to help widen 28 and invest into VRE, 66, 234, and the Parkway.
We must always be good stewards of our environment, and our elected officials can start by leading by example. That’s why I want to introduce a resolution urging our state legislators from PWC to pool together their travel funds to rent out one van to go to and from Richmond together. One round trip to Richmond emits 60 kgs of carbon. One nine passenger van trip would emit 80 kgs for all nine of them. The BOCS should also take this approach when traveling to group functions outside the county.