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Salary: Chairman $84,270 Commissioner $80,7614 year termUnder Pennsylvania County Code, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for implementing the County's budget, as well as overseeing contracts and expenditures. The Commissioners are the executive governing body for administration of County programs, personnel, property and facilities, in order to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Cumberland County, while also maintaining vigilance with taxpayer dollars. The Board of Commissioners is comprised of three commissioners elected by County voters to serve concurrent four-year terms. Two candidates are nominated from each party in the primary election. In the general election in November, each voter votes for two of the four. The top three vote-getters are elected. This ensures representation of the minority party on the board.

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    Jean Foschi

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What experience and capabilities make you especially suited to serve in the office you are seeking?

Please explain why you do or do not support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to assign the decennial task of both legislative and congressional redistricting to an independent citizens redistricting commission.

If elected, what would be your top 3 priorities in office?

Campaign Phone (717) 701-5289
campaign email address P. O. Box 1432 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
I am currently in my first term as a commissioner for Cumberland County and seeking a second term. Regarding my experience, I had a successful career with Highmark Blue Shield and was employed with them for over 30 years. My public service experience include 10 years as a township supervisor for Silver Spring Township and three and a half years as county commissioner. I believe my blend of private and public service is beneficial to the role I am in now. As a township supervisor, I became familiar with process of governing and being not only a leader but a listener. Public service I have found is my passion. I retired from Highmark once I won the election in 2015. I devote my full attention to being a county commissioner. It is my only job. One of my goals during my last campaign was to try to bring peace and civility back to the Board of Commissioners. I believe that goal was achieved. All three commissioners are working as a team and we are getting things done.
I believe the redistricting process definitely needs to be changed and i would support an amendment to the PA Constitution in order to do so. In looking at other states in our country, i think the state of Iowa has the best redistricting process. In simple terms, they use a nonpartisan group to draw up the maps then the legislative branch of government votes on them. The process starts after the normal census. The Iowa codes calls for creation of a Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission which provides guidance and advice to the Legislative Services Agency. This agency delivers the plan in the form of a bill to the General Assembly for an up or down vote. There cannot be changes to the plan, except for obvious typos, etc. If the first plan isn't approved, there must be significant reasons why it failed. There is more to the process and I don't have the space here to finish but i do support the Iowa plan.
I have many priorities but i think the top 3 would be to first, keep the Board of Commissioners working together keeping politics out of the process as much as possible. Two, work with others to increase the amount of affordable housing in our County. Three, make sure that the county comprehensive plan is followed in order to maintain smart economic growth but also conserve our natural resources and preserve our precious prime farmland. Other priorities of course would be to keep our taxes low and maintain our progress regarding the opioid epidemic.
Campaign Phone (717) 918-1644
campaign email address Po box 1432, mechanicsburg, pa 17055
I have served as commissioner since 2004, and in that time have gained a substantial amount of knowledge and insight into the operational aspects of our county government. Prior to being elected to this position, i served in the public service arena as a borough councilman in Mechanicsburg, and also as executive director of the West Shore Council of Governments (now Capital Region COG). I also have an extensive private sector history in marketing and management consulting fields, and have continually sought to apply best practices throughout county operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Our board of commissioners passed a resolution, enacted unanimously, to support the efforts of organizations and advocates like Fair Districts PA, to see that redistricting is implemented in a nonpartisan manner, through an independent body. Pennsylvania does not lead in many things, but gerrymandering is one where it does, and it is shameful that we appear to be unwilling to support a fair solution to this issue that threatens our electoral integrity, and that creates a stain on our state’s reputation.
Narrowing the field to three issues is a disservice to the scale of challenge we face in the near term.

On a specific issue basis, our priorities revolve around the mega issue of growth management. As the fastest growing county, we experience significant pressures and changes that could bode poorly for our citizens in the future. We must address these comprehensively, because all issues are connected under this umbrella. This includes housing, jobs, transportation needs, land use, preservation, economic growth, conservation of natural resources, and much more. It is essential that we not deal with the challenges piecemeal, and that our responses are mutually supporting toward an overall strategy.

In addition, I often say that the greatest responsibility all elected officials at all levels have in this era of mistrust and cynicism, is to speak and act in a manner that builds public trust in our public institutions, and our commitment to them.

Campaign Phone (717) 547-0048
campaign email address
In my roles as a borough councilman, a PA State Treasury official, and a community leader, I have worked in a bipartisan manner to achieve common sense solutions in local and state government. I have led public procurements, balanced public budgets, managed large, complex public offices, negotiated contracts, and leveraged innovation and cooperation to save money and improve services for taxpayers. I am a proven consensus builder who sees things not just as they are, but also what they can be through hard work and collaboration. I am a graduate of Penn State University (University Park) where I earned a B.S., Secondary Education, English and Communications and a Masters degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations with concentrations in Negotiations and Organizational Development. I worked while earning my degrees and took on college debt to pay my own way. Today, I am a proud husband and father of three, and a member of this community invested in its longterm success.
I strongly support a constitutional amendment to our state constitution to put the work of drawing district lines into the hands of citizens and taxpayers and out of the hands of politicians looking to simply preserve their majorities. If we want to have a stronger democracy, it begins with more competitive November elections for state and federal offices. Competitive districts over gerrymandered ones will encourage less hyper partisanship and create opportunities for more balanced representation in Harrisburg and Washington, DC. It is evident from the last 20 years that the tribalism that has taken hold of American politics is not serving anyone but the political parties and the extremes on both sides. We can and should enact a system that uses modern data and techniques to create compact districts that do not unnecessarily divide counties or communities, measures populations and demographics, but does not consider party performance in elections in order to form fairer districts.
Adequately planning for our future is the most important issue we face as the fastest growing county in PA. People are choosing to move to Cumberland because we have great public schools, low taxes, stable property values, and access to a great economy. Our plan for the 2020s must keep us on this trajectory by implementing smart growth practices, diversifying our economy further, and ensuring our outstanding local services keep pace with demands while balancing the budget. Second, we need more transparent government to reduce waste, modernize procurement, and increase innovation. Alongside it we need to bring more state tax dollars back to Cumberland County. We rank 64th out of 67 in that work, and frankly that's not good enough. Third, we must promote local agriculture while continuing to preserve farmland. If we partner with industry leaders, nonprofits, and communities we can tackle hunger, grow a real farm-to-table movement, and unite our community around pride for local products.
Campaign Phone (717) 571-3343
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I am a wife, mom and twenty resident of Cumberland County. Our County has so much to offer and I love living here with my family. I am vested in the area and look forward to being instrumental in shaping it's future in a positive way. I hold a B.A in Political Science as well as a Paralegal Certificate from Penn State. I've served on the Upper Allen Township zoning hearing board since 2005. I began my career as a restaurant manager where I gained experience with budgeting, business planning and good management practices. I continued my career as a paralegal in both the public and private legal sectors concentrating in the areas of real estate, finance and corporate governance. These varied experiences leave me uniquely qualified to serve Cumberland County as Commissioner. You may find more about our campaign on Facebook @jeanfoschi88th, Instagram jeanfoschi88th and Twitter @jean88th.
I support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to assign the decennial task of both legislative and congressional redistricting to an independent citizens redistricting commission. An independent citizens' commission will be impartial and transparent as they lead Pennsylvania in a non-partisan redrawing of our congressional and legislative voting districts. As the worst gerrymandered state in the nation, it's time for Pennsylvania to end our unfair, dishonest, elected-official directed re-districting process and truly put the power of in the hands of the electorate.
1. I am committed to the quality delivery of necessary County services in a fiscally responsible manner.

2. I am committed to visionary leadership. I am concerned with planning for and creating a Cumberland County that supports it's residents ten, twenty and thirty years into the future.

3. I am committed to working on substance abuse prevention. Substance abuse and the problems that come with it are a drain on our humanity and our resources. Today's substance abuse problems are hurting us now and snowballing into decades worth of issues. I am committed to working on substance abuse prevention as a piece of our public health protocol.