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    Robert Eden

  • Keith Karkut

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    Lisa VanWhy

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What do you see as the biggest issue facing your school district and how would you recommend addressing it?

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Education Graduate of Stroudsburg High School Western Connecticut State College (2 yrs)
Current Occupation Retired
Qualifications for Office Have lived in the Stroudsburgs 64 years. I am highly organized, logistically minded, a Visionary and problem solver. always looking for solutions and I'm an outside the box thinker. I do not and will not fail to act when it is in my power to do so. I am transparent and responsible.
It’s the meaning of the word “our”. That word demonstrates possession or ownership. our school, our families, our teams, our home, our community. Fighting for the “our” in community is what needs validation and addressing.The trickle-down effect will only benefit the school. And how do I feel we can address that? I would like to see more involvement by the central administrators in the local community in giving reports in people they’ve met and worked with. I’d also like to see the Board and administrators sponsor community service events where we are all working together on a community goal, other than at the school. We ALL need to be part of the “OUR” if we plan to tackle other obstacles in our school district. Everyone needs to feel they have a voice and feel they are invested in the “OUR”. We can achieve more this way. “Our” transparency, “our” accountability, “our clear mindset , “our” innovative thinking “our” work, and “our” responsibility can only move us forward
Campaign Phone (570) 460-8619
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Education East Stroudsburg University
Current Occupation Owner Karkut Entertainment Group, LLC and Karkut Travel
Qualifications for Office Current School Board Member Served on School Board 2005-2009 Member of the Support Staff Negotiations Committee which settled the contract. Serve on various board committees.
Our District has many issues that are of concern. Most of them we have been dealing with for many years. Our buildings are experiencing a lot of maintenance issues, this due to the lack of routine maintenance over the years. We have communication issues in our district between our ever growing administration & our employees district wide. We are having ongoing issues with funding the necessary programs in our district while being fiscally responsible to our taxpayers. We have great teachers who are challenged to actually teach, since they spend a good portion of the school day teaching to standardized testing. These issues effect our bottom line, which is to educate our students the best possible way and provide them with the ground work for a successful future. In order to fix these & the many other issues, the board must be transparent & work together. A board that works together is a successful one. Open dialog between the board & all stakeholders is the key to our students success
Campaign Phone (570) 242-2269
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Education Graduate East Stroudsburg High School BS Elemenary Education East Stroudsburg University (ESSC), MS Organizational Management , University of Phoenix, Graduate Katharine Gibbs School of Business, EMS Instructor for PA DOH, AHA Instructor
Current Occupation Business owner
Qualifications for Office Working with the community-at-large in a variety of ways, as an educator, volunteer and business owner. My focus is on creating educational opportunities for our children that prepare them for the future and the careers and jobs they will pursue as well as maintain a safe environment in our schools both physically and mentally for all students.
I believe that one of the largest concerns facing East Stroudsburg Area School District is that of planning and creating educational opportunities that will allow students to create a path to education that will benefit once they have completed their high school education. This means adding new programs and courses that will enhance the educational programs in place while offering different career paths and preparation. Working with the members of the Board and administration as well as our entire staff, we can create these pathways, such as the recent addition of both the Emergency Responder and Emergency Medical Technician courses. New programs will open different fields and career opportunities to our students. Additionally, continuing to create a safe environment for students while they are on our campus and in our schools is important. In addition, continuing to address and enhance the needed support for students in the area of mental health is of critical importance.
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Current Occupation Salon owner
Qualifications for Office Current School board director,Current board president, Served on may board committees, Serving on several committees for East Stroudsburg Borough, Business owner.
The biggest issues facing our district is providing a quality education to our students while remaining fiscally responsible to all our stake holders. Our district is still one of the least funded schools per student in the state of Pennsylvania and our property owner are being stretched to the max with property tax obligations. We need to work hard to maintain or improve our standard for our students, staff and tax payers. Our district is also facing capital improvement projects which will far exceed the capital reserve the district currently has for these capital projects. This will not be an easy task to over come, however we continue to work hard to overcome these issues. In the passed three years I've been on the board we have added programs for our student, maintained current staffing and currently investigating passed construction issues all while moving forward with much needed capital improvement projects and most importantly not increasing taxes to our property owner.