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    John H Davis

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    Jacquelyn Leonard

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What do you see as the biggest issue facing your school district and how would you recommend addressing it?

Education MBA - University of Denver
Current Occupation Self-Employed
Qualifications for Office Life-Long Resident - Taxpayer - Graduate of Pocono Mt - Current School Board Member -
The biggest issue facing Pocono Mountain is the ever mounting tax burden on the population - particularly our seniors. That burden is a combination of three factors - 1- ever increasing number of students moving in to the District; 2 - the state mandated requirements to educate the children within the district - translates into more complicated and intense instructional regimen (more $$ required for instruction - ie. specialized teachers and staff); 3 - The inequity of the School Funding Formula which has saddled Pocono Mt Taxpayers with a disproportionate share of the tax burden - close to 75% instead of what was supposed to be 50 State/50 Local. The Board has to keep finding ways to cut various expenses when 90% of the budget is already in contracted teacher salaries, and look to Harrisburg to change the funding formula in addition to annual supplemental funding to reduce the local tax burden. This is especially important with the advent of reassessment in Monroe County.
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Education Bachelors of Science in Biology
Current Occupation Commercial Realtor
Qualifications for Office I am experienced in finance, negotiations, and balancing budgets as well as; making tough decisions that impact a lot of people. Owning my own business has prepared me for this, as well as; my last 7 years on the Pocono Mountain Board. We went from a negative fund balance to a positive surplus in 1 year. We were fiscally responsible and consolidated schools. We decreased school property taxes 12 mills, over 8.15% the last seven years. We have doubled the property tax rebates for seniors the last three years. We have enhanced security and safety in the schools for students, faculty and staff. This has equipped me to make major decisions that influence tax payers and students in a positive way.
PROPERTY TAXES, EDUCATION & KEEPING PEOPLE IN THEIR HOMES! Since 2011, I promised to cut property taxes & give a voice to middle class families & seniors while providing a quality education for our students. PROMISES KEPT! I have cut school property taxes by 8.15% over the last 7yrs, provided seniors with a double property tax rebates the last 3yrs, increased academic electives & curriculum. With rising costs in pensions, wages/benefits, the burden of the unfunded mandates & us not getting our fair share of money, has made us have to think outside the box, OUTSOURCING BUSING. If all 200 fabulous PM employees have the opportunity to work for First Student, then how will the students & transportation suffer? This would SAVE $32 million over 7 years! I am not killing 200 jobs or balancing the budget on the backs of the bus drivers. I am doing what I always have always done, STANDING UP FOR TAX PAYERS, CHILDREN & MAKING FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE DECISIONS FOR "ALL" THE PEOPLE I REPRESENT!