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City Council District 6

The Home Rule Charter established the City Council as the legislative arm of Philadelphia government. Ten members of the City Council are elected by district and represent a section of the city. Each Councilperson must be at least 25 years old, US citizens, and a resident of Philadelphia for at least one year. Each Councilperson is elected for a term of four years with no term limits. Council members are responsible for introducing and passing bills that directly impact the quality of life for Philadelphians. Public City Council meeting are held weekly. Passage of a bill requires the favorable vote of a majority of all members of Council. A bill becomes law upon the approval of the Mayor. If the Mayor vetoes a bill, Council may override the veto by a two-thirds vote.

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    Bobby Henon

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    Pete Smith

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What reform do you believe is most important to making City Hall more transparent, accessible and responsive to voters?

I believe the single biggest reform we need to undertake in Philadelphia City government is campaign finance reform and I was proud to have introduced the call in City Council for public financing of elections. By reforming campaign finance laws, we as government leaders can ensure greater transparency in the electoral process and end undue influence of corporations, political action committees, independent expenditures and wealthy individuals in the outcomes of elections. Campaign finance reform would also enable candidates to compete more fairly for public office and allow maximum voter participation in the political process. If we as a society truly want to make government more open, honest, transparent and responsive to the citizens we serve, then campaign finance reform is an imperative.
I believe there needs to be a full time attorney general position, for more accountability, term limits for council members and annual reporting of all city agencies. Currently we have no oversite and the city continues to have a habit of wasteful spending, mismanagement of funds and city resources. Council members spend more time catering to special interests to maintain their seats than their constituents. In addition agencies need to post annual reports showing exactly what yheve done, costs associated and payroll and time and attendance records.