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City Council District 2

The Home Rule Charter established the City Council as the legislative arm of Philadelphia government. Ten members of the City Council are elected by district and represent a section of the city. Each Councilperson must be at least 25 years old, US citizens, and a resident of Philadelphia for at least one year. Each Councilperson is elected for a term of four years with no term limits. Council members are responsible for introducing and passing bills that directly impact the quality of life for Philadelphians. Public City Council meeting are held weekly. Passage of a bill requires the favorable vote of a majority of all members of Council. A bill becomes law upon the approval of the Mayor. If the Mayor vetoes a bill, Council may override the veto by a two-thirds vote.

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    Michael Bradley

  • Kenyatta Johnson

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What reform do you believe is most important to making City Hall more transparent, accessible and responsive to voters?

I believe transparency and accountability to be at the core of the issues we have at City Hall. Our representatives will tout that the information is there but who has time to dig through the archaic web pages and links to download PDF files. With the availability and capabilities of technology every citizen should have an all access GUI pass to the inner workings of City Hall. Take for example if you ever tried to figure out how City Council individually voted on a bill or tried tracing money from the budget to the end application you know how painstaking that is. We should know how everyone votes and why; and we should be able to track every dollar our government spends of our money. For accessibility, I think the council districts are too big and this attributes to the lack of service and accessibility.
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