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Summit Common Council Ward I

Candidate is running for the Common Council seat representing Ward I. It is a three year term.

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    Danny O'Sullivan

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What do you see as the best plan for the Broad Street development? Will it include affordable housing?

What plans do you have for making Summit more in line with "green" environmental policies? What is your position on solar energy for town buildings and new development> What about electric car charging stations in strategic locations in Summit?

The Broad Street West Redevelopment is the biggest project that will impact Summit for the next several years and beyond so it is vitally important that we get it done right so that it makes Summit an even stronger community. First, the Broad Street development should fit in with the character and scale of our historic downtown. It should be an extension of our retail area while also providing more housing, office space, green space, and mixed-use entertainment. Second, the new development should include housing for our next generation of buyers and for our older population looking to downsize from their larger homes. Affordable housing is a must because it’s the law but, more importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Third, the new development has to be environmentally sensible and sustainable. Qualities to consider are energy efficiency, water efficiency, green roofs, and the use of sustainable materials.
There’s no denying that climate change is affecting everyone and as the months roll on the earth is getting warmer and warmer. It is the issue of our time. While the solution needs global leadership there’s much that can be done locally in Summit that can set a tone here and more widely in New Jersey.

We can start by: -Planting more trees -Banning single-use plastic bags -Make straws available upon request only -Replacing our city fleet with hybrid and electric vehicles as appropriate -Installing solar panels on roof tops and in open parking lots -Moving to more renewable sources of energy -More electric charging stations in our parking garages, lots, and throughout town

While all of these steps are achievable and a step in the right direction, climate change is insurmountable without global and corporate leadership. And the way we influence our global and corporate leaders is by electing people who view climate change for what it is, the most urgent issue of our lifetime.