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Please indicate your top three state priority issues and explain how you would address them.

What, if anything, do you propose to address concerns regarding property taxes?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

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Campaign Address Quattrocchi for Assembly 233 Lexington Blvd. Apt 9 Clark, NJ 07066
State overspending equals new tax programs put on the residents. The current administration instituted some new programs such as free tuition for undocumented residents and legal assistance for illegal aliens without having adequate funding. The only option without making cuts in spending was to develop new sources of revenue. Along came the so called "rain tax" putting another burden on the backs of property owners which will also trickle down to tenants thru rent increases. Solution: CUT Spending!!!

Economic development: Make NJ more business friendly to keep/attract businesses to NJ creating new jobs. Offer incentives, tax cuts etc. to encourage business owners to stay/locate in the Garden State. More businesses equal more jobs.

Get rid of overdevelopment by court order.- develop a regional program to manage affordable housing demands/development negating the courts.

Property taxes continually rise because spending increases annually. Municipalities are faced with increases primarily in insurances and payroll there is not much that town governments can do to defray those costs. Many are already operating with reduced staffs as openings becoming available due to retirements are remaining open. However most other costs are also increasing making it difficult to balance any municipal budget.

The answer to the property tax question is actually quite simple: Cut spending. Yes, it is painful but it needs to be done on the local and county levels.
In order to grow jobs it is necessary to make doing business in NJ easier with less red tape as well as lower costs. Keeping businesses here and attracting new companies as well as helping small businesses be successful equals growth. Growth equals more hiring for newly created job opportunities.