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Members of the Board of Education are elected by voters in the communities of Plainsboro and West Windsor Townships. Members are elected to three-year terms, and usually three seats are up for election each year. The Board of Education is composed of four elected representatives from Plainsboro and five from West Windsor.

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing the District and how would you address them?

Do you think the level of District staffing (teaching and administrative) is appropriate?

Do you think there is a need for the District to address pressures placed on students? If so, identify the pressure(s) and how you would address them?

How would you reconcile issues affecting a smaller group or individual interests against those issues affecting the broader constituency?

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Stress and anxiety due to social and academic pressures are on the rise. The district needs to continue to be proactive in providing education/tools to parents, students and staff, helping them to identify youth who are at risk. The district needs to improve support of it's "Whole Child" initiative; students who want to be pursue extracurricular activities and electives but are not given the chance due to sports participation or pressure to overperform academically should not have to miss these opportunities.

A second challenge is the continued and projected residential growth of WW-P and the effect on our students, staff/administration, schools and residential property values/taxes. The district has addressed the short and near-term growth but additional planning and strategy is vital for the future.

A final challenge is the declining number of student participation in team sports. Team sports not only offer valuable mental and physical health benefits but also create a vibrant sense of school spirit for the whole community. Focus should be placed on the hiring and support of coaches and the forming of collaborative relationships with recreation and school programs.
I feel that there could be improvement in the level of staffing, both teaching and administrative. With the increase over time in new housing in both towns and the continued reputation of academic excellence that people specifically move to our school district for, classroom size numbers have and will continue to rise. District staffing needs to be evaluated on a continuing basis to ensure that students have access to individual attention/support, teachers are not overwhelmed and/or burned-out and that counselors and administration have the opportunity to form direct relationships with students and staff.
I believe that the District has acknowledged the social and academic pressures that students in our schools face each day. The administration has made several changes over the years implementing new academic guidelines and increasing staff focused on mental health and student well-being. In addition, team-building activities and programs should be build into the curriculum to help with peer and student-teacher/counselor connections. Promoting the spirit of community and collaboration and quashing excessive competition would be beneficial to all students.
One of the main responsibilities of being a school board member is representation of the entire district in business pertaining to education, not just a particular fraction. If a smaller group or individual interests approached me for help in reconciling issues, I would research and then direct them to the specific staff, departments and/or administrators who have the authority to assist them going forward. Possibly in the future, these issues or interests could then become policies presented to and voted on by the Board.