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Michigan City Fifth Ward

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  • Nathan Patrick

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    Tracie Y. Tillman

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What do you consider your major qualifications for this office?

What are your top three (3) priorities that can be addressed from your office?

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

What differentiates you from other candidates?

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Campaign phone (219) 262-4353
What I consider my major qualifications for this office is my passion for truth and to serve my community. Having a paralegal degree I have developed strong analytical skills and know the importance of attention to detail and research.
 Customer Service Continuously provide courteous, professional and responsive customer service.  Safety Encouraging community policing initiatives.  Environment Work to maintain and improve 5th Ward infrastructure; further expansion and implementation of the current East Port Goals and Action Plan for the 5th Ward.
While in office I would like to make efficient use of city resources and grants that are available to improve small businesses and the infrastructure in the 5th Ward. Encourage a variety of jobs and recreation opportunities for our youth through economic development.
What differentiates me from other candidates is that I try not to spread myself thin. If you’re looking for me you will find me behind the scenes in the trenches.