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Warrington Township Supervisor (6 YR Term)

The Township Board is the governing body for the township. The Township Supervisor oversees the provision of township services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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    Elliot Kolodny

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    Ruth L. Schemm

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What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience Former Member Warrington Planning Commission many non-profit boards including Special Equestrians, National Veterans Cemetery, Network of Victims Assistance (NOVA), Youth Orchestra of Bucks
Education Colby College, A.B. 1985 Syracuse Law, J.D. 1988 Wharton Small Business Development Center, 2013
Email address EKolodny@ElliotKolodny
The main jobs of a Supervisor are to keep Warrington families safe and ensure the future of Warrington Township. That requires fiscal discipline, long term planning, and transparency that has been lacking on a board that is run by one party. A onetime sale of our water system is not a longterm solution

The safety of our water supply is of paramount concern. The sale of our water and sewers facilities was not handled properly. The safety of our water supply was given an outside entity that is no longer overseen by elected officials in Warrington. Ways MUST be explored to make sure that a zero detect policy is maintained.

Our police and fire services must be supported. Our fiscal house is NOT in order and that a long range plan is NOT in place to ensure that funds necessary to support our police and fire departments. .

We have severe infrastructure problems; primarily roads. Smart growth requires the construction of proper infrastructure that the current board has ignored.
I care passionately about Warrington and I want to ensure that it remains a wonderful place. I am frustrated by a lack of real oversight and accountability by our elected officials.

The sale of our water system was bungled. Warrington handed over our water system to an entity that is NOT accountable to the voters. That is a problem given the water contamination we have in Warrington. I want to be in a position to help do everything I can to insure the safety of our water supply. My opponent failed to do so.

My opponent has failed to oversee growth in the township in a smart way. New development has been approved without providing for the infrastructure needed. This has resulted in traffic increases and crumbling roads that are simply being ignored.

The money from the sale of our water is, at best, a bandaid for our longterm financial problems. I want to help make sure that Warrington remains a great place to live. I am concerned about the path we are on.
I have a long history of community service. In addition serving on the planning commission in the past, I have a wide range of experience working on boards. Serving on the Boards of Network of Victims Assistance (NOVA), Special Equestrians, the National Veterans Cemetery, the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County and the Meadowbrook School, to name a few, have taught me how to serve the needs of a community. I have learned how to listen careful to the needs of a community and then decide how best to fulfill its needs. I have worked hard to balance numerous budgets and make the tradeoffs necessary to ensure longterm success. I also deeply understand the need for careful strategic planning and saving for the inevitable rainy day. I also have honed those same skills in running a successful small business.

My skills as a lawyer will also serve me well as I become an advocate for all the citizens of Warrington. I know how to compromise and stand up and fight when necessary.
Experience Appointed to Board of Supervisors. Retired Professor and Dean. Started volunteering in Warrington Township in 1990. Experienced leadership on non-profit boards for over 25 years.
Education Ed.D. Temple University 1978 M.Ed. Temple University 1974 B.S. University of Pennsylvania 1969
Campaign Phone (215) 343-2919
I believe the biggest issue that faces our Township is a lack of effective communication with residents. All other issues such as planning for new construction, infrastructure repairs and budget planning could be improved with more available options for sharing information and updates. Presently residents who have a concern can email, call or comment at a scheduled public meeting. A limited number of choices! What about residents unable or unwilling to use one of these 3 methods?

I propose that we seek more resident ideas about how to best share information. I would appoint a resident taskforce with a limited timeline, including residents who are familiar in the use of social media and technology as well as those who are not comfortable with these platforms. Seeking a variety of communication channels that operate as effectively as possible would be the desired outcome.
I believe that local government is the foundation for health and well-being. This requires focused attention and concern for all things including roads, sidewalks, trees, air, water, parks, recreation areas, trails, commercial areas, businesses and taxes. My interest in green spaces, natural areas and nature-based recreation stems from my professional training as a community-based occupational therapist. As a faculty member, dean, department head and board member of a variety of non-profit organizations, I have learned that the ability to be open to new ideas and objectively weigh evidence are key aspects of effective governance.
The ability to listen to others and understand that everyone's perspective is valuable started when I graduated college and worked as one of 2 occupational therapists for the Philadelphia Visiting Nurse Association, covering most of the Philadelphia neighborhoods. Mentors eased my transition into a university instructor job and I eventually served in a variety of positions such as: educational manager (Dean, Consultant, Program Chair and Program Planner), scholar (38 publications, editor, reviewer) and leader (local government, Chair, Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association). Now retired, I am a Dean Emeritus and Professor at the University of the Sciences. I also serve on the executive board of Work to Ride (, a non-profit organization devoted to pairing urban youth with horses and also serve on the Executive Board of OT Leaders, a national organization.