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Richland Township Supervisor (6 YR Term)

The Township Board is the governing body for the township. The Township Supervisor oversees the provision of township services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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    Kathie Doyle

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    Barbara Lavin

Biographical Information

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience Over 20-years’ experience in a leadership role responsible for Quality and Compliance with US and EU regulatory requirements; financial forecasting, auditing, budgeting and reporting
Education Master of Business Administration -- Bachelor of Science Business Administration
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PUBLIC SAFETY: Supporting our First Responders is crucial to any community to ensure that they are equipped and prepared to protect and respond to emergencies within our community and our schools.

GROWTH: With new development comes increased traffic and other concerns. Development should occur in an orderly, rational and reasonable manner. With the valuable input of our volunteer residents with diverse political backgrounds and who serve side-by-side on our Community Boards, a periodic review of the Richland Township Comprehensive Plan and our local ordinances should be conducted to ensure that our Land Development and Zoning are consistent with that objective. Identifying usable Open-Space within the Township while promoting and supporting Land Conservation and Preservation efforts should be made part of an addendum to the Comprehensive Plan and provide clear guidelines for developers, our Township staff and Township Supervisors to follow.
For the last 30-years I have called Richland Township home. I have raised my family here and they are now raising their families here. I recognize that the job of “Township Supervisor” is that of a “public servant” with the responsibility to serve our residents; to govern with integrity and respect for all people; and to put the best interest of our families in the forefront of any decision.

Planning, listening, problem-solving, decision-making, influencing, communicating and managing conflict is a proven ability that I demonstrate daily in my work and I will bring these strengths and qualities to the office of Supervisor. I will ensure transparency and accountability in all aspects of our local government. I will be fiscally responsible and pledge to be a good Stewart of our township funds and expenditures. It will be an honor to serve and I’m ready to lead. I want to make our residents proud to call Richland Township home.
In addition to my background in business, I have served as a volunteer member of the Richland Township Planning Commission for a total of 6-years. This experience has given me the valuable education and understanding of Zoning and Land Use guidelines as defined the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, and the responsibilities assigned to a Supervisor as defined by the Second-Class Township Code in performing the important duties of the office.
Experience I've owned my tax business since 2005, managing small corporations and business accounts.
Education Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a minor in History from Temple University
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Ethics and Integrity.

Example, Richlands’ Supervisors elected to fund private block parties ($4,000 for four) for the National Night Out (NNO). One of those funded NNO parties is dedicated to Supervisor Ritters’ party. Richland has a structural budget deficit. Why are we funding parties as opposed to necessary services? Why is a thousand dollars going to a Supervisors’ private NNO party? Why is Richland funding this when the vast majority of municipalities do not fund the NNO’s? Why is $1,000 allocated for a 30 to 40 person party? Who benefits, the Supervisors or the Community? How do Richlands’ other 13,000 citizens benefit from the select NNO’s? If there are more than four NNO’s who loses? Who decides who gets the funding? The NNO’s is just one small example of how Richlands’ Supervisors operate in a conflicted manner.

So how would I fix the problem? I would make a point of asking these kinds of questions and would bring the light of day on any questionable issues of integrity.
I realized there were ethical failings with the Board of Supervisors (BOS). For example, one Supervisor is the Director of Richlands’ water authority. Whenever a vote comes up affecting the water authority he casts the deciding vote. Is he voting for himself dor the people of Richland Township?

I want to bring back independence, integrity, objectivity, and ethics in decisions affecting public safety, staff compensation, zoning, taxes, water rates, and land development. Restoring ethics is a good and necessary fight.
I have a B.A. from Temple University. I’ve run my own tax practice for 13 years with 30-40 individuals and small business clients. I am a mom, who together with my husband, Steve, raised two children, one an Eagle Scout and a Temple U. student, and the other a BCCC honors graduate. This is broadly my resume.

As a Girl Scout who achieved comparable status to an Eagle Scout, and an Eagle Scout mom, along with other Eagle Scout parents, I learned leadership. Leadership starts with integrity and ethics. From my tax business, I’ve learned empathy in counseling people on tax and financial matters. Running my own tax practice I had to be a self-starter. In the off season, I’ve held various odd jobs.

Leadership isn’t just about being a boss it is about being a servant. I will listen to you and work on issues you care about.