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The Township Board is the governing body for the township. The Township Supervisor oversees the provision of township services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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Experience 35 Year Resident of Lower South, married, two children. Served 12 years as Neshaminy School Board Director, Small business owner/operator
Education Temple University Bachelor of Business Administration
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 574-9986
Lower South in recent years has gone through a loss of confidence in leadership by our residents; most concerning is the scandal surrounding our local magistrate and processes in some of the townships internal operations. I plan to bring the same stewardship and oversight we exercised during my 12 years as a Neshaminy School Board Director to the Township. We weathered many issues during my tenure especially a sustained contract impasse that required a high level of transparency. It was paramount to assure the public, the leaders they chose to represent them displayed the respect they deserved as part of the process while administering the values of our community. I have always maintained a high level of access and honest responses to our community members and as part of a New Lower South Team I will maintain and increase efforts to assure our public, it is they we serve.
I along with my fellow Republican Candidates are running to create a New Day for Lower Southampton. I want to help build on the progress made over the last decade. I will keep Lower Southampton an affordable place to live, work, and raise a family while maintaining the high level of service our residents deserve.
A former Neshaminy School Director serving proudly for 12 years. I was a member of the Policy committee, Nespa negotiating, and Board Director for the Bucks County IU. I am familiar with managing budgets; as part of my duties I assisted with the formulation and implementation of a $160 Million Dollar Budget. My current job experience allows me to be involved with many personal matters our residents are faced on a daily basis. I have volunteered as PTO president for both Tawanka and Poquessing. My husband and I raised our two children here in Lower South. We are also small business owner operators here in Bucks County.
Experience Professional experience working with large groups to get the job done.
Education MBA - St. John’s University BS - LaSalle University
Transparency. We need transparency in our local government. Our residents needs to understand what is happening in our town and why. Today, decisions to over develop our town have been made against the wishes of the people. These things need to stop.
I grew up in this area. It has changed so much from when I was little. Not all of that change is for the better. I want to make the town a place that my children will love.
I’m an excellent project manager and ready to meet the needs of the residents head on. We lost of a of opportunities for open space. We should be able to use what we have now more efficiently.
Experience Police Officer for 30 years;FBI National Academy Graduate; Neshaminy SD teacher for 11 years; current Chairman of Lower Southampton Township Board of Supervisors; held office since January, 2018.
Education AA Crim. Justice-BCCC 1994 BS-Thomas Edison State College 1997 M.Ed. Holy Family Univ. 2005
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 833-3741
Twitter @realRayWeldie
Restoring public trust in township government is the issue I intend to address. Choosing ethical effective leaders, transparency in all levels of township government, and reinforcing the positives of Lower Southampton are three areas I focus on. The stain of federal indictments from 2016 still hangs over the township, and it's important to reassure our residents that their municipality and its different departments are staffed by dedicated, ethical employees. The overwhelming majority of our residents love living here, raising their families here, and attending our schools.
I ran for office two years ago, and am running again, because of my 44-year continuous record of dedicated service to our great country and community. I am a U.S. Army veteran that was honorably discharged, served residents for 30 years as a police officer, detective, sergeant, and Lieutenant, and have been teaching in Neshaminy School District for 11 years. As a police officer, I attended and graduated from the 186th Session of the FBI National Academy, something fewer than 1% of all police officers are able to accomplish. Residents are aware of my long, unblemished record of service to my community with integrity and honor, and know for a fact that has carried over to my tenure as a Township Supervisor. I ran to keep taxes where they are, take on the opioid manufacturers that have ravaged our communities, and recognize and serve our great military veterans. I intend to continue my work in these areas as there is a lot remaining to be done over the next six years.
I have lived in this community for 54 years and chose to remain here and raise my family here. After serving residents for the past 41 years as a police officer and teacher, I have experience in all levels of local municipal government. Subsequent to my election in November 2017, I attended and completed PSATS (PA. Assoc. of Twp. Supervisors) Boot Camp, and have also attended the 2018 and 2019 PSATS Supervisors Conference in Hershey, PA. I am a member of BCATO (Bucks Co. Assoc. of Twp. Officials) and have attended numerous seminars to better fulfill my role as a Supervisor. I also am the current Board of Supervisors Chairman, a position I take seriously as my fellow Supervisors have placed their confidence in me. All of this has absolutely prepared me for 6 more years of service to our residents.