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The Township Board is the governing body for the township. The Township Supervisor oversees the provision of township services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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    Connor OHanlon

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    Nancy Santacecilia

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    Ken Snyder

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    Dan Wood

Biographical Information

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience My experience includes my work as a real estate agent, conveyancer, strength and conditioning coach, collegiate eSports coach, and accounting intern.
Education Penn State University- Smeal College of Business Bachelor's- Accounting & Certificate of Real Estate
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 374-0412
Twitter @Connor4DTown
The main issues facing Doylestown are our infrastructure, the underfunding of pensions, protections for our LGBTQ community, and the safeguarding of our environment. As Supervisor I will ensure that there is timely repair and maintenance on our infrastructure as well as many improvements. I will work to make certain we have funding for pensions which will enable the people who work for the township to eventually retire with dignity and without financial stress. I will push to add protected classes for out LGBTQ community that go beyond the current classes in the Civil Rights Act on the state and national level. I will also set in motion efforts to make our facilities operating on 100% renewable energy by 2035. I will do this and much more as Township Supervisor in Doylestown with the transparency that all of our citizens deserve.
I am running for Supervisor because I care deeply about the town that I was raised and where I plan on raising my family. Specifically as someone who is young, I will bring forth a new perspective that can propel us into a new age. I believe that the best way to make the largest impact on improving people’s lives is by running myself and becoming the change that people have been looking for. Doylestown is and always will be the town that shaped me as a person.
As a real estate salesperson, I need to know the local market and know how local businesses are affected by the changes. I have to be aware of the rises and falls of the housing prices here in Doylestown and how that may affect funding for many of our public goods and more importantly how it impacts each individual family. My work as a conveyancer gives me unique insights and connections to local municipalities. The task of conveyancing is important to ensure that every sale of real estate goes through with the proper paperwork to show ownership and the utilities that are used in each property. My experience as conveyancer in particular has been important as I work directly with the Doylestown Tax Collector, public and private providers of water and sewer, and local banks. My work in the field of accounting has also provided me a great understanding of how the tax code works and how things can be changed in the future.
Experience CB Cares Educational Foundation - School & Community Outreach Director Wharton School - MBA Admissions Advisor The Vanguard Group & Princeton University - Human Resources Community volunteer
Education University of Pittsburgh, English BA
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 738-7604
Twitter @Nancy4DtownSup
Working with the community to identify current and future needs will allow for a strategic direction and determine a responsible long term fiscal plan. Developing and expanding on relationships with all segments of the community coupled with finding new ways to connect and communicate with our residents will allow us to identify, prepare for and meet the future needs with sound economic sustainability. Expanding the multiuse trails and creating sustainable recreational opportunities in our parks, improving the technological infrastructure and working alongside the school district, hospital and local businesses will help build the foundation for future economic prosperity. My human resources and community outreach background would help me to approach these issues in a strategic and forward thinking manner that benefits all generations of the community.
My husband and I chose to live in Doylestown 25 years ago to start a family and ultimately raise our 3 sons. I believe my lens as a parent and advocate provides a strong pulse on the community. It would be an honor to move the township into the next century by making our community a leading place to live, learn and prosper. Doylestown Township provides the residents with great municipal services, especially through the parks and recreation program that focus on healthy living for all ages and abilities. I would expand on recreational opportunities with a recreation/community center that would help further serve the needs of our multi-generational residential population and take the opportunity to infuse the arts and our rich cultural history into the township programs.
I am a 25 year resident, a parent of 3 boys and a community advocate. Serving as School and Community Outreach Director for CB Cares Educational Foundation provides a pulse of the community needs and the opportunity to connect with leadership in the school district, businesses and our many community partners. My work experience with Wharton as an admissions reader along with my 10 years in human resources at the Vanguard Group and Princeton University provide me with my ability to not only plan strategically, but the ability to see the bigger picture. I attend Mt. Carmel, and volunteered as a CCD teacher for seven years. I have served as President of CB West Parent Club for men’s lacrosse and have spent years on the fields of CBAA lacrosse and LV football, all of which has provided me with rich insight and boots on the ground. Having family live in the community , I believe I have first hand understanding of multigenerational needs.
Experience 6 years Supervisor Doylestown Township 3 years Planning Commission Doylestown Township 33 years in pharmaceuticals, major focus process improvement, project management and change management
Education B.S. Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 962-7480
Our Township faces two main challenges - limited revenue growth and large, required expenditure projects. Since the Township is relatively built-out, there is minimal opportunity for revenue growth. Conversely, the Township has been focused on five major projects: Storm Water Unfunded Mandate ($2.1M), Road Restoration for Pebble Ridge/Woodbridge Sewer Project ($4.7M), Employee Pension Liability ($4.8M), Community Center ($4M) and Chapman Bridge replacement ($1.3M).

These major projects are reviewed in detail during our five annual Budget Workshops and result in actions to pursue grant opportunities, evaluate alternatives, consideration for short-term maintenance vs. total replacement, and balancing the five year plan.

During the budget process over 650-line items are reviewed to justify requests and provide documented capital requests. Our Township has been recognized for this unique process by receiving the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors Governor’s Award.
I am seeking re-election to continue the momentum established over the past six years. As lead Supervisor on several major projects we have accomplished much but have more to improve/maintain. Working with Township employees, residents and business professionals we are establishing robust decision-making processes for a positive impact for success. Success is achieved by focused discussions, active participation in many committees, availability to hear new ideas, mentor, motivate and lead. During my six years on the Board, I have attended every meeting of the Board of Supervisors because it is important as I am truly dedicated. I look forward to future projects and being a champion to improve resident engagement which is so important for future understanding and growth.
Proven: Six years of dedicated service to Doylestown Township, currently Vice Chairman, Lead Supervisor on several key projects. Dedicated: Available, focused, active on many Township committees. Experienced: From pre-teen job of picking fruit in my Uncle Lenny’s orchard and HS baseball pitcher to pharmaceutical company executive with 33-year career implementing change and continuous improvement.

A dedicated Supervisor requires time - to learn - to work – to listen – to build relationships.
Experience - Doylestown Township Public Water and Sewer Advisory Board Member - Doylestown Township Environmental Advisory Council Associate Member
Education - Central Bucks West High School ('05) - BA at Pennsylvania State University ('09)
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 406-0395
Twitter @danwooddtown
As our growing community faces demands on our infrastructure, from expensive new sewers to continued development, it’s more important than ever that Doylestown’s citizens are heard. As supervisor, I will pursue all possible funding sources to alleviate these high costs and address concerns to get this right and aide our residents rather than burden them. Infrastructure and communication with our residents are tightly intertwined and there is substantial room for improvement in both areas. When we're asking residents to pay thousands of dollars for sewers or if they have issues with their roads, we need to hear them. One of the most basic ways we can do that is to have Township meetings when all our residents can attend, not in the middle of the work day, and share their concerns about the infrastructure that impacts them everyday.

Doylestown has many neighborhoods and we can’t leave any behind. I will be an accessible, transparent supervisor for all Doylestown.
I'm a lifelong resident of Doylestown Township, growing up here and going to school at Kutz Elementary, Lenape Middle School and Central Bucks West. Doylestown is the only home I've known. My wife and I decided to have our 3 year old son here. Part of raising my son here is making sure Doylestown continues to offer all the opportunities for him and future generations that I had growing up here.

I ran for supervisor in 2017 and knocked hundreds of my neighbor's doors while bicycling hundreds of miles across town. I traveled to every neighborhood in our township and heard the concerns of our residents first hand, like when their road would be paved or what was being done to help with sewers. If they had questions, I did my best to answer them. If I didn't know, I returned when I had the answer. Those interactions left a deep impact on me.

I'm running so that the needs of current residents are met and so that the Doylestown we know is there for my son's generation to come home to.
In addition to be a long time resident of Doylestown, I'm an active member of our community and in our Township's government.

I am a member of the Public Water and Sewer Advisory Board. This board is responsible for directing our sewer projects. After watching how the sewer expansion into the Pebble Ridge area was handled in 2017, I wanted to get involved in the oversight of our sewer program as it is a huge expense for our impacted residents.

I'm an associate member of the Environmental Advisory Council which oversees protecting our local environment. I am active with plans to move our township to 100% renewable energy, our native plant program and plans to restore areas like Sauerman Park pond.

I am also a regular attendee of the Bike and Hike Committee which works to increase trails in our area.

My experience on these boards has helped me to understand the issues and expenses facing our town. They have prepared me for what a supervisor has to address in the coming years.