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The Borough Council is the governing body for the borough. A borough council member oversees the provision of borough services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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    Ryan Berry
    (Rep, I)

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    Bryon Marshall

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    John McCann

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    Patrick McGovern

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    Dan Mohn

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    Kim Segal-Morris

Biographical Information

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience Yardley Boro Council Member, First Term Incumbent; Served on Yardley's Environmental Advisory Committee, SEPTA's Citizen Advisory Committee, Falls Township's Park Advisory Committee
Education East Stroudsburg University, M.A., Political Science; Pennsbury High School
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 573-4409
Twitter @Ryanberry16
As I have spent the past several years closely in touch with residents, I hear about and understand their issues, and plan to continue to this outreach. To touch on some of the biggest issues, firstly, safe walkability throughout the boro is key. I plan to prioritize projects such as sidewalks, crosswalks, and replacing our footbridge over the canal, while also emphasizing safety such as signage and speed enforcement. Quality of life in the boro is also a key issue in various ways. For instance, I want to find ways to reduce the disturbance of truck traffic, and also preserve and tend to our open spaces such as Reading Avenue and Buttonwood Park. Additionally, I would like to make sure our ordinances allow homeowners to take care of their homes, with modifications that they feel will protect their home values and enhance quality of life, such as in the floodplain, while respecting FEMA's requirements and programs. Lastly, I want to focus on respect and decency in our public discourse.
On a local level, residents want important, immediate issues and concerns to be addressed in a smart, effective, and accountable way. A vital quality for local public servants to bring to office is responsiveness. I want to reach out to the community, be active and engage, and learn from residents. To serve the public is therefore my goal, to understand residents' needs and to address them through my seat on Council. I’ll make efforts to hear the voices of residents, businesses, and stakeholders, and to work with colleagues to implement the best practical decisions. Another reason I am excited about running is to set forth an example of a non-partisan approach to decision-making. As a registered independent, my loyalty is not to any party, but to all residents, to seek the best solutions to take care of problems, and to blaze a trail of this type of leadership into the future.
As a first term Council member, I have learned a tremendous amount over the past four years. I've learned about government in action, about our ordinances and the history of issues. I've taken part in decision-making, and I know what it takes to get things done to make Yardley better. Beyond elected office, for the past 15 years I have demonstrated a public spiritedness with an active and passionate interest in government, community service, and volunteerism. I previously served on various boards and commissions, ranging from environmental, historical, parks, and transit-related areas. I value the public trust, community engagement, independent-minded decision-making, and bipartisan cooperation. Lastly, as a graduate of a Master's program in governmental studies, I have always been a scholar of government. I care to deeply understand and think about how government works, the various parts and interactions that carry out the will of the people.
Experience 30 years experience in senior level management in public and private sectors; Retired Chief of Police; Associate Professor/Educator; and over 20 years in practice as an Attorney at Law
Education Bachelors Degree in Law and Justice; Masters Degree in Public Administration; Juris Doctorate.
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 321-4140
One important issue facing our Borough is less an object; it is a process challenge. My perspective is influenced by my being President of the Borough Council. All too often our Borough faces challenges that have more than a thread of partisanship and/or personal interests that are not best for our Borough. As a member of Council, my role is to do best for and by the people we serve. I do this by ensuring the validity and consistency of the democratic process. I have and will continue to serve diligently while maintaining fairness, civility & professionalism through the open and responsible exchanges of ideas. Maligned affiliations, personal agendas & partisan bickering have no legitimacy in our society; let alone in our Borough. Another important issue is efficiency. As our Borough continues to expand services and improve delivery, efficiency must remain as a core goal. Maintaining personal accountability and requiring excellence in performance are the "tools" I use.
I am running for the Office of Borough Council so that I can continue to actively participate in guiding Yardley Borough into a prosperous & bright future. I believe that the Borough has continued, great promise along with the potential to expand and enhance service delivery, business and retail appeal, the enrichment of our neighborhoods and the overall community. Having served on Council for the prior two (2) terms, in addition to my service of three (3) years on the Yardley Planning Board before being elected, I had the privilege of witnessing many significant and lasting changes and improvements to our Community. Should the residents favor me as a candidate, I will be honored to serve in the future and continue my involvement for the benefit of our Borough. Continuity of effort and purpose is important to the future of any organization. I offer my continuing services and am hopeful that the voters will see what I bring to the team and vote accordingly.
I am an experienced leader and manager of public agencies. With over 30 years of professional, senior level managerial experience, I have the proven knowledge, skills, and abilities to continue to successfully and efficiently handle the most difficult of challenges. My academic credentials include a Masters in Public Administration and a Juris Doctorate in Law. Beyond the classroom, I enjoyed a successful career in law enforcement, retiring at the rank of Chief of Police, and served in senior management levels in public, private and corporate enterprises. Additionally, I have practiced law for the past 20 + years in such areas as employment, civil rights, land use, agency & municipal liability and other public entity and related disciplines. As a candidate, I offer a rich history of experience, sound decision making and the ability to remain resilient and resourceful while working collaboratively to fashion practical and sustainable solutions to any problem- complex or simple.
Experience Attorney, President of Local Teacher's Union
Education B.A, history, Princeton University J.D., Beasley School of Law, Temple University
Email address
Three most important issues:

Improve the quality of life in Yardley by drafting new measures to curb tractor trailer traffic, speeding and noise pollution while advocating for greater enforcement of existing ordinances.

Increase walkability by creating new sidewalks, pathways and walkways while maintaining our current ones so that all parts of the borough can access the canal towpath and our vibrant downtown.

Create more private-public partnerships that will help maintain the borough's low tax burden while unlocking more funding for future public projects
I am running for Yardley Borough Council to improve the community that I love. My wife and I decided to raise our family in Yardley borough because of the tremendous lifestyle the borough affords. I am enthralled by the comfortable life that the borough offers- walkability, burgeoning downtown area, friendly neighbors and the town’s access to one of Buck’s county prized resources, the Delaware River canal. However, there are improvements needed. Every morning I wake up to the sound of tractor trailer traffic, I see too many cars speeding through town and I have realized not all parts of the town are accessible by walking. I will work diligently to improve the quality of life of all our citizens.
As an attorney and civics teacher, I have a unique skill set that makes me qualified for borough council. I have spent years studying and practicing law and I have a passion for public policy. I would be an asset in drafting legislation to benefit our community. I have served on numerous local government and community committees and I have had many experiences working collaboratively with others. Furthermore, I currently serve as President of my local teacher’s union and I lead an organization of over 400 teachers. The leadership and advocacy skills that have been enhanced in this position over the years will serve me well as a member of borough council. Finally, I have determination, grit and compassion which are essential traits of a public servant.
Experience Over 20 years experience in technology use and development and 5 years in the military.
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 920-2883
Yardley needs to continue the progress we've already made on the sidewalk on North Main Street and ensure that fewer large trucks are using Yardley as "cut through"

The workings of the Yardley government needs to be transparent and accessible to all citizens and we can accomplish this through thoughtful and efficient use of technology and social media.

The balance between flood plain management and the needs of the citizens needs to be maintained in a way that enables the people who own in the flood to improve their properties and not penalize them for living there. We need to take a close look at existing regulations and apply a practical filter that meets government standards but doesn't create an unnecessary burden on homeowners.
As a citizen of Yardley, I believe it is my duty to step up and work to improve the lives and property values of its citizens. I have observed the council and found the communication between members and the public to be less than perfect and I believe I can help affect change by utilizing the tools I've picked up over the years in my work in business and my service in the military.
My military service taught me the need to lead through example and to value the input of everyone on the "team". My 20 years experience working in technology has taught me that there are ways we can deploy solutions that will enable the business of the borough and give greater access to the constituents. I also understand how to implement transformation and change that helps the process and doesn't get in the way of progress. I can bring practical budgetary solutions to the borough that maximizes our resources.
Experience Council Member, 2003 to 2007, Public Works Committee Chair, Public Safety Committee Vice Chair
Education Bachelors of Arts in Information Systems from Moravian College
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 369-3790
Residents of the flood plain, almost one half of our community, cannot reasonably improve their standard of living. We must comprehensively address the unreasonable limits on alterations of homes in the flood plain to protect home values, our tax base, and residents’ quality of life.

We must deal with parking by having realistic parking requirements for our downtown that promote community-oriented parking solutions. Our current parking ordinances do not take into account our thriving downtown and must be changed to create a fair and enforceable structure that promotes a more community focused approach.

Also, we must continue to pursue traffic calming measures that significantly reduce truck traffic on Main Street and ensure pedestrian safety.

Finally, I would address our deficiency in access to our local government. We lack an easy way to get information on our web site and must do better at video recording of meetings and giving residents access.
Since moving here almost 20 years ago with my wife Cheryl, and our now 14 year old, I have fallen in love with the many great benefits of living in our small town.

I’ve made many, many friends through my involvement in our community. I live in the best neighborhood in the County, one which most people can only imagine belonging to. Protecting our neighborhoods’ character is very important to me, whether in or out of the flood plain.

I feel a debt of gratitude to those who have made Yardley what it is today and I want to contribute my skills and talents to sustain and improve our great Borough.
My professional experience includes being a small business owner and computer specialist with a Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems.

I’ve lived off Reading Ave near the train station and now reside on Longshore Avenue in the flood plain. I’ve lived through 3 major floods during my time in the Borough. I have a good understanding of FEMA and its rules and their effects on our town and I’ve testified before Congress on the need for flood mitigation efforts in the Borough.

As an active member of our community, I’ve helped preserve the open space on Reading Avenue, advocated for the protection of our flood plain residents’ quality of life, led a community budget forum, and worked to make our town pedestrian friendly.

I’m a 4H parent with a fluffle of rabbits and a clutch of chickens.
Experience Assessment Specialist, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ Teacher, School District of Philadelphia Chair, Human Relations Commission, Yardley, PA
Education M.Ed.-Elementary Ed, Temple University BA – English, Rutgers University
Pedestrian safety for residents and visitors is important to the success of our downtown shopping district. Currently the families living along North Main Street do not have a safe means of getting to into town on foot – they either have to walk on lawns or on the heavily trafficked street. Finishing the sidewalk project would provide a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for residents to visit downtown. Yardley has several crosswalks without traffic signals that require a driver of a vehicle to yield to pedestrians. Unfortunately many drivers on Afton Avenue and Main Street fail to notice pedestrians waiting to cross the street. I am committed to working with Council and residents to complete the sidewalk project on North Main and I will work with Council members and residents to improve the visibility of the crosswalks perhaps by utilizing stamped macadam, crosswalk murals, and/or lighting that alert drivers to look out for pedestrians.
A few months ago, as my daughter and I watched skaters on Lake Afton, she mentioned how much she loves Yardley and that the skaters looked like the perfect scene for a postcard with the library, church, and nursery school in the background. It struck me that four generations of my family have enjoyed living in or nearby Yardley and participating in its many traditions such as skating and fishing at Lake Afton, attending the Memorial Day Parade and Harvest Day. I am running for Yardley Borough Council because my daughter’s thoughts emphasized for me the importance of retaining Yardley’s small-town charm while thoughtfully guiding it into the future, ensuring that it is always a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community for generations to come.
My experience as an educator and assessment specialist have provided me with the ability to listen, learn, lead, and collaborate with others to work toward common goals. I currently serve as Chair for Yardley Borough’s Human Relation Commission. I am passionate about promoting fairness and respect by actively supporting inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility for all people.