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The Borough Council is the governing body for the borough. A borough council member oversees the provision of borough services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience 36 years volunteering with Langhorne Borough Government
Education MA, Allegheny College; M.ED, Counseling Psychology; M.Ed. CI, CAGS- Admin-all Temple University
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 752-7849
Traffic on heavily traveled PennDOT Borough streets effect safety especially for pedestrians. I was a pedestrian crossing legally at Bellevue and Maple Aves when I was hit by a turning vehicle. To date, I have written and coordinated over 10 million dollars in funding for our community. I will continue to write grants to fund improvements to our infrastructure.
I have served on Borough government since 1983. Non funded federal and state mandated services such as storm water management are squeezing the taxpayers. I still want to use my talents to help Langhorne Borough keep operating costs low. I want to continue to help make and fund improvements that promote safety. At the same time I want to continue to build our community with activities and experiences that my grandchildren will love. Our local governing body is an outstanding example of participatory democracy, operating mostly with volunteers. Not everyone agrees but everyone has a voice and is encouraged to volunteer and use their voice. Langhorne Borough is a 'gem'!
I have worked throughout the years to model positive behavior throughout government as well as in our community. Langhorne Borough is a town of volunteers and I encourage all to get involved and help us make a difference while maintaining costs to taxpayers. We all volunteer to promoted 'FUN' small community events that make us proud to live in Langhorne Borough.
Experience Langhorne Borough Council (2018-19)
Education BA, Loyola University (Political Science major); J.D., University of Maryland
Email address
Campaign Phone (856) 220-9296
In my opinion, the most important issues facing my community concern (a) preserving the environmental quality of our Borough; (b) improving understanding and tolerance, (c) properly addressing the threat of crime to families and our young.. We can preserve environmental quality by preserving and seeking to add to natural space in the community, including open land and our parks, and mitigating excess automobile traffic. Doing so requires navigating a thicket of local and state laws and regulations, for which my legal background and my longstanding commitment to environmental issues can support achieving these goals.To combat divisiveness, I aim to use my listening skills and experience in negotiating equitable compromises to find common ground among the citizens of our Borough. My familiarity with our neighborhoods, earned on long walks and talks, is an asset in mitigating the threat of crime by improving street lighting and targeting of police presence.
As a homeowner in the center of Langhorne Borough, I have a strong interest in maintaining the high quality of life in the Borough and in ensuring that everyone in our community feels they are safe and have a voice that will be heard. Too often, in my experience, individuals are marginalized and not heard on issues that deeply affect them, such as traffic problems right outside their residence, environmental degradation, and residential code compliance. I have in my past seen local business interests gain too much power in local governments, and I am passionately interested in making sure that our residents’ rights are respected and upheld regardless of the extent of anyone’s particular power, wealth, or business presence.
My legal education and experience has been of great value in helping me understand the complex web of regulations and codes that impact life in our community. And while it may sound surprising, I’ve found that being a lawyer has also taught me when to be quiet and to listen. (Sometimes we learn the most when we just shut up for a while). I have long contributed my time to my community, including serving as an "English as a Second Language" instructor, head coach for both softball and baseball, and as a member of the Rotary. From these experiences, I have learned how to help the youth and the elderly and to listen to and learn from their problems. My wife of 25 years is an invaluable asset, and I have never lacked the perspective of a progressive woman concerning daily and community issues. Having helped raise a family has taught me the issues that new families are facing and provided a crucial perspective on how we can make our Borough appealing to individuals and families.
Experience 6 Years US Navy Electronics Technician 10 Years Field Service Engineer 2 Years Manager of Global Service
Education A.A. in Marine Electronics
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 498-9082
We live in a great community and to me the most important issue to me is complacency and stagnation. I want to be involved and help bring others in to committees and boards to keep Langhorne Moving. From our Open Space to our multiple community events, Langhorne is a special place, and that spirit of inclusion and community needs to fostered. I would engage with the LBBA in order to bring a few new stores and restaurants into the area.
I want to be involved with this fantastic community, to help guide us forward while maintaining our identity.
I have very limited experience in government, but I did run an international service organization that utilized many skills that I think will be useful in serving on Council. Problem solving with "out of the box" solutions. Budgeting, labor shortages, customer satisfaction, interdepartmental "dust ups", were part and parcel for performing my duties as a manager and none of the answers involved throwing money at the problem. At the end of the day, it was my employees that I was responsible to and for, and ensuring that their needs were met.
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