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Bucks County Magisterial District 07-1-02 (6 YR Term)

Magisterial judges preside over district courts that are responsible for adjudicating all traffic and non-traffic citations as well as processing criminal and private criminal complaints inclusive of arraignments and preliminary hearings, the handling of civil and landlord tenant complaints up to a jurisdictional limit of $12,000 as well as parking violations. All misdemeanor and felony violations are filed in the district courts where they are preliminarily arraigned and afforded a preliminary hearing. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing the charges are dismissed, waived to court or held for court and referred onto the Court of Common Pleas. Source:

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  • Frank W. Peranteau, Sr.
    (Dem, Rep)

Biographical Information

What is the most important quality in a judge?

Under what circumstances would you recuse yourself from a case?

Experience I have been an elected Magisterial District Judge for over 17 years. Prior to being elected I served 28 years in Law Enforcement.
Education B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 801-1649
I believe the most important quality of a Judge is the commitment to impartiality. A successful Judge has the ability to set aside their own personal feelings and beliefs to administer the law in a fair and impartial manner.
I would recuse myself from a case when there could be the slightest chance that my relationship to any of the parties involved in the case may cause them to have concern for a fair and impartial proceeding. In addition if a party in a proceeding makes a request for me to recuse myself from a case then I would do so. Even though I felt I could be fair and impartial I would do so to maintain the integrity of my profession.