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The Board of Bucks County Commissioners is composed of three commissioners elected to four-year terms, two from the majority party, one from the minority party. The commissioners administer the operation of the county government. County administration includes Community Services, Corrections, Emergency Services, Health Services, Housing and Human Services and certain infrastructure such as bridges and parks. The commissioners are responsible for the adoption and administration of the county operating budget - $432.6 million in 2019 - and oversight of almost 2,400 full-time employees, one of the largest workforces in the county. Source:

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    Robert G. Loughery

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What do you consider to be the most important issues facing Bucks County, and how do you propose to address them?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has directed all PA counties to replace their voting systems by the November 2020 election. Please explain your position on the type of voting machines and the process for their procurement you support to replace Bucks County's current system.

What is your highest priority if you are elected?

Experience 25 years serving as State Representative and 26 years running a family business.
Education Bishop Egan High School
Campaign Phone (215) 345-6811
I am the Majority Chairman of the Human Services Committee in Harrisburg, access to affordable healthcare and taking care of our most vulnerable citizens will be a top priority for me. Especially when it comes to fighting the heroin and opioid epidemic in Bucks County. Treatment needs to be available to people when they are ready.
I strongly am in favor of machines that will provide voter verifiable paper records to ensure our election and votes are secure. Since this is a mandate, I believe that all possible state and federal funding be secured to help pay for them.
I will bring the leadership and experience that I have earned in Harrisburg back to Bucks County. I will focus on maintaining Bucks County on it's path of fiscal responsibility, improving our quality of life, preserving our environment for future generations, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens.
Experience Bucks County Commissioner 10 years, social worker in Bucks County 25 years, served as Middletown Supervisor and on Neshaminy School Board. Appointed to: PCCD, DVRPC, Health Council,etc
Education Pennsbury High School Univ of Delaware ( B.A. Criminal Justice; Sociology Univ of Pennsylvania (MSW)
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 348-2140
Twitter @bucksvictory
The biggest issue is the notion that we can distill things into distinct issues. The separation of issues, and “silo-ing” of responses, has resulted in perpetual problems. For instance, there is a struggle to find prompt and high-quality mental health care (psychiatry, psychology, social work, case management). As a result, our jail is overcrowded with mentally ill adults who become increasingly sick. Likewise, many who struggle with their mental health and turn to substances (alcohol, drugs, etc), to cope - creating another challenging cluster. Moreover, children who don’t get adequate mental health support or are victims of abuse or neglect grow worse as they reach adulthood and are often unable to adequately care for their children. Our systems need to interact with one another, move quicker to intervene, offer HIGH quality interventions and remain involved beyond the initial crisis. Assuring there is affordable housing and income sustaining jobs is also interrelated.
The State of Pennsylvania recently completed their review and certification of potential voting systems. The federal and state requirement is for systems to have a back-up that allows for an audit and a recount, if necessary. Worthy system will need to have a paper trail and not rely on electronic or web-based voting systems. Now that the state has approved these systems, and they are on their bid list, I am ready to approve a contract. I am supportive of a voting system where people make choices on a paper ballot which is inserted into a scanning machine. The scanner will read and tally the selections BUT the paper copy will be kept as a back up to verify votes or perform recounts. I am fully prepared to move ahead on this important purchase.
The primary purpose of County government is to provide a safety net. That net includes keeping children safe from abuse and neglect, preserving a safe environment through the court and jail systems, answering and dispatching 911 calls, and maintaining over 120 bridges – to name but a few. My priority is to make sure all of these systems are functioning in a high quality, responsive, and effective manner. It is not enough to have these safety systems, in place, or to have their weaknesses kept hidden. I will insist on a goal of flawlessness as taxpayers deserve nothing less. My first priority, as a majority commissioner, will be to reassess our systems with a focus on those I know to be fragile and begin corrections immediately.
Experience Falls Township Board of Supervisors, 2004-present. Board Chairman, 2008-present.
Education Bristol High School BA History, George Washington Univ. M.Ed., Holy Family College
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 348-2140
Twitter @BucksVictory
Our County is suffering from a lack of planning and forethought. Bucks needs an energetic approach to our problems that includes working with local municipalities to avoid overdevelopment and all the problems that brings, while also boosting economic development and identifying and addressing other problems faced by our communities. This kind of planning must involve local governments, businesses, our schools and residents so we can move forward together toward a better Bucks County.
I have never been impressed with the current voting machine we have been using since the aftermath of the 2000 election. In addition to the lack of a verifiable paper ballot, I know from my experience as a committee person that the location of the green “Vote” button leads to uncounted votes every election from people who don’t push the “Vote” button. I believe the County should already have evaluated available systems and machines which use hand-marked paper ballots, in anticipation of the State certification. We also should, by now, have developed contingency plans for how to purchase the machines once we know what level of funding the state and federal governments are providing. There is nothing as important as guaranteeing the integrity of our election process.
To work with our County employees on ways to improve the relationship between the County and local governments, schools, non-profits and the business community so we are all working more efficiently toward identifying and solving our challenges. I believe we have the pieces in place to better address our problems, but there has not been enough energy devoted to pulling these pieces together so we are utilizing our resources in the best way possible. We need improved communication and advocacy from our County government.
Experience Elected in 2011; Chairman of the Board 7 years; Real estate investor and developer; small business owner; serves on various governmental, for-profit and non-profit boards
Education Dickinson College, B.A. - 1991 US Army, ROTC - Commissioned officer 1991
The opioid crisis is ravishing families and communities in our county. We are and will continue aggressively to confront it both through law enforcement and social services; including 6 new county detectives for the DA’s Drug Strike Force added two years ago, treatment programs for men and women in the correctional system, additional funding and support for the Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission to expand access to treatment and prevention, a lawsuit against manufacturers of opioids and increased social services to support families. Affordable housing for seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities and mental health issues is also a critical issue facing the county. Working with our housing agencies in the county, we continue to explore ways to support affordable housing initiatives such as first time homebuyer programs, reduce wait times at the homeless shelter for families experiencing homelessness, increase rental assistance programs, and blight removal programs.
Prior to the end of 2019, the county will purchase and secure new voting machines and related equipment that will meet the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's mandate to provide a paper record that meet the highest standards of security, auditability and accessibility. With currently 5 systems certified by the PA Department of State, the county will host public meetings and invite public comment throughout the summer of 2019 reviewing selected certified systems. Based on public input and discussion, as well as the assessment of my fellow Commissioner colleagues and the Board of Elections, we will make a choice between equipment that either uses paper ballots or prints a paper record so voters can verify their vote. This selection will be in place by the late fall of 2019, allowing the Board to officially select and acquire new equipment prior to the end of 2019 and prepare for the 2020 Primary election.
My highest priority if elected will be to maintain the county’s strong financial position, which includes 2 triple ‘A’ bond ratings, a pension fund that is 100% funded and continued low real estate taxes, while still providing quality services for our residents. Year in and year out, Bucks County has been able to provide quality services to our residents because of our strong financial position. This has allowed us to keep taxes low and to maintain programs and initiatives such as the farm preservation program that has preserved over 218 farms and 17,000 acres of agricultural land, the preservation of 5,000 acres of high priority natural areas, provide additional funding to the District Attorney to hire new detectives for a Drug Strike Force, maintain a remarkable system of county parks and trails, and support new, innovative workforce development initiatives that have trained employees with skills needed for today's economy.