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Westchester County Legislature District 15

District 15: Bronxville, part of Yonkers.Term: 2 years Salary: $49,200 BaseDuties: Among the duties of each County Legislator is to enact laws dealing with the County and its residents; to adopt an annual budget and to levy taxes; to determine the structure of County Government and the number of County employees and their salaries; and to initiate new projects and programs as the need arises. There are 17 County Districts.

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    Gordon A. Burrows
    (Rep, Con, I, SAM)

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    Ruth Walter

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Identify and prioritize the most important issues facing your District and the County, as a whole.

What would be your approach for the priorities in balancing the County's budget?

City/Town of Residence Yonkers
Current Political Office Westchester County Legislator, District 15
Education Undergraduate degree from Ithaca College. Graduated St. John’s School of Law, 1984.
Prior Civic Service City of Yonkers Councilman for ten years
Campaign Phone (914) 573-3783
Ensuring a good quality of life to the Westchester County residents while protecting the overburdened taxpayer. Westchester County must continue to deliver all essential services. At the same time, fiscal integrity is required by ensuring responsible budgets which eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending. Over the years, I have worked in a bipartisan manor to protect the taxpayers and pass responsible balanced budgets while preserving the County’s bond status. My 24 years of public service and my 35 years of experience as a practicing attorney coupled with the leadership positions I have held give me invaluable insight into local government. Additionally, it is vitally important that we protect our environment with an eye toward protecting our water, air and property while addressing the potential flooding issues created by the surrounding Bronx River and Saw Mill River.
Continuing to adhere to a philosophy of protecting the taxpayer and streamlining government spending while developing all opportunities to increase the tax base through smart development. We in government should ensure companies do not flee Westchester County to other states with lower taxes or impose nuisance fees that inhibit growth and cripple development. The North 60 project approved by the County Board of Legislators is the largest development project in Westchester’s history. The project will bring in thousands of jobs and over 9 million dollars in annual taxes; once fully developed. Over the past several years over 44,000 jobs have been created or preserved enhancing the County’s tax base which will help with sustaining and balancing future budgets.
City/Town of Residence Bronxville, NY
Current Political Office n/a
Education A.B. Princeton University 1988, Hackley School, 1984
Prior Civic Service Current Library Board President, Court Clerk, Bronxville Justice Court, PTA event organizer, League of Women Voters Rivertowns Member, Westchester Women's Agenda Member, Rotary Member, Treasurer, Aquehung Women's Democratic Club of Yonkers, Girl Scout Leader
Campaign Web Site
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Campaign Phone (646) 528-8184
We in Westchester have a wonderful County with great public transportation, parks and communities we can be proud of. Many families move here for our public amenities and stay to enjoy the benefits. Our shared values of hard work and service to others unite us in our efforts to improve our communities. The role of local government role is first of all public safety, including great police and fire. The second role of government is infrastructure, because without good roads, up-to-date schools, transportation, water facilities, waste treatment systems and utilities, no business or home can thrive. Finally, the third role of government is to care for the least among us, so that no one goes to bed hungry in the 49th richest County in America or goes to bed in a car or sidewalk. My priorities as County Legislator will be 1) Supporting Small businesses, 2) Protecting our environment by reducing our reliance on carbon-based fuels and 3) attacking cybercrime because theft is theft.
As a small business owner, I applaud the smart solution to our budget deficit by our County Legislature and CE Latimer to increase sales tax by 1% in communities other than cities. Equalizing sales tax will refill our depleted reserves from 8 years of the Astorino Flat Tax Gimmick (which my opponent proudly supported). Losing our AAA bond rating due to borrowing for tax certioraris and other operating expenses was an embarrassment in one of the top 50 richest counties in America. I pledge to look for ways to hold down taxes and reduce waste without resorting to bad budgeting practices. As a Legislator, I will hold the budget process to the same standards as I do at my business or at the Public Library where I am President of the Board: looking for the most efficient use of dollars and no tricks. Similarly, long-term investment in support programs like subsidized day care will reduce overall taxpayer costs in the future. This is our Home. We are Strong Communities and Good Neighbors