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The Town Council is an elected body that enacts town legislation, holds hearings, and passes resolutions on matters involving town government. It is responsible for adopting the annual budget, adopting and amending the town code and broadly addressing issues of concern to the citizens. The term for this position is 4 years and they earn $21,479 per year.

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    Brian C. Austin

  • Christopher J. Carey

  • Glen H. Culbertson

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    Frederick J Field Sr.
    (Rep, Ind, Con)

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    Danielle Futia
    (Rep, Ind, Con)

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    Jill Penn
    (Dem, Ind, Con)

  • Paul Rosano Sr

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If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Campaign Address 14 Starboard Way
Campaign Phone (518) 429-4433
Community Involvement Member - Latham Fire Department (Social), Volunteer - Empire State Youth Orchestra, North Colonie Youth Baseball, Latham Circle Soccer, Shaker Athletics. Zoning and Planning Board Member for the Town of Colonie
Experience and Qualifications 29 years teaching at North Colonie Schools has given me leadership and organization skills appropriate for this position. Also as a member of the Planning Board for the past 10 years, I am familiar with many of the issues facing the Town
Biography A 25 year Town resident along with his wife and three children. Teacher with 29 years of experience in the North Colonie Schools. Member of the Town Planning Board dedicated to smart development. Volunteer for 12 years at the Latham Fire Department.
Occupation and Special Skills Teacher
Website, facebook page or other links Facebook - austinforcolonie Email -
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Campaign Address 281 RTE 2
Troy Schenectady Rd
Campaign Phone (518) 495-1877
Community Involvement Coach of Little League, Pop Warner Football, Religious Education Instructor. Prison Ministry.
Experience and Qualifications Self Employed business owner for past 45 years.
Biography Born 1949, Graduate of Shaker High School and Siena College. Married for 48 years. Four married sons, 16 grandkids grandchildren.
Occupation and Special Skills Real Estate Broker. Negotiating contracts, assessing property values.
Website, facebook page or other links Rick Field for Colonie Town Board
I started a family-run real estate business that has grown into one of the most successful real estate groups in the Capital Region. My company has helped countless families realize their dream of owning a home in Colonie and raising a family in our community. I will bring my experience as a small-business owner to the Town Board as well as my first hand knowledge of the needs of families and seniors. I am a lifelong resident in the Town of Colonie and I raised my four children here with my wife Barbara. We have 16 grandchildren and I understand the day to day challenges that families face in our Town.
My top priority is to keep the Town of Colonie an affordable place to raise a family and own a business. Unfortunately, year’s of mismanagement has resulted in ever increasing taxes and fees with the Town government even going so far as to override the property tax cap last year. I would also work to improve the quality of life for all residents. This means paving more roads faster, making needed improvements to the Town's infrastructure and facilities and curbing out-of-control development through better planning and down zoning.
Community Involvement Secretary to the Albany County Republican Party
Biography I was born and raised in Colonie for the last 30 years and purchased my first home in the Village last June with my husband. I am a graduate of Iona College with a degree in Mass Communication, concentration in Advertising. My husband Michael and I own a local Italian restaurant. In addition to owning the restaurant, I am the director of the Carondelet Hospitality Center which is a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph and is located in their Provincial House in Latham. There I work closely with local nonprofits planning retreats, board meetings, workshops, etc. I am also the Secretary for the Albany County Republican Party.
Website, facebook page or other links Facebook page - Danielle Futia for Colonie Town Board
Since graduating from Iona college almost 10 years ago, I have worked hard to continue the growth in my career. I have worked for 3 different organizations with a total of four promotions - receiving two promotions in my first year at one of them. Our restaurant opened in August 2012 and has grown since then and continues to year after year. That does not happen over night - it takes long days, hard work and team work. As the director of the Carondelet Hospitality Center, I have been proud to open our doors to the many local nonprofits whose mission is to better our community. Our mission at CHC is to "serve thy dear neighbor". That was one of the many reasons why I felt being employed by the Sisters of St. Joseph was the right fit for me. It has always been part of my own life mission to serve others - whether it be serving those who are looking for a relaxing night out to dinner or serving those right here in my community by representing them.
A big issue right now in Colonie is overdevelopment. Since living here for the past 30 years, I have seen the difference in Colonie from then to now. While I do believe some development is important, not all development has a benefit to our Town. Right before our eyes, we are seeing development that doesn't fit the character of our community. This continuing overdevelopment has increased traffic for residents causing challenges when trying to leave their own neighborhoods. Another important topic is affordable senior housing. There have been a few senior housing locations to open up in recent years, but they have not been affordable for all. It is important for those who have lived in Colonie most, if not all, of their life to stay in Colonie. This is their home and nobody should feel forced out of it. Keeping Colonie affordable is crucial for our seniors who are on fixed incomes so they can remain in their own homes.
Campaign Address PO Box 5951
Colonie NY 12205
Campaign Phone (518) 391-0116
Community Involvement Played a key role in the development of the bullying prevention policy in South Colonie 2009. Presenter on bullying prevention at local and national conferences, including the 2010 School and Cyber Bullying Conference in Washington, D.C. Member of the Albany County Bullying Prevention Task Force 2013-2016 and member of panel on Keeping our Kids Safe: Life After Parkland FL sponsored by Albany County February 2018. Current member of Colonie Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee.
Experience and Qualifications Endorsed by CapitalWomen, Eleanor's Legacy and Albany County Central Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO)
Biography Please see below.
Occupation and Special Skills School administrator; 27 years of experience serving children and families in Colonie as an educator in the South Colonie School District.
Website, facebook page or other links;
Office Colonie Town Board Councilperson
As an educator, I have had extensive experience with budget and policy development and working collaboratively to develop programs that meet the diverse needs of our student population. One primary area of responsibility for a member of the Town Board is making fiscal decisions in the best interest of all of the members of our community. I am confident that my 20 years of experience as an administrator in the South Colonie School District have prepared me for this role. From writing and managing the Title I grant for the district to developing a building budget, I have had a myriad of experiences in this area. Additionally, my work with the members of the community to develop programs for our students has taught me the value of involving all stakeholders in the decision making process and working to ensure all voices are heard. As a member of the Colonie Town Board, I will strive to be inclusive and represent all residents while maintaining my responsibility to our tax payers.
If I am elected to the Colonie Town Board, I would like to continue to work with the Supervisor and members of the Board to maintain low taxes and the safety of our community. As a town, we have an excellent police department and emergency services which help to ensure residents feel safe and have the supports needed. Additionally, I would like to continue to encourage the reuse and redevelopment of existing sites and buildings so we can diversify our economic base and maintain low taxes while protecting our existing green spaces. By inviting developers to repurpose stagnant locations, as was done with the former Latham Circle Mall and Starlight Theater to name a few, we can beautify our town while creating jobs and supporting our economy. The reuse or redevelopment of existing sites also helps to protect open space and the environment. As a member of the Colonie Town Board, I will work diligently to ensure our community remains a place we are proud to call home.
Campaign Address 8 Burlwood Dr.
Campaign Phone (518) 459-8071
Community Involvement Member of the Colonie Town Board. Member of the West Albany Italian Benovlent Society. Member of PRISM (organization to address the threat of invasive species, a threat to our environment. Past President and Board Member of Westland Hills Little League (25 years) Past commissioner and Medic for Colonie Pop Warner. Founding member of the Youth Alternative Program.
Experience and Qualifications Former small business owner and operator, Rosano's Hareware Store. Senior Management position with several large companies in the Albany market. Two years experience on the Colonie Town Planning Board, have maintained planning/zoning/seqyra credentials for the past 8 years.
Biography Life long resident of Colonie. Graduate of Christian Brothers Academy, HVCC 1970, HVCC 1974, Walton School of Business, New Horizions Computer Training Centers Continuing Education and certification through the Regional Planning Commission. Married for 49 years to Ellen Rosano. Father of two children Paul Rosano Jr. and Jennifer Paigo. Proud grandfather of six amazing grandchildren.
Occupation and Special Skills Management. Special Skills: budgeting auditing, personnel development.
Website, facebook page or other links Colonie Democratic Committee
Home Phone 518-459-8071
I have been a member of the Town Board for the last 8 years. Prior to my election to the town board I was a member of the planning board for two years. I have experience with budgets, management and personnel development through my 50 years of working in retail. I was involved in a family business (Rosano's Hardware Store) before moving on to other large commercial enterprizes. My involvement in the community has also afforded me the opportunity to manage large groups of individuals including children, sponsors and parents. I worked with CYC, developed the in house basketball league, affording an opportunity to all children to participate in a basketball program. During my time on the Town Board, I feel that I have demonstrated that I am able to work with the staff, administration and residents.
I would continue to work with administration to produce a balance budget, while providing a fair wages and benefits for our employees. One of my goals is to continue to improve our infrastructure and paving program. Re-development is a major focus to encourage revitalization of properties.. We have accomplished energy saving incentives in the town and will continue to do so (our recent change to hydro-electric power and our change to LED street lighting). There are many aspects that contribute to making our town successful and a desirable place to live and work. We were recently voted the best suburban town and library. I want to preserve these designations and will work hard to do so.