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Biographical Information

What skills, background and personal qualities would you bring to this position?

What do you see as the challenges and opportunities for Troy during the next four years?

How do you view transparency and what steps will you take to see that it is operational in Troy?

The Troy Trails System is underway. Do you favor expanding it? If so, what is a good way to facilitate that expansion? If not, why not?

Education Bachelors in Chemical Engineering (U of M), Masters in Industrial Engineering (WSU)
Family Info Unmarried
Length of Troy Residency 43 years
Prior Community Involvement Troy City Council, Troy Personnel Board, Troy PD Citizen Academy, Troy Library Activist
Campaign Phone (248) 515-0968
As a life-long Troy resident, I’ve witnessed Troy’s growth over the past 43 years. This perspective has informed my decision-making, particularly in regards to green space considerations and development projects.

As a degreed engineer, I am trained to solve problems with quantitative and qualitative data, using evidence-based decision-making techniques.

As a program manager in the automotive industry, I am responsible for developing and executing project plans with multi-million budgets. Previously, I’ve been responsible for managing groups of 20+ employees, ensuring their work was done completely, competently and with integrity.

As a caregiver to aging parents while working full-time and serving on council, I’ve mastered how to focus on the relevant and using available time wisely.
While the general fund balance has been managed conservatively, city services would not be sustainable at today’s levels should the broader economy turn towards recession. The city will again be unable to raise revenues due to the millage cap. Council should take the opportunity to initiate community conversations on budget priorities, as well as sustainable and dedicated funding for city services.

With Troy nearly built out, green space is increasingly precious. The Cluster Ordinance encourages the preservation of natural surroundings when land is developed. The opportunity will be in stimulating collaboration between developers and residents to ensure common sense development to grow the property tax base while preserving the character of our neighborhoods.
The late Damon Keith, Senior Judge of the US 6th Court of Appeals and civil rights champion, once penned in a ruling “democracies die behind closed doors.” I could not agree more.

Troy has struggled with full transparency in wake of the conviction of the former City Manager (CM) for soliciting and accepting bribes. I drafted and supported resolutions to make public the Lange Report, which outlined the former CM’s transgressions, and the forensic audit into the CM’s financial practices, which outlined a culture of complicity that enabled the former CM. While Brian Kischnick was convicted, the buck ultimately stops with City Council.

I am committed to understanding the role City Council may have played in enabling an adverse culture, so that effective remediation can occur. I also support revising the City Council Code of Ethics so that there are penalties for violations.

In short, I will work to make our current challenges a teachable moment for Troy, the region, and the state.
A trails and pathways system that accommodates bicyclists and pedestrians is the amenity most requested by residents. Phase 1 of the Troy Trails plan opened last year, connecting the Civic Center to a wooded path and neighborhood to the east. I support efforts to open additional legs to this trail.

In 2015, City staff spent considerable effort on alternate plans of full pathways and resident engagement sessions. There was no resounding support for any one plan, as each had a leg that residents took issue with. Phase I’s success can be attributed not only to the beautiful surroundings, but also as a direct result of the City working with residents and businesses directly abutting the proposed leg. Certainly, there should be a holistic vision for the pathway. But, going forward, a leg-by-leg approach to developing a pathway that engages those closest to it should be taken. I would also encourage those who have doubts about the benefits of a nearby pathway to visit the Phase I path.
Education Mathematics, BA and MBA, Finance
Family Info Married to Bethany; proud parents to a 1-yr old daughter
Length of Troy Residency 6 Yrs.
Prior Community Involvement Zoning Board of Appeals, Vice Chair, plus numerous church and non-profit outreaches
Campaign Phone (586) 419-0949
My three years on the Troy Zoning Board of Appeals has taught me the importance of balancing proposed development with the protection of Troy’s residents. I also have 12 years of financial consulting experience, including performing fraud investigations and calculating damages in legal disputes, which has prepared me for budgetary and financial decisions. My background is in math, finance, and business. I'm excited to work together to ensure that Troy flourishes as a family-centered, business-friendly community.
The three biggest opportunities I see for Troy are: (1) Restoring financial integrity to City Hall, (2) balancing commercial development with the protection of Troy’s residential neighborhoods, and (3) expanding the trails and pathways system to highlight our existing parks and Civic Center. Many residents are concerned that aggressive development will encroach on their peaceful neighborhoods; likewise, developers often receive mixed messages from Troy’s zoning ordinances. We need straight-forward development guidelines that protect our neighborhoods and benefit all constituents.
Financial transparency is extremely important and a noble pursuit of local government earning the trust of the people it represents. The term “financial transparency” is often misunderstood, misapplied and, at worst, used for political gain. I am the only candidate with direct professional experience concerning fraud prevention, detection, and investigations. I have worked on multi-million-dollar fraud cases that have provided financial justice to the victims. I understand the importance of strong internal accounting controls, checks-and-balances, and culture of transparency and accountability.
Yes, based on third-party research and resident surveys, there is a mandate from the people to fully develop our Paths and Trailways. Troy often lags behind its neighboring cities when it comes to recreational options. A fully developed system will highlight our existing parks and Civic Center. I propose that we creatively find solutions with existing neighborhoods, utilize existing right-of-ways, and consider developing “paper” streets.
Education Bachelors of Science - Civil Engineering
Family Info Married for 19 years to Adriana 4 amazing kids (ages 8 -16)
Length of Troy Residency 9 years
Prior Community Involvement Served local church; precinct delegate; Traffic Committee; 5years-Troy Planning Commission
Campaign Phone (586) 604-8554
I have the personal qualifications, professional experience and municipal experience needed to serve and lead our City well for the next four years. I’m committed to serving with absolute integrity and transparency. I worked as a professional engineer for more than 23 years both in the public and private sectors. It’s in my dna to listen, work collaboratively and solve problems. I gather all the facts and look at things holistically when making critical decisions. I’ve done that well serving on the Troy Planning Commission for almost five years and I’m committed to continuing that on Council. One of my responsibilities as an engineer is to propose cost-effective initiatives and solutions. I’m committed to making fiscally responsible decisions on any matters that involve tax-payer dollars
One of the challenges in our City is ongoing development. Troy’s stellar reputation for its safety and quality schools continues to make it a very attractive community for new families and businesses. As a Planning Commissioner, I’m keenly aware of the challenge of attracting quality developments in our city while at the same time protecting our green spaces and existing neighborhoods. While on the Planning Commission I strongly supported the passage of new ordinances that incentivize the protection and preservation of green space and prevents developers from clearcutting. I’m committed to proposing changes to our Master Plan to eliminate those so called “gray areas” that create contention between developers and residents. Another opportunity is continuing to fund our library responsibly.
I believe when transparency, accountability and integrity become top priority of our local governance systems, the risks of corruption are reduced. The City of Troy makes a concerted effort to be very transparent about the City’s finances, available under the “Open Troy” section of the City’s website. But I believe true transparency should not only include but transcend financial documents made public online. Transparency should be the mindset and culture that permeates all aspects of City business, communication and decision making. Transparency becomes a more tangible reality when policies are implemented that hold local officials accountable for their decisions. If I get elected to Council I will be a strong proponent to make the necessary changes to the Troy City Council Code of Ethics to foster a renewed sense of trust and the transparency we all want and expect. I will also work diligently to improve communication between Council and City management.
I'm in favor of strategically expanding the trails and pathways network. It adds tremendous value to the quality of life of our residents. The challenge for a project of this scope is securing the necessary easements and funding to build it. If I get elected, I’m committed to a tight collaboration with City staff and residents to develop cost effective options and routes that will allow for the expansion of the network. I will also work with the other council members to explore all possible sources of funding such as public/private partnerships or grants. Having reviewed and voted on over 120 projects (on PC) that have been proposed in our community has given me the unique opportunity to understand the priorities of our residents and businesses. I will leverage this experience to better serve our City. A quote says, “If we clasp hands tightly with someone, it’s very hard to point fingers at them”. I am committed to clasping hands with our future mayor and council to serve our city well
Education University of Michigan, Michigan State College of Human Medicine, Mayo Clinic Residency
Family Info Husband and three daughters
Length of Troy Residency 4.5 years
Prior Community Involvement Troy Historic Village, Stage Nature Center, Citizens Academy, Children's Community Events
Campaign Phone (248) 457-5866
As a Physician, my life’s work involves looking at situations through a problem-solving lens: assessing a situation, coming up with a diagnosis, and then making critical decisions even under stress. As a physician, I am also held to the highest moral and ethical standards when caring for my patients. As a small business owner I also understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and working within a budget. I will work hard to represent all the voices of Troy residents when making important decisions affecting our city and will practice transparency and accessibility to earn and keep their trust. At the end of the day, it’s about being accountable and forthcoming to the residents who trust us with their hard-earned tax dollars.
I believe the next four years will include challenges such as protecting our green spaces and improving our existing parks. I will consider the impact of traffic and environmental damage when evaluating developments. We must respect residents while also promoting economic growth. The Troy Public Library is a valuable resource that Troy residents as well as members from other communities continue use. I believe it is important to renew our library millage and ensure it is adequately funded so that it can continue to serve our community. Also, we must reaffirm our triple AAA bond rating to protect Troy’s financial position. Lastly, we must rebuild trust in our elected officials to help strengthen the city of Troy.
Transparency is important in government. I believe that it is important to practice transparency in all decisions in order to earn and keep citizen's trust. If elected, I will treat all fellow council members and employees the same, encourage open and face-to-face communication, and ensure that organizational goals are aligned. In addition, I would like to see more guidelines implemented to hold our elected officials accountable when they violate moral and ethical standards. I will do what’s best for the city of Troy, and that includes sharing both the good and bad news to our citizens. I will work to improve the communication between our Troy residents and public officials, so that citizens feel their voices are being heard and considered during the decision-making process. I understand it is my role to serve the city of Troy, therefore, I will be mindful and let people know why I have made certain decisions, and be open for challenges and feedback.
Troy's neighborhoods vary quite a bit in density and spacing, which can make sidewalks and bike lanes both difficult and expensive. In addition, they may not make sense for every neighborhood and some may not even want them. However, I am generally in favor of these features because of its many benefits; it increases safety to pedestrians and bikers, increases spending at local businesses, reduces medical expenses by encouraging exercising, makes a city more attractive, etc. I believe a good way to facilitate the expansion is through consultation, whether it be through a planning coalition, a set of survey experts, etc. I believe the Troy Trails System can start connecting our community in our parks and recreational areas and then expand to additional neighborhoods that would highly benefit from it.
Education Manchester College, BA University of Toledo, JD
Family Info Married to Thomas Gault; daughter Eleanor Gault
Length of Troy Residency 15 years
Prior Community Involvement 14+ years on Stoneridge subdivision board. Team captain for Voters Not Politicians
Campaign Phone (248) 320-5798
I bring knowledge of the issues important to Troy, and the skills and experience necessary to lead the City. I’m an attorney, a small business owner, and a 15 year resident of Troy who has been an active participant in local government. I’ve served for almost 15 years on my homeowners association board, working to better our neighborhood, and I want to bring that to the City of Troy at-large. As an attorney, every day I work with people that are different from me. They have different goals, views and agendas. My job is to identify and solve problems to help people. You do that by reaching across differences and finding solutions. As a former president of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan, I know how to lead, and I will do so by collaborating with people and building consensus.
Troy residents tell me they want a Council that represents their interests and that will listen to them. Troy deserves good government, and I will ensure integrity on City Council by promoting higher ethical standards and full transparency. I will always do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing. Voters also tell me Troy needs smart development that balances our need to grow with our need to preserve existing neighborhoods and green space. My goal is to balance new development and growth with preserving green space, eliminate traffic congestion and noise pollution, and maintain our infrastructure. I will protect our cherished community spaces such as our library, civic center, and parks, and I will fully support the men and women of our public safety departments.
I am the only person running for Troy City Council who has promoted transparency and accountability. In 2016, a whistleblower accused our former City Manager Brian Kischnick of misconduct, which was investigated and detailed in a confidential report to Council. While some Council members wanted to release the report, a majority of Council decided to hide Kischnick’s wrongdoing from the public. As a lawyer with an innate sense of justice, I could not accept this, and I filed a FOIA request to release the report. As a result of my actions, Kishnick’s wrongdoing came to light and he now sits in prison. A recent forensic investigation by Plante Moran found that the City Council contributed to a “culture of complicity” by failing to correct Kischnick’s wrongdoing when they discovered it in 2016. One of the primary responsibilities of Council is to supervise the City Manager, and as a member of Council, I will make sure that Troy government is acting legally and with integrity.
I was thrilled to see the first leg of the Troy Trails system open in 2018, and I look forward to more trails. Walking and biking trails will help make Troy an attractive place to live and work. Troy has been working on developing trails since 1974, and has overcome many obstacles to get where we are today. As a member of Council, I will promote the Troy Trails System and work for its expansion. My hope is that soon we will be able to bike or walk throughout the City. One source of resistance is homeowners who will not agree to allow a trail through their neighborhoods. I believe we can overcome this with public education and engagement. I would also support continuing the current modest funding for the project.
Education Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering
Family Info Married with 2 daughters in Troy Schools.
Length of Troy Residency 14 years
Prior Community Involvement Troy Traffic & Financial Ideas Team, Troy Youth Assistance Board, Trustee Historic Village
Campaign Phone (248) 520-0699
Married with 2 children in the Troy Public school system, a dad who wants to make Troy a better place tomorrow than it is today. I am not here to make a name for myself but to be the independent voice of the Citizens of Troy. I am an Engineer by profession and have been with Ford Motor for the last 24 years. Given my diverse background in dealing with multiple global partners gives me a unique ability to look at facts and develop a win-win solution for all. I care about our community and volunteer for: • City of Troy Traffic Committee Member • City of Troy Financial Ideas Team • Troy Youth Assistance Board Member • Troy Historic Village Board Member (Trustee) • Troy School District Facilities Board member(2015-2016) My promise is to provide a Clean, Transparent and Efficient government.
Changing the Tone at the Top – Want to ensure that the recommendations from the forensic report are taken. I strongly feel that more sustainable actions can be taken to avoid future incidents. Being a people leader at Ford I can contribute to this immensely. Green development – Every City needs development to keep our taxes low and bring in revenue. This does not mean that all green space can be eliminated especially public property. Development must be done taking into consideration the green space, the neighborhoods and population density. Ensure Fiscal Discipline – Get Good value for our hard-earned money. We need to protect ourselves against frivolous increase of taxes. This will help our seniors (who are on a fixed income), families starting their homes and citizens of Troy.
I come with 28 years of IT experience out of which 14 has been in the auditing and security. This background has always taught to be read the fine text between the lines and look for the anomalies. My view of transparency is to go public and online with facts and anomalies.

The important step I would strongly work for is that the people of Troy who pay taxes in Troy have a right to know. This would be about the cost and its details of the various purchases made by the City. Agree that there might be certain items that cannot be public until the contracts are awarded. But again, the public has a right to know about the who was involved and what were the facts around selection of vendors and supplier partners.

Any Trails in any city is a give and take. I support the Troy Trails system BUT only in the right areas and where the benefits are significant. I know the Troy Trails has been in and out of the budget over the years, so financial adjustments need to be made.

The biggest consideration is the neighborhoods were these trails will traverse, the voice of the citizen’s must be heard, nothing can be unilaterally decided. End of the day, I would listen the voice of the common person whether they would need a trail is needed. This can be done my increased communication.