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Dearborn Heights City Council {_getChooseLabel(this.selections.length)}

This is the legislative branch of city government. The 7-member city council sets policies, adopts budgets and enacts legislation. Positions are overlapping, with 3 seats up for election one year and 4 seats up for election 2 years later. 4-year terms, ending December 31, 2023. VOTE FOR UP TO 3 CANDIDATES

Click a candidate icon to find more information about the candidate. To compare two candidates, click the "compare" button. To start over, click a candidate icon.

Biographical Information

1. What is your background, and how will it help you to serve the city as Councilperson?

2. What are your top two priority issues, and how will you address them?

3. What do you consider the role of a city council?

4. How might the city address serious flooding concerns?

5. What are your views regarding government transparency?

6. Do you think that sharing services with other cities (e.g., current sharing of library services) is an effective way to control costs and maintain high-quality services? Why or why not?