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Clerk of Court Chesapeake City

Clerk of Court serves an eight-year term. Clerk of Court provides administrative support for legal proceedings. This includes record keeping for criminal cases, maintaining deeds and other land records, levying fines and fees, preparing summonses, and issuing marriage licenses. The Clerk is responsible for probate proceedings. The Clerk is also the official record keeper for election ballots.

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    Alan P. Krasnoff

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Explain your top three priorities if elected.

What skills and talents would you bring to the office of Clerk of Court?

How can the Clerk of Court improve the lives of residents in your community?

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Campaign Phone (757) 268-4898
Biography For over 29 years, Alan Krasnoff has served us honorably and well. He was elected to five consecutive terms as a member of Chesapeake's City Council, three consecutive terms as Chesapeake’s Mayor and is now serving in his first term as Clerk of Court. Already, Alan has already been certified as faculty for the Institute for Court Management (ICM) program offered by the National Center for State Courts. Beyond that, Alan has been a strong supporter for our community and neighborhood organizations
1. Constantly improving customer service.

2. Staff development through continuing education, whether by earning a college degree or through webinars and professional career development courses.

3. Saving valuable deeds and documents - some hundreds of years old - that are irreplaceable records of Chesapeake’s history that must be restored and preserved.

I was trained and practiced chiropractic medicine for over 30 years, and I quickly learned how important it is to “read" people and sense their needs. Those skills have served us well over time, first as an 18-year member of Chesapeake City Council and then as Mayor from July, 2008 until my election as Clerk in November, 2017.

My focus has always been to help others excel, and now I have the good fortune to lead a staff of 31 dedicated people to serve in new ways.
Unless you visiting our office to get a license or permit, coming to court can be tough on everyone.

Understanding that might be the case, it’s important that we act fairly and treat everyone with the dignity they have a right to demand.
Clerks deal with almost every aspect of a person’s life.

If you’re suing or being sued, whether you’re a victim or alleged to have committed a crime, whether you selling or buying property, whether you’re getting married or divorced, adopting a child or probating a will, you will end up interacting with a Clerk’s office.

Knowing that, the last thing anyone should want is even a hint of bias to come into play, and the best way to limit that is it to give everyone a voice and vote in who will serve you as Clerk.