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Township of Upper St Clair Commissioner At-Large

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    Andrew J. Zahalsky

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What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

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Last Name Zahalsky
First Name Andrew
Middle Name J.
Age 48
Campaign Phone (412) 956-7466
Education M.D. Brown University 1996 ~ M.A. Molecular Biology Brown University 1994 ~ Sc.B. Biology Brown University 1992
Qualifications for office Resident of the Pittsburgh area for 17 years ~ Resident of Upper St. Clair for 6 years - Values the Community ~ Married with 4 Children - Values the Family ~ Respected Oncologist - Values People ~ Co-Owner of a Real Estate Management Company - Experienced in Township Planning and Preserving Property Values ~ All 4 Children are in the Public School System - Knows that the Quality of our Schools is also Key to Preserving Property Values ~ Coaches a Middle School Robotics Team - Values STEM Education ~ Tax Payer - Knows the Value of Money and Opposes Tax Increases
District Upper St. Clair
1) My main priority as Commissioner of Upper St. Clair Township will be to preserve the high quality of life for its residents and to preserve our property values so that Upper St. Clair remains a desirable community. 2) Through good governance, proper budgeting, and avoidance of waste, I will hold a firm line against tax increases, while continuing to fund the municipal services provided by the Township. 3) Although there is limited land left for development in Upper St. Clair, one of my priorities is to make sure that all future development enhances the character of our community.
I believe in good governance, with equal protection for all people under the law. I believe that laws should be applied fairly. Above all, I strive to follow the directive: "Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you." I believe that politicians should be moral and trustworthy, and I hold myself to very high moral standards. However, because of the American ideal of Liberty, I do not believe that the government should be engaged in legislating morality for others. I believe that truth is important. I am committed to thinking through the impact of all legislative actions.
I will work with our local police force so that they continue to keep our community safe as they continue to be role models for our region.