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County Controller

General supervision and control of county fiscal matters. Must pass on validity of all claims against the county. General supervision and control of county fiscal matters.  Must pass on validity of all claims against the county.

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    Chelsa Wagner

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What are your top three priorities for this office?

Every elected office has obstacles that make it hard to accomplish its mission and responsibilities. What obstacle do you plan to work to remove if elected?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

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Last Name Wagner
First Name Chelsa
Age 42
Campaign Phone (412) 567-2066
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Education B.A., Public Policy, University of Chicago, 1999 J.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 2005
Qualifications for office Prior to entering politics, Wagner worked as an attorney, and as a business analyst, advising large municipal and state governments throughout the County. She served three terms in the State House prior to being elected as Controller.
1. Continuing to protect our tax dollars through transparency and accountability. 2. Ensuring tax-exempt “non-profits” are accountable to their workers, our taxpayers, and all County residents. 3. Promoting cleaner and safer air and water while protecting and creating jobs. Each of these goals can be promoted through my office’s ability to scrutinize County government operations and demand efficiencies, improvements, and innovations that promote progress for all of our residents.
When I took office as Controller nearly eight years ago, the powers of the office were viewed and utilized narrowly as a bookkeeping entity. I took action to bring its important auditing function up to the highest nationally recognized standards in order to perform performance audits of important County government functions, and successfully went to court to protect this prerogative of my office. This has resulted in more effective and efficient government, as well as significant cost savings, to the taxpayers of Allegheny County.
I've raised concerns re the fragmentation that exists in local law enforcement, w/ over 100 local police depts which possess greatly differing levels of financial support, staffing capabilities, policies & practices. I've advocated for the Allegheny County Sheriff's Dept, to serve as a coordinating agency & to promote a baseline standard for office training & dept policies through its police training academy. I also support efforts to institute a civilian police review board at the County level.