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    Christopher Ansell

  • Douglas E. Connor

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    William C. Price Jr

  • Weldianne Scales

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

Last Name Ansell
First Name Christopher
Middle Name Blair
Age 38
Campaign Email
Education B.S. Chemical Engineering (Penn State University) M. Div. (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
Qualifications for office Resident of 13 years. Judge of Elections/Majority Inspector for District 9 for last 5 years. Chair of Swissvale Recreation Board for last 4 years.
Communication. Borough decisions are not being adequately communicated to residents. Residents should expect better communication and opportunities to be heard.

Recreation. I believe in the power of recreational opportunities for youth to develop character. I am the Recreation Board Chair and a coach for WH Youth Soccer Assoc.

Collaboration. In our current political climate, council must be able to communicate effectively, disagree respectfully and work collaboratively. I pledge to be an empathetic presence; to help resolve conflict and to curate a culture of understanding and respect.
Council members must intentionally develop relationships with members of underrepresented populations, so that residents with diverse ideas and skills can share in leadership. Our decision-making committees should reflect the diversity of our community. I will advocate to appoint more women, people of color, and those identifying as LGBTQIA+ to advisory boards, committees, etc. This should not be done in any kind of tokenism, but in a way that recognizes the leaders and passionate citizens from minority populations whose perspectives deserve to be in places of authority within our borough.
All officers should be required to participate in anti-bias training. Even well-meaning officers can make snap decisions based upon implicit bias. I would also like to see officers engaged and interacting with residents outside of their service vehicle. In a small community such as ours all locations are accessible by foot. Countless testimonies attest to the relationship building between police officers and residents when officers are out of their vehicles, interacting with its members.
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Last Name Price, Jr.
First Name William
Middle Name Charles
Age 64
Campaign Phone (412) 271-7334
Education BA in Political Science from Slippery Rock (Magna cum Laude) JD (Law degree) from Duquesne Law School
Qualifications for office 38 years practicing law in Swissvale. Local resident, landlord and employer. 35 years volunteering with Swissvale Rotary. 25 years service of the as past board member of the Lutheran Extension Society. 12 years service as past member of the Board of Trustees of the National Aviary. Presently serving on the Swissvale Planning Commission.
District Swissvale
1. Intervene sooner to get distressed properties in responsible hands so we do not forever lose housing stock and commercial buildings through demolition.

2. License plate reader installation at high crime corridors where drive-by shootings are occuring, to help solve murders.

3. A borough statute banning discrimination by local businesses, landlords and employers against people because of their sexual identity or orientation.
The circumstances of our birth are always beyond our control. I did not have the childhood I would have chosen. While I am not a member of an ethnic or racial minority, I did grew up in a marginalized family with an alcoholic father. I put myself through college and law school working every minimum wage job I could find. My first legal job was as a Neighborhood Legal Service attorney, working with the poor. For my entire adult life I have chosen to work in a diverse community and to represent and fight for people of all walks of life.
We must vet applicants and make sure they are properly trained. No responsible borough wants any bad police officer. We also need to make sure that we employ police officers who come from our community or similar communities. Diversity is extremely important. An effective police officer must understand a community and consider himself or herself to be a part of it. He/she must not be fearful of our citizens. All public servants should be subject to transparent and independent review.
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