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Pittsburgh Member of Council District 1

Council consists of nine members elected by district by the city of Pittsburgh voters. The legislative power is vested in the council. Council members in odd-numbered districts are elected 2 years after the even-numbered district members are elected.

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    Malcolm Jarrett

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    Chris Rosselot

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    Bobby Wilson

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

Last Name Jarrett
First Name Malcolm
Age 49
Campaign Phone (412) 610-2402
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Education Graduated High School in Charleston, Missouri and the University of Pittsburgh. But my real education has been in struggles with fellow workers.
Qualifications for office I have participated in organizing fights against police brutality. I have helped build solidarity for workers in struggle from nurses in Indiana, PA, to UE workers on strike against Wabtec. Recently on a national tour I visited the encampment of the Kentucky Blackjewel miners and brought solidarity to UAW picket lines at General Motors in several cities.
UNIONS Support workers’ struggles to organize and strengthen unions. Use union power to defend all working people. 50,000 autoworkers striking against General Motors are an example for all workers. AMNESTY FOR ALL UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS in the U.S. a life-and-death question for the unions to unite workers and cut across divisions the bosses use to drive down wages. JOBS Fight for federal government-financed public works program to put millions to work at union-scale wages building roads, bridges, hospitals, child care centers, mass transportation and quality affordable housing workers need
The SWP’s program to confront the economic, social and moral crisis caused by capitalism: “JUSTICE” SYSTEM Fight against police brutality, racist discrimination and the capitalist injustice system. DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS Defend democratic rights under attack. Stop FBI and other government spying, harassment and disruption. ABORTION Defend women’s right to unrestricted access to family planning services, including the right to safe, secure abortions. Working people must organize and act independent of the ruling capitalists and break from their political parties-the Democrats and Republicans.
When police go to working class communities their form of “helping” often leads to police brutality. Violence is part and parcel of a dog-eat-dog ethic in class society, which relies on the police to maintain a level of fear and repression in working class communities. Police brutality has been pushed back in recent years and guilty cops are going to jail. These fights stay the hand of the police and authorities but also give confidence in our capacity to fight in solidarity with each other.
Last Name Rosselot
First Name Chris
Age 39
Campaign Phone (412) 232-5042
Education Masters: Public Policy-University of Pittsburgh Bachelors: Political Science-University of Northern Iowa
Qualifications for office Chris is an active volunteer in his community, having served as President of his neighborhood based organization and involved in his two children's school with the PTO. Chris served on the staff of U.S. Senator Bob Casey's office for 6 years handling constituent service issues, including assisting constituents navigating their issues with the Federal government. Chris was also the Senators liaison to local governments throughout southwestern PA. Currently, Chris is a community development consultant, providing grant development assistance to communities and businesses.
District Pittsburgh City Council District 1, encompassing the Northside neighborhoods of Allegheny Center / City Center / West, Brighton Heights, Brightwood, Deutschtown, East Allegheny, Fineview, Northview Heights, Observatory Hill, Spring Garden, Spring Hill-City View, Summer Hill, Troy Hill and Washington's Landing.
1. Constituent Services: My district office will be ready to serve the constituents on day one. I will rely on my government experience to serve to people of the Northside in an efficient, transparent and accessible manner. Mobile office hours will be a priority because Northsiders shouldn't have to go to Grant Street to meet their representative and staff. 2. Responsible Development: I will work with both developers and neighborhood stakeholders to make sure that development is balanced, inclusive and transparent. 3. Infrastructure Improvements: water & sewer, sidewalks, city steps, & paving.
In order to promote social and racial justice we must first identify and work to change policies designed to work against certain groups. At the city level, specifically in District 1, responsible development is one such issue that comes to mind. I would take a look at zoning policies like inclusionary zoning and transit-oriented projects, to see if there is an opportunity to enact a more equitable system. I would also take a look at the city treasury sale process and see if there is a way to make it more transparent. Until we change policies nothing can change.
Building positive relationships between the police and the community takes time. I would promote community policing practices that include more police/community interaction. Part of my safe streets policy includes not necessarily hiring more police but rather support staff in order to free up cops to invest more time building relationships in the neighborhoods they serve.
Last Name Wilson
First Name Bobby
Middle Name Chester
Age 37
Campaign Phone (412) 256-8814
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Campaign Web Site
Education BA - Political Science - University of Pittsburgh MS - Exercise Physiology - University of Pittsburgh
Qualifications for office My background in the sciences throughout my work at the University of Pittsburgh allows me to bring an analytical approach to the office. This is coupled with heavy involvement in local civic organizations. As president of the Spring Hill Civic League and a board member of the Northside Leadership Conference I have gained a great deal of experience serving my community, a community where I am proud to have grown up and am also raising my children in. For these reasons I believe I am uniquely qualified to be your next city councilperson.
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District City Council District 1
1. Affordable Housing for all Growth is important but it remains imperative that the most vulnerable in our community are not left behind and forced to leave neighborhoods they and their families have lived in for years. 2. Equitable development The North Side deserves to share in the growth that is happening in the rest of the city, but at the same time it needs to remain a place for everyone. 3. Constituent Concerns We will strive to be accessible and responsive to all of our constituents. If elected I will be present in the community and available to them throughout my term.
Anytime we enact policy we must consider how it affects those in our community that are marginalized. My top 3 priorities in office (affordable housing, equitable development, & constituent concerns) all strive to consider and center the needs of everyone in our community. Even the most well meaning of lawmakers have the capability to create laws that are destructive to some without realizing it. For this reason it is vital that we continue to listen to all members of our community. When enacting policy I will actively seek out voices that represent the entire North Side.
Police can be too removed from the community. We should strive to create and enact policy that allows police to spend more time on the beat talking to citizens and living in the communities they serve. Our police officers should be trusted members of our community and not feared. If we are going to improve police-community relations we need to see them on a daily basis in our neighborhoods and not just when 911 is called.