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    Anita Malik

  • David Schweikert

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What are the most important challenges facing our country and how do you propose to address them?

What, if any, steps will you take to reform current immigration policies, including the DACA program?

What is your view of existing climate science, and your stance on supporting research on and progress toward the use of renewable energy technologies to replace the use of fossil fuels?

How will you work to increase job opportunities for your constituents?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

Campaign Phone (602) 561-4532
Twitter @anitamalik
Campaign Finance: Money should never be more powerful than each voice. The first step to getting dark money out of politics is candidates pledging to not accept money from special interests. We also need to pass a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United, corporate personhood, Super PACs and elite-driven elections. Arizona’s local model for Clean Elections is a replicable template.

Economic Inequality: The American middle-class has fallen behind. Wage growth has stagnated and corporate profits are at an all-time high. I support raising the cap on Social Security taxes and legislation for equal pay. We must expand innovation, unite community resources and ultimately create well-paying, secure jobs that move us forward.
I believe that the policies of separating children from their parents and placing families in jail cells is morally abhorrent and needs to end immediately. We should not turn away children and families who are fleeing violence. Instead, we should take appropriate measures to ensure their safety until they are able to safely return to their countries.

I also support a path to citizenship for Dreamers and a plan that puts their families on a path as well. I support ending the green card backlog that has put many immigrant families in decades of limbo and protecting right-to-work visas for spouses such as the H4 EAD visa.

We must protect the diversity of our country; it is our greatest strength.
I support instituting a tax on carbon to limit emissions. I also believe that we need to invest in clean energy technologies like solar, air and hydroelectric. Arizona, and plenty of other Western states, are in the middle of an extreme drought. Research into desalination technology at the federal level will be needed in the future to alleviate our ongoing climate and water crisis.
The future of work is changing rapidly with automation, outsourcing and remote options. We must continue to strengthen the social safety net for workers; expand vocational education, community colleges, apprenticeships, and retraining; and promote companies that retrain/reassign workers instead of laying them off. We must encourage companies to diversify their workforces (race, gender, disability, etc.) A more diversified workforce is a more productive and healthy workforce. We must encourage companies to invest in innovation.

This encouragement can come in the way of tax credits and tax breaks based on accountability and community involvement.
I believe we must begin a purposeful transition to a unique American universal coverage system. We must immediately allow insurance providers to sell across state lines and allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. We must quickly introduce a public option to bring more competition to markets. We can slash administrative costs by combining systems. We can find additional savings and efficiency by introducing blockchain technologies to our digitized health records. We must encourage safe and prominent access to women's reproductive health services.

Our goal should be universal coverage that puts patient care and healthcare worker safety above insurance and pharmaceutical company profits.
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