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    Jim Hagedorn

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Jobs: What action, if any, will you take to help your Minnesotans get steady work and living wages?

Trust: What action, if any, will you take to ensure Minnesotans trust you as an elected official and have confidence in you?

Civility: What is the responsibility of our elected officials, if any, to encourage Minnesotans to engage in respectful, constructive, civil discussions?

Unity: What concrete steps, if any, will you take to build cooperation between parties and unify the country?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the Republican Congress and signed into law by President Trump has resulted in increased wages, the lowest rate of unemployment since 1969 across all gender and racial categories, and an unprecedented expansion of our economy. As a member of Congress, I will advocate for additional middle class tax reform, patient-centered health care, and regulatory reform to continue to grow our economy with high wage jobs, and protect our main street economies and rural way of life.
I believe a trusted leader is an individual with conviction and who, with clarity and firmness of resolve can pull together teams of individuals to accomplish goals they could not accomplish individually. A trusted leader effectively utilizes the strengths of each team member in a collaborative manner. I have worked hard to exercise these leadership traits at each stop along the way of my professional career.

We all have a role to play in encouraging civility not only in politics, but in society as well. Elected officials have a special responsibility as they are frequently in the public eye discussing issues on which passions and emotions run high. My career as a Legislative Assistant to a member of Congress as well as my service as a Congressional Relations Officer and Director of Legislative and Public Affairs is filled with examples where I was able to accomplish civil discussion, meaningful dialogue and bipartisan compromise on key public policy issues. Civility, decency and respect come from working alongside your colleagues and getting to know them as individuals.

I am proud of my track record of achieving bi-partisan legislative success on multiple issues in Congress. As a former Legislative Assistant for Congressman Arlan Stangeland, I successfully managed stewardship of H.R. 916, a bipartisan “workfare” bill that required able-bodied welfare recipients to work for benefits.

In my position as congressional liaison for the Financial Management Service, I worked with members of both parties to pass H.R. 1698, a measure to require the use of electronic funds transfer/Direct Deposit (rather than expensive paper checks) to disburse hundreds of millions of federal payments.

I’ll use my past experience as a guide to reach across the aisle and get things done in a divided Congress.